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  1. thx for the replies, guess i'm going for it then. just curiosity how much does a second hand 1060 cost nowdays(honest price)
  2. typically the price here is always overpriced so (i live in italy)
  3. Hi was just looking around for some cheap graphics card and i found this deal on my local area, i'm not pretending all ultra 60fps etc, just 60 fps doesn't matter the settings and he's asking for 75€ is it worth it?
  4. Hi, so recently i purchased a second hand RX 570(sapphire itx versione) off ebay and i just got it today. I tried to run some games but no one could load completly up until the point where you can actually play the game even league of legends crashes during the loading sessions. Wheneveri open a game (for example watch dogs 2) the gpu usage goes up to 90-100% like every gpu does but when i reach out to the main menu the gpu usage drops down to 0%-30%-0% and the audio starts to glitch out, Oh forgot to mention that when it drops down to 0%usage the memclock and coreclock also drops down to 300(their minimum stock i believe). Itried to unistall drivers with ddu but nothing, at this point i really don't know what to do next any suggestions please anything is apprecciated.
  5. im going to have to swap the mb out on the next few months, thx for the answer anyway! just wanted to know if it would last for the remaining time
  6. So i got this used pc 1 year ago its an lga1155 socket motherboard with a i5 3470. So i was waiting for my new graphics card being shipped and i had to use the igpu of the cpu So yesterday my friend lend me one of his very very old graphics card which is a the gt 330(yeah i know i know) (see pic --->https://imgur.com/a/5kjpjtd) to use it as video adapter and maybe play some light games I installed the graphics card and i saw my pc rebooting over and over and i noticed that the graphics card had those 2 pins that was not connected, (thats where things got off hand) and me(d*khead) thought if I connect those 2 pins to the cpu connector the graphics card would work, i plugged in and i saw a little fire lights up on the little black thing aside the connector(https://imgur.com/a/R0KHcte i draw a red circle on it) so i immediatly shut down my computer and unplugged the graphics card, and waited a few minutes before trying to boot it up again(without the gpu), so i boot it up and i saw some elettricity coming out from the blue circle that i draw(https://imgur.com/a/R0KHcte) then i shut it down immediatly again, waited a half hour and boot it Again and now it's working normally. so since i'm going to install a new graphics card soon and im wondering if is still safe to use this motherboard without getting blow up? imo only the fan connector is broken but idk, what do you guys think.
  7. yes but both of them cost 20€ more here..
  8. isn't the be quiet psu a little bit better? i've looked around and it seems more quieter and has 1 more pcie 8pin connector for future upgrades
  9. thx for answer, waiting for more replies
  10. hi, so recently i have posted something about molex to power the rx 570 and you guys recommended me to get a better psu so here i am asking you guys, im currently undecided on which one of these should i get my budged is around 50€ so: cx450, riotoro builder edition 500w or be quiet system power 9 500w thx you in anticipation.
  11. oh ok.. gotta save for a new psu i guess
  12. So i got 100€ as bday present and i'm looking for a graphics card upgrade, I looked around and i decided to buy a second hand rx 570 4gb itx this one -->(https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/pulse-rx-570-itx-4g-g5) which requires 6pin pcie connector, but i noticed that my psu(450watt) doesn't have that cable so if i buy a psu it will succeed my budget, so my questio is Can i buy a 2molex to 6pin cable To power the graphics card or is it too risky Thx you in anticipation and sorry for my bad english
  13. i saw the non cx450 but non-M version and it's like 53€ should i go for that instead?