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    32GB DDR4 / 16GB DDR4 SDRAM
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    G933 Artemis / G633 Artemis
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  1. https://www.thomann.de/se/the_t.bone_sc_500_usb.htm is what I use
  2. To be honest in a normal use case, you wont really need much faster speeds. Especially if you consider upgrading in near future
  3. Just ask him in how many games he can crank up the video settings to ultra
  4. I use GeForce experience just because I like to have shadow play
  5. I would save more money and would go for a 3rd gen ryzen. Would also open the option to upgrade in the years to come.
  6. It's what we call folding or folding @ home Here is a link to their webpage https://foldingathome.org/ Simply put, you lend your computing power for disease research
  7. If you have a button to clear cmos, use that. If you dont have a button, then plug out the battery on the motherboard, wait a bit and plug it back in
  8. I would personally go for 32 Gigs if you want to run a server on the machine while playing on it and doing some other stuff in the background.
  9. The question is, do you need it right now?
  10. I always used Recuva afaik its free and pretty solid, gets the job done
  11. There is too much to quote so I'll just drop my version. I'm not a native speaker and I'm sure there are still quite a lot if typos and what not but thats my best shot I could manage in my break User1st Ltd. provides a cloud-based service design, which enables access to any website, without having to change the existing base code. Accessibility Consultant and Developer: • Design, prototype and build technical solutions for web accessibility. • Develop and deploy solutions for successful implementation. • Working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Typescript. • Create mappings to facilitate smooth integrations Installation and maintenance Manager for SAS Intelligence Platform: “Satellite service” that provides a secure implementation management tool, which installs and maintains Installation-Manager-based software packages while installing on-premises. Responsible for implementing and troubleshooting Software Delivery Platform. Configuration of software and registry files, for the execution. Working in pure javascript on the client-side, tackling performance challenges, resolving conflicts with the site's functionality, compatibility, etc.
  12. Over the years I saw quite a few people who forgot to plug in the 6/8 pin on the gpu
  13. That is not a normal behaviour. Even for a laptop, yes they get hot (mine even has caution stickers all around the exhaust openings) but you shouldnt burn your fingers when touching the keyboard and there is no way ETS can push your CPU to 96°C . I would contact the seller.
  14. I had, gave the helios 300 to my little brother. Wouldnt make any sense to get another helios just after one year