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  1. I believe so, I haven't deleted anything drivers since I last used ethernet, how do I check?
  2. RTX is a pretty new series of GPU, try an older driver or a new one for it, maybe even fiddle with the CPU drivers and see what combination works. Sounds like the glitches are artefacts, so the GPU is probbably faulty or you're pushing it too far. If you have your previous GPU: try it and see if it still does the same thing, if it doesn' then the RTX card is faulty
  3. Got a new ethernet cable cause I got sick of my shitty USB2.0 Wi-Fi adapter, and the ethernet won't work. When I plug the same ethernet cable into my laptop it does work just fine, but not on my desktop. I used ethernet on my desktop a couple of months ago and it worked fine, but it doesn't now for whatever reason. I haven't damaged the ethernet plug on my motherboard at all, and as I kentioned the new cable works fine on my laptop, so it's likely a software issue. I don't have linux anymore to check and see if it works there. Any help?
  4. thanks for the help, i'll try that and tell you how it went
  5. What gpu do you have? maybe theres a small lever or button on the gpu that sets the speeds of the fans from auto to manul or something, is it only one fan that's doing it or all three? also try updating to the latest driver from your manufacturer, or an older one even
  6. I just bought a Sony Xperia X or F5121, running android 6.0.1 and I tried sloting in my Sand Disk 32GB storage card into it, and it doesn't aknowledge it at all, no notification about it or anything. I tried another Sand Disk SD card that was 16 gigs, it didn't work either. The SD card is facing the right way inside the phone and both of them work fine in my old Samsung. Anyone experienced with Sony phones here to help me out? Am I missing a step or something?
  7. my ram is single channel, so it's half the speed dual channel would be (4266Mhz) so 3000Mhz would make a difference in my case, and it does but I feel like it's just not that stable
  8. it does help a lot in games though, considering it is single channel. I've tried fortnite out and it stutters a lot less with it set to ~3000Mhz, so I'll keep it at 2933 like you said.
  9. ye i know, i was just asking if the fans would be enough to cool the stick, should i get a memory shroud and attach it to my memory?
  10. okay, ive got an 80mm fan for my cpu, would that be enough? Ive also got a 120mm intake fan, and another 80mm exaust, should that be good enough? Cause if not i have another 60mm on at the top of the case, but I dont use it cause its old and loud
  11. So I have single channel RAM, and recently I decided to OC it to get as much of my untapped performance in videogames back. My model is a naked SK Hynix 8GB DDR4 module, the kind of stuff you would fins in a DELL desktop. It's 2133P (2133Mhz) and I pushed it to 3066Mhz, it helped a lot in videogames. But as I used my computer more I keep getting lag and stutter, like the cursor freezes and typing is a little delayed, am I frying my RAM by any chance? cause I'd like to keep it at 3000Mhz in all honesty.
  12. The aluminum edges arrond my iPad are chipping like crazy! Its kind of like a dagger in all honesty. I haven't dropped or thrown my iPad around, they just seem to be corroding on their own becaise the aluminum is so shitty. I don't have a warranty anymore, not like they'll wanna fix it anyway. Anybody else with this problem? Should I try replacing the back? It's risky but I also want to repair a broken volume button (which broke by itself too).