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  1. I am going for a very low budget build with a dell optiplex 7010 with a 3rd gen i5 & getting a r7 370 to go along with it. What would be a good PSU to put in there?
  2. BG0P

    Will this psu fit and work?

    Do not buy some random brand, or atleast a brand that hasen’t been much heard of power supply. If you are using a 700w psu I would think that you have some expensive components that you do not want to kill and burn. Of course it will fit, it will work(Not guaranteed) But it also could kill your components. My best suggestion for a 700w psu would be: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139216&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC-_-pla-_-Power+Supplies-_-N82E16817139216&gclid=Cj0KCQjwre_XBRDVARIsAPf7zZg5aUkJw-NqfroK-Zv6i7suNYsBHm9LdXRstR-T4qylmH9j64fck9caAi5AEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. I really do cannot tell what is the currency that you are using to buy this gpu riser, but the riser seems to be good and usual. One thing that I would like to point out tho is that if you have watched Linus’s video about gpu risers like this one, for him it did not work what so over because apparently his 1x slot was too far from the cpu or something relative to that. I would recommend watching it and checking your own laptop before buying this and also buying the gpu, his video will show you what are the cons of using this type of egpu method. video link:
  4. Oh and also, I really do not care much for overclocking the cpu part. I mainly only want to overclock the igpu part and set it to 2gb’s.
  5. For my new ryzen APU build, which will actually be my 2nd build, I was going to order parts but then I realized I had a a320 motherboard in there. I checked and I could get a b350 motherboard for around 70 to 80 dollars while an a320 motherboard for 50 dollars. I was wondering if I could overclock with the a320 motherboard with the ryzen master software even if I had to open the software every time I opened my pc to activate the overclock. And also, can I select how much ram I want to detecate to my APU from the ryzen master software?
  6. BG0P

    laptop vs laptop

    I would recommend for you to get the second laptop. It has a way better cpu which you will see a decent different in performance from the i5 rather than the other a6 processor. Also, the second laptop has a 1080p screen rather than 720p which just my preference, 1080p is way better. Recommendation: https://www.netonnet.se/art/dator/barbara-datorer/14-15-tum/asus-x541ua-dm1297t/1002300.8908/
  7. If you are going to relay on integrated graphics for a while, lets say a year maybe, then get the ryzen 3 2200g or the ryzen 5 2400g for the extra 4 threads. But that is only of you are desperate for a pc right now tho. My best recommendation is to wait until the summer or maybe even next year to see what will happen with gwu and memory prices. We are already seeing a drop in GPU prices because krypton currency is harder to mine now, and memory manufactures have a law suite against them now. So we should see a price drop soon. I think you should wait and save up more money and wait for prices to drop so that you can get a good graphics card and the i3 or maybe even a i5. I would definitely NOT recommend waiting and saving a little more money as for right now.
  8. I have been wanting to make a cheap built with the ryzen 3 2200g, and I realized I could save about 20 to 30 dollars just by getting an a320m motherboard rather than getting a b350. Although ryzen had said that a320m motherboards will not support overclocking with ryzen, I was just wondering if it is any different with the 2000 series.
  9. So reacently I decided to build a budget gaming pc for my self. But I could not decide weather I should buy the ryzen 3 2200g or the ryzen 5 2400g. I’v been More leaning towards the 2200g, but will it hurt my gaming proformence down the line even if I do get a graphics card because it has 4 core/4 threads? Because it would definitely be nice if I did not have to spend that $70 extra on the 2400g & still get good performance in the future.