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  1. PUBG mobile on 1gb ram devices

    Then what should I do?
  2. PUBG mobile on 1gb ram devices

    How could I get PUBG mobile to work on LG g4c because it doesn't even load. It loads till the login screen when I login it crashes. Please someone help me
  3. I can't log in to Paperspace

    Sounds like you have experience. Wanna share?
  4. I can't log in to Paperspace

    Haha fun joke
  5. I can't log in to Paperspace

    I am 110% sure that I know my password I click forgot password, but never get the email I have machines running on all 5 my accounts Plz help me
  6. I have lenovo g50-30 model 80g0 I want to find my second ram slot. Where could it be?
  7. What RAM will work

    Does frequency matter? If yes then which 1333/1600
  8. What RAM will work

    I am sometimes that lazy that I want my phone, but I'm too lazy to use it
  9. What RAM will work

    In the attachment you added I didn't find any stuff that I needed. I would like a link to ram that works with my pc
  10. What RAM will work

    And how much it could support and will it work with dual-channel
  11. What RAM will work

    I am considering an ram upgrade I have Lenovo G50-80 model 0 with Intel Celeron N2840 2GB DDR3 sodimm 1333MhZ RAM
  12. I just need an upgrade and better cooling, and I don't have a lot of money
  13. Okay, thanks everyone. But could I just stick the motherboard to the case and I'm still gonna buy PSU to power some stuff, so could I? And I could just get the cooler on with zip ties?
  14. heatWould it be possible and could I change it's cooler to a desktop cooler. I am upgrading an old laptop. I want to add GPU (instead of Intel HD), normal CPU cooler (because my CPU was overheating), and upgrading RAM (because I have 2GB), and upgrading to an SSD (I have 500GB 5200 RPM WD Blue HDD)
  15. It supports DDR3L (low voltage) up to 8GB and its sodimm. I don't want to buy new motherboard and cpu, Because I want to spend more money for cooling, storage, GPU, and RAM. It's gonna cost me about 400 EUR. New PC would cost more so I'm upgrading