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    Cars, Tech
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    Into cars
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    Software Engineer


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    2700X / 8750H
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    32GB DDR4 / 16GB DDR4 SDRAM
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    GT 710/ Full size GTX1070
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    512GB M.2 Samsung 970 PRO / 1TB 2.5" HDD, 256GB M.2 Samsung 970EVO
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    3x iiyama ProLite E2607WSD / 144Hz G-Sync IPS Panel
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    Ryzen 2 stock cooler
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    G910 Orion Spectrum /
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    G502 Proteus Spectrum / Core
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    G933 Artemis / G633 Artemis
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    Windows 10 64-Bit / Windows 10 64-Bit
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  1. ZeouLs

    PC for VR

  2. ZeouLs

    1060 or wait for 2050/2060

    What is the budget op?
  3. ZeouLs


    I wouldnt go epic settings on a 1060, 1070 maybe but 1060 has quite a big gap to a 1070 performance.
  4. ZeouLs


    I got a 1tb 970 Evo for 180 bucks and a mx500 1tb for 130 bucks on black friday. The evo was like 60% off
  5. ZeouLs


    I can recommend the mx500
  6. ZeouLs

    Laptop locks itself when I already change settings

    Auto Lock = logs the current user out? Or does it just lock, like when you Press Win + L
  7. ZeouLs

    Nvme or sata ssd

    imo sata m.2 are fast enough. I never had a situation where I was like "Damn if only I had a nvme instead of sata".
  8. ZeouLs

    Streaming and playing with shadow.tech

    Normally should work, your best bet is to make a teststream on twitch, without going life for viewers
  9. Samsung 860 evo is rated for 1200TB (varies depending on storage size), that means you could you could write ~673GB PER DAY FOR 5 YEARS until the drive is at it's maximum TBW The MTBF is rated with 1.5 Million Hours Reliability , which means 1500000/24 = 62500 Days / 365 = 171 Years in theory. source: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/consumer/860evo/
  10. I'll look into them and compare them to mine, cant really remember all of it from the top of my head. In the meanwhile try to use DDU to uninstall your gpu drivers, restart, install the newest drivers and restart the pc again and try it like that, once you are home. Somehow the windows updates screwed my drivers and I didnt get any power out of the gpu until I did a reinstall.
  11. What are your obs settings
  12. ZeouLs

    Bottlenecking help

    uninstall using this tool, restart, install the newest driver and restart again.
  13. Better save than sorry
  14. ZeouLs

    Can an overclock decrease in gaming performance or no?

    If you get artifacts, your memory clock is too high which causes the artifacts. Core clock would crash/freeze/bsod but not artifact. That comes from your memory clock which I guess is too high, try lowering it step by step and see if they go to non existent at some point. Killing a GPU takes more than just a bit of overclocking, once at stock settings it should stop artifacting and you could try to increase it step by step until the artifacts start again and then go back one step.