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  1. RMA Approved. Still hopeful that I can use this as a opportunity to buy a 3080. Oh, also got my order for headphones in finally

  2. the part of the GPU that those missing chips are attached to aren't enabled... so essentially yes, but you would have had a 3090
  3. - _ - even Logitech's website isn't working properly today... lovely.

  4. fuck me... people are seriously listing those for 3x the price??? but yeah, the aorus twitter team has been cool before, reached out to them hopefully they have some good news for me
  5. i'm hoping Gigabyte lets me sacrifice trade my 1660s for the opportunity to buy a 3080... because at this point that's probably the only way i'll get one this year
  6. many reviewers have noted that unless you are running some serious borderline thermally acceptable overclocks it shouldn't make a difference
  7. excuse my lack of sleep, i got my sources mixed up, but i still consider this fairly trustworthy
  8. for the FE at least, Nvidia confirmed 6AM PT/ 9AM ET
  9. huh. i stand corrected... i feel like that wasn't *supposed* to be a thing though
  10. extremely unlikely, nothing is mean't to go on sale for another 30 minutes
  11. i was in the school of thought that it wouldn't have quite as much of a VRAM reduction as actually reducing the resolution, as it would still have to store the "upscaled" frames, but i'm certainly not an expert i will admit
  12. i don't disagree, hence my liberal application of the word allegedly. One thing i do wonder about though, is what sort of affect DLSS has on VRAM usage
  13. *applies tinfoil hat* that is unless Nvidia paid game devs to not do that... but more seriously there is also allegedly another SKU floating around out there, so there might be some sort of 3080Ti with 12-16GB or so of VRAM