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  1. Brooklyn 99 for some laughs
  2. Does anyone know how or if it is even possible to play fortnite on a chromebook?
  3. Happs

    Favorite CS:GO team

    Cloud 9, don't really play cs anymore though.
  4. How much money have you guys spent in fortnite?
  5. I agree, Rocket leauge is a great game. You can also play with controller! You can also trade on it as well
  6. I suggest that you start out with a good CPU and 16.00 GB of RAM to handle everything
  7. Anyone have any E3 Predictions for this year? Some predictions for this year are - Borderlands 3 - Star Wars Game - New Fallout Game - Doom Reboot
  8. Same happens to me too, sometimes take me out of the game or freezes in game
  9. Anyone have any good profile pictures or gifs?
  10. what can I upgrade to run at 60fps
  11. but are my specs good for future releases?
  12. I don't play anymore but I was running 1280x1024 (H1Z1) at 40 frames
  13. I'm planning on upgrading my computer because i'm not really getting the frames that I should be getting. My CPU is Intel Core i5-4460 and I have 8.00 GB of RAM with a AMD RX 480 GPU. With that I'm still running under 60 FPS in some games. I'm pretty sure that my GPU isn't the problem. Does anyone know what to upgrade or is it just something wrong with the part?