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    Probably in front of your screen
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    Android modding, Networking, Computer stuff in general, Finding ways to earn more than 0.1 cents a Hour
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    Student, Family Computer troubleshooter and Administrator


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    Intel Celeron N2840
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    Laptop mobo
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    4GB DDR3 Sodimm
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    Intel HD 4000
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    Laptop OEM
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    NAS SERVER(140TB), and 2 512GB SATA III SSD
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    24 Inch SAMSUNG curved monitor
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    Custom made watercooling case for phone, Cheap Laptop cooler w/ RGB
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    Microlab M-200
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    Kali Linux Dual-Boot with Windows 10 Pro

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  1. i have one monitor connected to the gpu - other to the motherboad because of lack of connectors... is there any way i could set up surround on them ?
  2. warranty has ended... and my back plate is off... i can use it because of "out of pocket" gesture? any help?
  3. its pretty simple... my phone dropped and my buttons stopped working... i have root and a custom os, any way to enable scheduled power on? because the os doesnt have that feature... all my buttons aren't working.... any ways to turn it on if it shuts down? plz helppp phone: Huawei p8 lite 2017 (pra-lx1) os: Descendant OS 4.0.0
  4. my friend bought a be quiet power supply because hes pc was running out of power so to say... but his pc has a oem mother board and it doesnt have any of the connectors we have, it doesnt even have 20+4 pin connector, how can we install the psu?
  5. so ur sayin that just bc the battery is hot thats why it switches to ac power and skips the battery?
  6. hello, i noticed something really strange... my phone was charging on ac, but its power source was not battery and it was not charging. somebody please explain this screenshot
  7. thanks for answering all 3, thx bruh
  8. I would want to code a home launcher for android,i have few questions what languages will i need to learn what software ill need to use And how do i start thx if u replied
  9. ya, seems like it, otherwise they wouldnt be getting credit, and attracting ppl
  10. but its a link, it sends u a link to the app on their server
  11. im using code.org, so i did get the zip, only thing i have is visual studio code, i dont want to download unity bc of my slow internet
  12. how could i make the code assets of the simple app (im learning) turn in to a apk file, attached is the .zip of the code 'n everything Untitled Project.zip
  13. i would like to quadruple boot Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac-Os 10.13, And Kali linux kde what would be the order that i would need to install these on.