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    Cars, Tech
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    Into cars
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    Software Engineer


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    2700X / 8750H
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    32GB DDR4 / 16GB DDR4 SDRAM
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    GT 710/ Full size GTX1070
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    512GB M.2 Samsung 970 PRO / 1TB 2.5" HDD, 256GB M.2 Samsung 970EVO
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    3x iiyama ProLite E2607WSD / 144Hz G-Sync IPS Panel
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    Ryzen 2 stock cooler
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    G910 Orion Spectrum /
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    G502 Proteus Spectrum / Core
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    G933 Artemis / G633 Artemis
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    Windows 10 64-Bit / Windows 10 64-Bit
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  1. ZeouLs

    Buy a second 280x for CF or buy an 1070 Used

    1070 would be the best option. It will outperform the 980 and 2x r9 280x
  2. ZeouLs

    Sponsor Link List ?

    IIrc tunnelbear is not a sponsor anymore.
  3. ZeouLs

    Need advice on budget build

    To clear things up for others, the n650 is a MSI GTX 650. Mobo is a LGA2011 X79 platform for OP, could you possibly check if the PSU shows and labels on how much WATT it puts out?
  4. ZeouLs

    Looking for a Phone

    I wouldnt get a second hand phone, might have liquid damage and stuff. Better off getting a brand new one. Samsung S8 Huawei Mate 20 Honor 10 Huawei P20 lite all within your budget, comes down to what you want. Stereo sound? Dual Camera? Dual Sim? Expandable memory?
  5. ZeouLs

    How is this even possible

    Find the error... ExCuSe Me WtF
  6. ZeouLs

    SSD for gaming? in game texture loading

    What game in particular? It could be an engine issue too. Like BlackDesertOnline had this issue since launch where the textures just pop in at a certain distance because their homebrew engine cant handle it
  7. Maybe your driver dies, try using the 399.07 driver, I had a lot of issues on my 1070 in different games across different platforms with the new driver update
  8. Price would only drop if the competition would offer equal hardware for cheaper. What also could be the case is a new generation with some improvements that would sell for the same money so they would drop the price from the earlier gen since else noone would buy it. What also could be the case is, if they change their product line and stop manufacturin that exact monitor and discount the price just to empty the stocks. EDIT: Your best bet would be Black Friday or Christmas, where I feel like the best discounts happen
  9. ZeouLs

    Do I need to upgrade my PSU?

    550w is sufficient though if you want to refresh it nevertheless I love the EVGA SuperNova G2, good price and quality
  10. ZeouLs

    High end gpu underperforming

    no its not normal, I play FH3 on a 8750h with a 1070 on ultra and I've actually never checked how much but definetly 60+fps at all times
  11. ZeouLs

    How to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 10?

    you can get keys from ebay for even less and they work. Though you can use windows 10 without activating it
  12. I'm at -170 V, though I cant remember the outcome, gotta check again when I get home
  13. try it without the outlet, if it still doesnt work then try a different room, might be short in the outlet or inside the wall
  14. ZeouLs

    Laptop 1800 usd

    mayb gm501