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  1. >buys corsair CMW16GX4M2C3200C16W vengeance RGB Pro
    > can't boot with XMP profile
    (send help)

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. LukeSavenije


      wait... what?


      maybe do a bios flash?

    3. GrockleTD


      well, i restored defaults and i got it to read correctly, but now my LL120's aren't working properly, so i'm going to try restarting. im concerned that my motherboard may have taken an L though

    4. GrockleTD


      swapped USB headers, working fine now :/ @LukeSavenije

  2. GrockleTD

    USB Raid Arry (really strange theory)

    In theory sure. In practice.... yeah I doubt they would be willing to loan out 1.28 PB in flash drives
  3. GrockleTD

    Daisy chain an entire Corsair RGB pro lighting kit?

    thanks, the whole kit its self is 4 and ima probably connect it to a lighting node pro
  4. i was under the impression that the chipset was ready
  5. GrockleTD

    EKWB Release the Lignum (Wood) Line of Water Blocks

    i did not in fact
  6. GrockleTD

    Green dots all over at 4K 60 Hz

    Not gaming, just,desktop. Iirc though some of those older display connector standards simply didn’t support 4K60 so that may be the issue here
  7. GrockleTD

    EKWB Release the Lignum (Wood) Line of Water Blocks

    I bet if you told me yesterday that this product exists, i woodn’t believe you
  8. GrockleTD

    Samsung 1TB QVO or WD 1TB Blue

    (Just realized I mad the same mistake in my parts list, ima go fix that)
  9. GrockleTD

    Samsung 1TB QVO or WD 1TB Blue

    Yes that’s my bad, I mean’t pro.
  10. I appear to lack the ability of catching a break

    1. LukeSavenije


      no KitKat for you

    2. GrockleTD


      Ironically ate a kit kit just a bit ago, but I’ll dm you the email I just got for context

  11. Similar topic posted a few minutes ago, look there and the response there is the same for you
  12. >lenovo >thinkpad >should have what you need somewhere in their lineup