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    EVGA 2080TI Black Edition
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    Thermaltech P5
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    SAMSUNG 850 EVO SERIES 500GB 2.5" SATA3 SSD (MZ-75E500BW)
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    EVGA 750w
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    Asus PG34q, ACER XB280HK 28" , Samsung HU9000 78" Curvered
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    Logitech 710+
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    Logitech Z623
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    Windows 10

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  1. I have 3800x. Didnt think it was slow..
  2. My 2080ti cannot run wow at 100fps with 3440x1440 unless I turn a few settings down. It's not that easy to run
  3. I have a 2080ti and first thing I do in every game is make sure RTX is disabled.
  4. so i checked the power usage at the wall on my system. 2 Monitors 3800x 2080ti overclocked fibre box router in a gaming session 450W @ the wall wtf am i doing with a 750 W PSU
  5. Its ddr4 it works. But 3600 cl19???? I would not buy that kit. 3200 cl16 or better or 3600cl18 or better imo.
  6. I am interested to see what all clocks people are seeing on things like cinibench etc while at stock settings on various chips Especially to see if i wasted money on the 3800x. Mainly because my 3800x is scoring over 5000 on cinibench r20 . and reviewers were only getting 4600 on 3700x so it must be clocking lower right??? Ill go first 3800x 4.225GHZ (did get to 4.475 all core overclock with way too much voltage.)
  7. Ideally 3700x. But 3600x would do the job. I just went from 4790k to 3800x and getting double fps.
  8. Nice. I thought about doing that deal. But everyone said it wasn't an upgrade. So I didnt.
  9. I honestly thought 4790k was still a pretty good chip for gaming. How I was so wrong. Most games gpu limited anyway. But after putting in my 3800x But after loading star citizen my fps doubles. From 50fps too 100fps ( my monitors limit). FF15 no low spikes now and +20 fps. This really blows my mind. And no low spikes in any games anymore.
  10. thank. i entered XMP profile and changed freq to 3000mhz and it runs perfectly. So i assume i cant RMA my ram. Seems like a bios issue if you also getting it???
  11. i just chucked in 1.5V @ 3200mhz to see if it would boot. no trouble. the kit is rating 1.35V so its very weird.. but I am not really sure what voltage is too much. Windows was having alot of trouble laggy and shit so doing fresh install now. The xmp profile should automatically do the voltage right?
  12. Trying to get my ram to run at xmp profile but wont boot. Memory is corsair lpx 3200mhz 32gig kit. CPU is 3800x Should I be manually up the voltage??? Motherboard is asus X570 Hero.
  13. Is the boost clock on the box the max auto overclock (xfr) or is it just the normal boost? AMD auto overclock right?