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  1. That's not for my pc. I am in pc building business and a client need a 8000 dollar computer so.....that's why . Don't go on my personal rig
  2. I am a hardware guy who's department is the tower. I build mostly everything with confidence but I am not that gr8 bout monitors so can u plz suggest a 4k 144 Hz monitor if it exists. Also if any display cable supports such resolution with such refresh rate.
  3. High end video editing and animation as well. I think he will use for gaming but he wants to spend money why would I stop him. I insisted for 32 GB and 7700k but he insisted on the opposite direction. So here we are.
  4. That seems perfect but the guy would like a i9 insted rest I guess is pretty much it.
  5. I am looking for a good build no cheaping out on anything with ultimate RGB atleast 64 ram and 1080 ti and i9 under 8000 dollars. It should include monitor headset keyboard mouse mouse pad everything cuz a customer needs it. He is a rich guy so u could probably go up to 500 bucks extra. Thank you
  6. I do use D's fix as I have a decent computer but does it now clearly run at 60 fps cuz with ds fix there are lots of issues with the gameplay like getting stuck or jumping where rolling does the job etc.
  7. You don't need 500 w PSU for this I have a 1060 at it works well everything oveeclocked around 407 w so I have a 450 w PSU. Also I would recommend not cheaping out on the GPU and already getting a 1060 3 GB is not the 6 GB variant. If your budget is too tight you can have 8 GB ram but get a 1060.
  8. I m a huge fan of the souls borne series and I m looking forward to buy the dark souls 1 remastered but I just wanted ur opinion on how much has changed and if it is worth buying.
  9. Ssd is filled with games which require fast loading time and have a lot of loading screens like dark souls while hhd is filled with games like far cry 5 and GTA 5 which only load up once every use.
  10. I don't need a wd 1 the cuz I have 4 tb of storage high speed load timing is what I need but again I play vr games as well. As far as the GPU goes I am a 1080 p gamer and have a gtx 1060 6 GB which is enough as I have a 75hz monitor only. So do I get ram for the vr stuff?
  11. If u read my signature I already have 4 tb storage and only 1.2 tb is full so I have plenty of storage to play with.
  12. I have 240 GB SSD in my pc which is almost full but i only have 16 GB ram. So should I get like 0.5 GB SSD of more 16 GB of ram.??