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  1. One common cause for this is that the monitor is plugged into the motherboard instead of the gpu, or the gpu is not properly connected to the power supply (check both where the cord goes into the gpu, and into the psu if it is modular. Make sure to check these connections. If the computer has no gpu, but instead uses integrated graphics, ignore this.
  2. Have you adjusted dedicated vRAM in the BIOS? Since you are using the Ryzen 5 2400g APU, the system dedicates 512 mb by default. However, you can bring it up to 2gb. If you have it on this setting, then you 'lose' 2gb RAM because it is being used for VRAM. To confirm this, you can easily see how much dedicated VRAM your gpu is getting in the task manager. If it says something like "0.4/2.0" GB then that is likely where it is. If that is the case don't worry too much about it unless you absolutely need the extra RAM. I typically suggest people to set it to 2gb anyways if they plan on gaming with it. Note: You can find this in the performance tab. You may need to scroll down. My numbers will be different than yours.
  3. It's funny you mention this because my account was hacked just two days ago. I was sitting in my bed when I noticed a I got a $5 charge to them, and a $50 charge just minutes after. Luckily I saw it right away and shut it down. I did receive a security email from them a day a day before, but it wasn't at the top of my priorities (I'm a little upset that there wasn't a "Not you? Click here" type message). I didn't have the time when I saw it to take care of finding out how to change my password. I'm really uncertain to how he got in, but seeing that he also tried on different websites (That HAD the same password shhh) that he didn't get in from simply typing in my info. Luckily PayPal got everything back to me just last night. Overall this experience has ruined my trust in Epic Games. I'm usually very secure with my personal information/accounts (besides having some sites with similar passwords, which I changed the few that did.)
  4. Hello! I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out some of the games that I can play with my friends at a party, but I haven't been finding many that appeal to my friends. What are some of your favorite LAN/couch games to play with your friends? Ideally I'm looking for 4+ local player games. These are a little easier to browse thanks to steam. However, a game that locally supports two+ players while being able to connect to another system of two+ players would also work, and opens up some more doors. I don't necessarily need a full list, just some favorites. On a side note, can anyone think of a fun little local game my girlfriend and I can play when she comes over? it can't be too mechanically difficult, and ideally have controller support. I used gang beasts for 8 players at my last "party," but people soon got bored (understandably). I've even considered buying another xbox 360 or two, and connecting them for 4 v 4 versus mode, but this is obviously costly. If you have any other ideas for a fun LAN/couch set up let me know I'm not fully set on a PC exclusive party. Thanks for helping!
  5. I felt so stupid because I realized that right after my last comment I had a LONG night at work. Thank you so much! I should be able to take it from here.
  6. Damn I totally missed that. I only checked to make sure it "supported" SATA but not what I needed. To double check though, an NVMe SSD would work, correct?
  7. I'm using the Gigabye GA-ab350 gaming 3. Their website shows support for either Ultra-Fast PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 with PCIe NVMe & SATA mode support Edit: SSD is SATA. Wouldn't this only affect connectivity with the SSD? The HDD is what's not showing in the BIOS. Thanks again.
  8. Awesome thank you! I'll let you know how it goes. For some reason it detects my SSD, but not the HDD when the SSD is in. After going back to how it was, it still works. If you guys have any ideas on what I'm missing let me know, otherwise I'll probably figure it out soon.
  9. Hi! I just recently bought an SSD (M.2 WD Blue 500gb). For the longest time I've just focused on builds that have only used one hard drive, so adding a new storage device to me is unusual. I'm certain that I will know how to install it, but how would I go about transferring my OS (Windows 10) from my current hard drive to my new SSD. When I would search online, I would usually just come across installation guides that didn't say what to do afterwards. On a side note, is it possible to have a program like steam installed on my SSD with a few select games, but have a few games downloaded to the hard drive? Any info on this would be a great help Even just linking me to what I'm looking for would be enough. Thanks! Mobo - Gigabyte GA B350 Gaming 3 SSD - WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD M.2 2280 HDD - Seagate Barracuda 3TB
  10. Essentially, bridge the + and - pins of the power pins to turn it on.
  11. Haha me too. When I build PC's for/with my friends I try to narrow my vocab to three words; Pins, wires, and connectors. Good luck
  12. If your motherboard is powered, I believe that your case power button is fine. I misread that. If you need to power it, SupaKomputa is correct in saying you should short it (I also use a screwdriver). It may be helpful to pull up a manual if it's too hard for you to read the small text
  13. That could be. Whenever I have friends that ask for computer help from a long distance, I have them video chat with me. Maybe that's the best way to remotely troubleshoot here
  14. Is it possible that one of the drive connectors have loosened? I could understand that something like a loose cable could cause for a system to completely stop working, and then soon after (Perhaps someone bumps the computer), the cable bends the right way and connects. Personally, I had a Disk Read Error a while back, and the sata port on the mother board must just have been bad. I moved it to the next sata port and it worked fine.
  15. TracFone seems to show that ANY unlocked GSM phone (shown here) is compatible, but that seems like a stretch. I have searched online about it, but I have only seen one thing regarding comparability as a whole here, stating the only requirements are a GSM phone with a 850MHz or 1900MHz frequency, and a sim card, which the Honor 8x has. Considering that it's not exactly from a well known source though, I'd really only say that it's an assumption that my phone is compatible. Thanks for responding!