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  1. I Once again tried to connect the secondary with the display port and the main one with HDMI and it all worked well. Thanks for your help
  2. I plugged the secondary only (with DP cablçe) and it worked but then I tried plug my main one with HDMI cable and my pc didn't even detect it
  3. Neither PC or the monitor acknowledge they´re plugged in. When I unplug it, the manager doesn't refresh.
  4. I bought a secondary diplay for my setup (Fujitsu 23" B23T-6) tried to connect it and it didn't receiced signal... I'm using an MSI optix g24c4 as my main monitor, and I have a GTX 1060. Before I been able to use both my monitor and TV as displays for my pc, but right now I can only connect 1 at the time. I'm trying to connect one via Displayport and the other with an hdmi cable with an DP adapter (that I know works). Can somebody help me?
  5. I tried to overclock my hyperx 8x2gb 3200 to 3600... I only forgot one thing, can the motherboard or the CPU handle it? And now my PC won't boot Motherboard- MSI bazooka v2 CPU- ryzen 5 2600 Any idea on how to fix the mess I did?
  6. I bought a new coller for my ryzen 5 2600, it's a 120mm AIO, but it is colling the CPU well, thta's why I tried to overclock, I'm using the ryzen master, I tried 4.0GHZ with 1.4V (I searched and saw that it was a high but safe voltage to start), I runned a Cinebench R20, the temps where ok, maxing at 72C, then I tried to lower the voltage, 1.3V was stable for the cinebench run, I have to test for more time later. I tried 1.275 and had stability issues. Is 1.3V a good voltage for a long term overclock? Btw I know the boost clock of the CPU but even tho mine has good temps (40C, idling) it doesn't get any higher than 3.65GHZ, that´s why I wanted to overclock.
  7. I have a litle brother, 6 year old, that like me loves to game, right now the only game he plays is minecraft, but I wanted him to experience new types of games. Got any suggestions?
  8. The system works just fine without windows active.
  9. Maybe that's true in your country but at least in this store, and most likely in my country, 2.5 ssd are around the same price. In fact right now excluding promotions they aren´t any cheaper ones.
  10. Because of single chanell, right? But I'm using 2x8gb of Ram, that way I can improve without being limited in the future. 2x4 is kinda limited in upgradability in the future, no?
  11. Budget (including currency): 400 € Country: Portugal Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Minecraft (currently). I already did a part list, I would like some feedback. I want it to be a capable pc for now and one that can easily be upgraded. I will leave a picture of the pc parts below
  12. That leaves me with one spare fan should I put it in the front of the case? Or should I have two exausting trough the AIO? (one pulling air into the AIO the other pulling it out the case)
  13. I'm running a ryzen 5 2600 stock and a 1060 6gb. The case is a Cooler Master MasterBox K500L and the AIO is a Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120. I have 4 fans in the case, two 120mm ones at the flront (with red LED), 1 in the back (2000rpm) and one the top part of the case(this one is the one that came with the IAO and only runs at 1000rpm). I noticed my CPU heats a lot while doing heavy work it reaches 90+ºC at times. I wnated to change the fan and AIO positoning but IDK what is the best possitioning for them. I will leave a few photos of my case, if anyone could take a look and give a piece of advice I would much apreciate it. P.S I know the case is filthy I'm gonna clean it tomorrow Thanks.
  14. I wanted to buy a LG Magic remote for my LG43UJ634V but they're really expensive, is there any good thrust worthy site that as better prices?
  15. I currently have a Ryzen 5 2600 at 2.85ghz paired with a 1060 6gb I wanted to upgrade my graphic card and I found that the Radeon 5700xt has a pretty good cost performance but I wonder if it isn't a little to much performance for the CPU...