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    Corsair 600T
  • Storage
    SAMSUNG 850 EVO SERIES 500GB 2.5" SATA3 SSD (MZ-75E500BW)
  • PSU
    Corsair 750w
  • Display(s)
    ACER XB280HK BPRZ 28" , Samsung HU9000 78" Curvered
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    Corsair H100
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    Logitech 710+
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    Logitech Z623
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    Windows 10

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  1. kiwibacon

    m.2 ssd vs sata ssd any gaming advantages?

    thats interesting in wc3 days i used a ramdrive and it didnt even loading times at all,
  2. kiwibacon

    4790k any upgrade path???

    thanks for advice guys. I will prob save cash fora 4k 120hz monitor thats over 30"(when they r released) since it seems like cpu upgrade is a really stupid idea.
  3. m.2 ssd vs sata ssd any gaming advantages? I will upgrade my 4790k this year sometime, which will give me a m.2 slot. Should i throw away my sata drive for m.2 when i do? currently using 950 evo 500 gig sata, i may get a 1tb for the extra space for games. My system is only used for gaming and browsing..... Transfer speeds mean nothing to me, just real world responsiveness.
  4. kiwibacon

    4790k any upgrade path???

    R u running 1440p i assume. What games r held back???
  5. kiwibacon

    4790k any upgrade path???

    But can I even gain any performance with my gpu by upgrading cpu for 4k gaming???
  6. I currently have a 4790k. Recently got a 2080ti. 4k gaming machine. But what's the point of upgrading cpu from what I can tell cpu upgrades beyond 4790k don't benefit 60fps gaming. And even if I had 120 fps monitor I still be gpu limited. Convince me I'm wrong....
  7. Which would you go for since ftw3 is 30% more expensive than black edition where I live. Am I just paying for thermals and noise???? $2000 nzd vs $2600 nzd
  8. Hi Guys When connecting the resovoir to the pump is it recommended to use a small amount of tubing or just use a M-M adapter? As my last pump was a combo unit im not 100% sure. EKWB EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM + EKWB EK-RES X3 400 Reservoir (3831109841037) Thanks Guys
  9. kiwibacon

    senheiser PC373D vs GSP500/600

    Which is the better gaming headset? I see GSP has better head adjusting awesomeness. but pc 373D has usb which is handy for plugging into keyboard. Otherwise will prob get usb sound card. Only concern is pc373D head clamp too much as I have a big head. I dont have the ability to try them on so.... Any suggestions here?
  10. kiwibacon

    preorder asus predator 4k 144hz PG27UQ

    didnt know. sounds like ill pass.
  11. My local computer store now has 4k 144hz monitor for preorder but it aint cheap. Is anyone ordering else this. If it was 32" I would pay the big money but 27" I'm on the fence Comments required. Its $4000 NZD so like $3000 USD ouch.
  12. kiwibacon

    Star Citizen uber specs

    So my friend has got me to play star citizen. unfortunately my computer is a 4790k 1080ti 16gig of ram. 500gig ssd. Do I need to update my ram to play at uber settings??? I initially passed on ryzen due to being minimal upgrade but investing in 16gb of ddr3 seems wasteful at this point in time. I dont play games on low settings...
  13. kiwibacon

    sennheiser pc373D any good?

    I am currently looking for a good discord headset/mic. I have a big head so something that doesnt clamp my head. Want to be spending at least $200 USD. I am currently looking at the sennheiser PC373D/ I would also prefer a usb interface so i can plug into my keyboard.
  14. kiwibacon

    Sennheiser Hd 599

    Sorry I am not an audiophile. I just figured more money = better. All those headphones are well within my price range. I will mainly be watching movies and listening to gym music. Sorry I dont know anything about treble/bass. I was playing with the setting in my car for these setting but dont really understand what they do. Just really want true sound quality for music.
  15. kiwibacon

    Sennheiser Hd 599

    My local computer store has a 20% discount on sennheiser headphones. I was thinking of the Hd 599. Mainly used at the gym + gaming sometimes. From what I have heard Hd 600 needs a portable amp. Any better suggestions? I prefer open Headphones as Closed headphones seem to hurt my fat head.