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  1. No that's nothing. There was a smallish one 'bout a couple week ago though.
  2. I've worked with some Canadian IT in the past. All were fired due to incompetence and repeated screwups. They do this thing, becoming fixated on a color or shape and begin repeating some rtard mantra. They putter around like somebody thats been up for days and are generally slow in work.
  3. Factually we can all agree that the iPhone line consists of over-polished turds. Literal overkill polish on a piece of feces.
  4. They should have made the female mascot an underage-looking digital waifu. Everybody would have been happy...
  5. Damn, man... Go into public and get some stank on your hang down.
  6. I don't like phones. Having to use them, hear about them etc. BUT I'd buy this if BOGO which I can see happening if sales are low.
  7. Don't discount the current generation of extreme hipster-corksniffers. Ask any man in Europe and they'll tell you it's among the best period. Personally I'd rather do a couple of shots than chew down some dishsoap tasting oil dubbed "craft beer".
  8. Yo Champ, don't throw in the towel. You've almost convinced everybody.
  9. Just have the discipline to compose yourself in public. Also situations like these will get your ass kicked no matter what side of the scenario you're on so stay away if you like having teeth.
  10. Because it's worth more dollar wise when nobody but Apple has it. Virgin, fresh data. Even if the data is anonymous and encrypted it's encrypted to them and you're only an algorithm away from the cloud and their other storage quickly being flipped through like a book and ordered into files on each user. That may be their end game finisher to be honest.
  11. You can't squeeze data from a potato... Seriously the OP sounds like Apple HQ propaganda lol. Apple has the data. You believed you were safe from Google/Microsoft/Facebook then BOOM you couldn't deny it anymore, no matter the mental gymnastics. Apple is no different.