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  1. i just realized one of the temperature sensors was reading at 400C
  2. once again no post, beginning to suspect the case is at fault. hoping the board isn't fried
  3. well, finally submitted my request for an LGA 1366 mounting kit for my NH-D15, hopefully it goes through
  4. hell no. ellaboration edit: there is a marginal difference between the 2080 and 2080 Super, however if you have the dough for a 2080 super on top of selling your current, you could get a Ti but that is irrelevant technically. there is like a 5 fps difference in most cases (not exactly, but the point is its a minimal difference, not worth the extra money if you already have a 2080)
  5. yes, that would be best if you are able to wait that long. another alternative would be getting a different kit of same spec, but i imagine you want the Neo for aesthetics specifically
  6. incorrect. the timings are significantly worse on the other kit, which would have an impact
  7. slightly ironic. i guess you can tell a products deficiency's by what a company is marketing it as being good as nowadays.



    1. dizmo


      Hahaha. That's pretty good.

    2. LukeSavenije


      funny thing... intel can do better in creation actually


      as always, it depends

  8. the fact that a single stick keeps going out of sync for my visor effect on my memory is getting annoying (four slots filled, have the lighting enhancement kit)

  9. thats not what that mean't and i should think you would know that. besides that, you literally just quoted me in a post that is overa year and a half old.
  10. ha. 512GB? you mere mortal man, i have 2TB!