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  1. So let's just say I have an AC which is 1.5 Tonne in a literally small room. Many say I shouldn't turn on my ceiling fan and AC at the same time because as the hot air rises up, it again mixes up with the cold air But what if the room is small? Can I turn on the fan because it really wouldn't make any difference even if it mixes with the cold air inside
  2. Thank you. I'm not looking for playing in battery power. Even if the ups backs me up for 5 mins, that's more than enough for me. Right not the problem is it completely turns off if there is power outage.
  3. No u don't understand. I want a gaming ups to prevent my pc from powering off while the power goes off
  4. I know there is a lot of options to choose a nice low output wattage ups for a normal pc usage, but what if i want an UPS for a gaming pc that could deliver me an output as more than 600W. Please suggest me a better UPS for a gaming PC. I live in India so please suggest a budget ups that can withstand fluctuations while gaming with my 1070Ti and i7 8700K with 8 GB RAM
  5. My build as follows MSI Z370A Pro Mobo Intel i7 8700K Corsair H45 Corsair 8GB Ram Corsair TX750M Seagate 1TB GTX 1070Ti Case - NZXT Phantom 530 I have this gaming rig built and I have a lot of fluctuations and power cuts in my area. I have a low end numeric ups which is good in case of light load like browsing/watching movie etc. But when it comes to gaming, the UPS fails to kick on the battery power and just totally shuts down my PC with no power. I am looking for a budget gaming UPS in India and I found APC ups but I don't know anything about it. I read the reviews but if anybody is using a better UPS for gaming please mention here. Besides also tell me about the APC 600W UPS wheather it could back up my PC while I am gaming when there is a power outage
  6. What should be the max power of the UPS that i should buy?
  7. I have a gaming PC and we all know that when the pc is idle, it uses less power when compared to when gaming I have a backup UPS to avoid any sudden system shutdowns but it only works when I'm not playing any game or while just watching a movie In fact, while the power cuts happen while gaming the UPS has to deliver a higher power to the PC inorder to compensate the graphics card's high power usage but my UPS can't and it just does a long beep and cuts all the power to the computer My pc config is MSI Z370A Pro Intel i7 8700K Corsair H45 Cooler Corsair 8GB RAM Corsair TXM750 PSU Seagate 1TB GTX 1070Ti Phantom 530 Case(white) Numeric brand UPS If you are using a badass UPS for gaming that would withstand any powercuts while gaming please tell me because I live in India and there are frequent powercuts here
  8. Yeah see I told you guys. Besides I still don't know how to download huge files like 10GB directly from torrent without using any clients Like straight into the IDM (direct link)
  9. LoL I knew it. Torrent is illegal but still poor people use it for many downloads but yet it's not been noticed in LTT but why? Whats the reason in helping poor people who cannot afford such huge softwares like example - Cinema 4D. I know the software developer would definitely report it but I'm not asking a specific software download. I'm asking you how to download a torrent file directly without using utorrent?
  10. I've been hearing this news about torrent is illegal to use and I can't access it through my computer. The website says *you are not authorized to access this website as per gov rules and regulations*. I use a proxy website but in that I don't get the best results and sometimes the webpage would not load at all. Major concern = I can't pay a premium VPN though so is there any way to directly download 10GB of data from the torrent directly from a magnet link? What are peers? What are leechs? And how does a torrent work? I know almost 80% of the people use torrent to download OS and other important software but they keep it private.
  11. How can I get a AIO cooler for my air cooled graphics card? CPU isn't my concern right now because the H45 is okay for cooling the CPU
  12. I completely agree with your words. Please recommend me a good blower from amazon.in that could give a compressed air. Also read the screenshot below that says something. At 1, I meant can I get better cooling if I setup a split AC into my room and lower my room temperature? The cold air will eventually enter into the case and cool down the components right?
  13. I recommended SONY or Phillips projectors
  14. My specs Intel i7 8700K Corsair H45 cooler Corsair TX750M Corsair 8GB 2400MHz LPX MSI Z370 A Pro Galax 1070Ti EX Samsung CFG73 QLED Curved Seagate 1 TB 72000 RPM NZXT Phantom 530(White) So I just played a couple of games in my new setup but I'm getting a 45°C when GPU is ideal and 55°C when playing sniper elite game. CPU usage = 19% and GPU usage = 65%(since sniper is an old game) So I had a weird idea so here are my questions 1. Will an Air Conditioner(As shown) cool my PC more? 2. If ever there was a sudden power shut off during playing high graphics games, would it damage the PC and the Graphics card? 3. Task manager shows high power isage during games. Should I be concerned about it? Can the TX750M handle the heavy power draw from the Graphics card? 4. I simply heard that turning off and on the pc fot many times in a day would shortern the love span so can I put the pc for sleep instead of shutting down every night from like example 12AM to 12PM? 5. I also leave my monitor on like forever! I never turn the monitor switch off. Is that good or bad. Because I use my PC daily (The back system fan is facing directly towards the wall. That means all the exhaust air will directly hit the surface of the wall. Would it be a problem?)
  15. Okay thanks. I'm just taking precautions that's all...I mean I saved money and built this pc with my own hands and you know how hard it is to forget the feeling that something might happen to my pc lol Thanks anyway...I couldn't have built my pc without the help from this forum I asked a lot of questions in my previous posts and I learnt a lot of things
  16. Its not about the UPS it's about anything that could regulate the high voltage even a stabilizer but I'll use a stabilizer anyway so I could reduce any chances of damage So the point is there is no standard stabilizer or an UPS from branded companies like Corsair, NZXT etc
  17. Thanks for the info but what about above the preferred range? Will it able to regulate that?
  18. I am from South East India and I had encountered more than 250V once as I noices my ceiling fan was so fast it started making scary noise I turned it off and noticed the refrigerator's stabilizer's display and it was displaying *HV* (High Voltage)and the fridge was off at that moment
  19. So I have the TX750M 750W PSU and I also have an UPS (Numeric Brand) shown in the pic. So is there any problem if the power input is more than 250V? I mean should I install a branded voltage stabilizer to my rig or can I trust the PSU? 8700K H45 Cooler 8GB DDR4 GTX 1070Ti NZXT Phantom 530 Seagate 1TB MSI Z370 A Pro So my overall power consumption would be around 450-500W so Im not worried about higher power draw from the PSU. What if there is higher voltage power like more than 250-300V input to the PSU? I have also grounded the entire build so is there any chance the extra Voltage could get dissipated into ground and leave the system? There was once a higher voltage reading on my house's main electric junction meter. The PC was on but nothing happened. Now I'm just taking precautions Please recommend me a good branded Voltage stabilizer/regulator
  20. I just mean I want to know whats the max safe temperature of the 1070Ti card that can be played for hours? And after it reaches the max temperature, will it shut itself down to prevent thermal damage to protect itself just like the intel processors?
  21. No I mean the TDP of my CPU is 100°C so if it reaches 100 the processor will shut itself down to prevent thermal damage
  22. I have bought the Galax 1070Ti card for my new gaming PC and and the fans stop when the card usage is idle but I just want to know whats the TDP of the graphics card and how much longer can the fans spin safely without any problem I got the intel i7 8700K and it's TDP is 100°C but I don't know the TDP for 1070Ti card and will my card shut down itself to prevent it from further damage?
  23. Thanks guys... I'll go home and send some pics
  24. So yesterday I bought the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070Ti and I just opened up the side panel of the case and installed straight the card into it without reading any manual. I was stuck for 3 long hours of what to do? The system did boot and the motherboard was on(cpu fan=on, mb light=on, etc=on) but no display output from motherboard. I thought the card was DOA but something popped up on YouTube and I saw it! 1. I removed the card completely and powered on the pc 2. It booted up and I disabled the old onboard graphics driver 3. Then installed the 1070Ti and then wala! 4. I did the rest Now my questions and concerns are ; 1. My card usage shows 99% during gaming. Is that a big problem? 2. At first I thought static could brick the card. How does static occur? 3. Where did the old onboard graphics driver go? It's gone but in laptops I see both intel graphics and nvidia graphics 4. The card fans stop at ideal usage and spins at during gaming. Will this feature good or bad? 5. Before the boot, the motherboard displays tje card information and then boots up with the bios menu. Is that good or bad? If bad how to prevent it? 6. I touched the card with my bare hands while power was on. Will it damage the card? 7. Whats the (t junction) the peak temperature or danger point temperature of 1070Ti? 8. How long is safe to run my card playing games? Can I run it 6 to 8 hrs a day? 9. During the problem I removed and reinserted cmos battery but nothing seems to be the problem. I also reseted the bios settings to optimized defaults. Should I worry anything about it? Here is my config MSI Z370 A Pro Intel i7 8700K Corsair H45 CPU Cooler Corsair Veng 8GB 2400MHz LPX Corsair TX750M Seagate 1TB 72000RPM Galax 1070Ti EX NZXT Phantom 530 Case (Please tell me this is a budget gaming build)
  25. What about in moist and cold areas? And when humidity is high?