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  1. Based on this video, I should then stick to my original plan and use my old PC to handle the capturing/streaming with something like an Elgato HD60 Pro PCIe. Therefore, my new PC with an RTX 2060 would be able to handle CoD BO4 just fine (hopefully up to 144 Hz).
  2. That video is almost 2 years old. Long before RTX was released. I'm curious how the RTX 2060 performs while streaming and does it really perform the way NVIDIA says it will. Not looking forward to plonking down $700+ for a 1080 or $600 for a 12 or 16 Core processor.
  3. I just watched one of the latest videos from NVIDIA regarding the 2060 with "built-in" streaming encoder. Apparently no other RTX has this "hardware" encoder. Increasing the FPS while decreasing CPU utilization with minimal performance hit. I really look forward to Linus testing this out thoroughly to see if this really is true and would make a world of difference for someone like me looking for a powerful, budget-friendly video card to game and stream at the same time. Here is the video:
  4. The known: PCI express 2.0 has a peak speed of 8 GB/s. 2.0 came out in 2007. can handle 1–5 billion transfers per second. each lane can send 500 MB/second. a 32 lane board can transfer 16 GB/second. PCI express 3.0 has a peak speed of 16 GB/s. 3.0 came out in 2010. can handle up to 8 billion transfers per second. each lane can send 985 MB/second. a 32 lane board transfers 31 GB/second. PCI express 3.0 video cards are backwards compatible to PCI express 2.0 slots. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* What are the benchmark results when comparing the same exact video card in a like for like system where 1 motherboard supports PCIe 2.0 and the other motherboard supports PCIe 3.0? Is there a noticeable difference with a 3.0 system in multiplayer online gameplay? Does the 3.0 technology mostly benefit graphics editing? Thanks, Kelso