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    totjup5 reacted to App4that in How Is it Switching from Nvidia to AMD?   
    You have to understand DX has an allergy to doing his own research, actually quite a debilitating disorder. So while he comes across as being condescending, he's actually reaching out for help. 
    Consider donating to the many charities that work to help DX and other like him. Though we are currently fighting the Trump campaign which has been actively working against us. No idea why.
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    totjup5 reacted to App4that in How Is it Switching from Nvidia to AMD?   
    Are you firing me!?! After all the time I've put into finding a cure? Make America Great Again my ass...
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    totjup5 got a reaction from AluminiumTech in HP is making the ultimate smartphone. Meet, the Elite X3   
    It can't be the ultimate cell phone, it's a Windows phone.
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    totjup5 reacted to kuramakitsune in Evga is having a killer sale   
    my buddie had an old 8800gtx back in the day,
    and we both swear up and down, 
    nvidia pushed a driver update when the card "got too old"
    that disabled the fan above 80%
    tldr the card melted in a spectacular fashion 
    on MY cards, the 670,
    i REGULARLY used the trans-coding functions
    for gpu acceleration
    random update later,
    oh we removed that feature .... 
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    totjup5 got a reaction from BuckGup in Evga is having a killer sale   
    At least until Nvidia starts to nerf the 900 series in driver support sadly...
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    totjup5 got a reaction from MrTiC in Evga is having a killer sale   
    At least until Nvidia starts to nerf the 900 series in driver support sadly...
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    totjup5 got a reaction from App4that in Will a 1TB ps4 hard drive work for my desktop   
    sell one of the ps4s and buy a better hard drive 
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    totjup5 got a reaction from AluminiumTech in GTX 10 series pricing so stupid right now   
    Doesn't trust online ordering? Is he 80?
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    totjup5 got a reaction from Zeeee in Microsoft Simplifies Multi-GPU Support for DirectX 12 Developers   
    As a long time SLI user on my fourth sli setup in a row, I really hope this leads to better multi GPU support.
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    totjup5 reacted to Gaged in Light version of the forum   
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    totjup5 got a reaction from ZaneiusValentine in So I've finally got them on the way.   
    As far as driver issues I have two gtx 1080s, and specifically in Rise of the tomb raider enabling VXAO causes the driver to crash. Fairly small issue since it's only in one game, but that's all i could think of.
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    totjup5 got a reaction from hex4 in Most disturbing game you have played?   
    Penumbra: Overture, one of the most disturbing games I've played for sure.
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    totjup5 got a reaction from mouf in GTX 970 SLI vs GTX 1070 (Buy a second card, or buy the 1070?)   
    At this point i'd go for the 1070. it won't perform quite as well when SLI scaling is perfect but it will be far more consistent, and it will likely get better driver support for longer. And that's coming from someone who ran 970s in SLI for the last year and a half.
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    totjup5 reacted to WereCat in Rumor: AMD Zen having issues with integrated usb 3.1   
    As if Intel had never any problem. Look at their problem with USB 3.0 on Haswell (non refresh).
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    totjup5 reacted to Castdeath97 in Rumor: AMD Zen having issues with integrated usb 3.1   

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    totjup5 reacted to Trik'Stari in The FBI Likely Has You in its Facial Recognition Database   
    You might not find that disturbing, (assuming you are a Chinese native) but I find it quite disturbing.
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    totjup5 reacted to Praesi in Under rated gems?   
    No. They lied about almost everything. I would see them vanish with joy.
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    totjup5 reacted to SkepticKrab in Under rated gems?   
    Stardew Valley - very relaxing and deep game if you are into farming RPGs
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    totjup5 reacted to Master Disaster in Decline in Content Quality & Exclusivity of Content   
    I know I am not the only one who thinks this to be the case....
    So let me begin by saying I am not bashing Linus, LTT or any of its employees here, I am simply posting some concerns I have about the way in which Linus appears to be taking LMG now he has grown.
    Linus got famous doing unboxongs, we all should know this and while his unboxings were great there's only so much anybody can do with unboxings so he moved on to what I refer to as "the golden period" which was the period where he was working from the house with only a few employees creating amazing content like unboxings, build logs, hardware reviews and a small amount of silly things. It was during this period when his popularity grew and he started to gain his huge following on YouTube, pretty much everything he released was gold and people (myself included) were always waiting for the next video to drop so we could see what he would review next. This period continued on for a fairly long time until he outgrew the house and purchased his own premises.
    During the move he did the Moving Vlogs which I have to admit are just abut my favourite videos he ever made, despite the low budget apearence of these videos it was like we were all going on a moving journey with the crew and it felt close and personal.
    Since then however his content has taken a huge nosedive, at this moment in time we are lucky if we get 3 videos a week that are actually about PCs in any way and even then 2 out of the 3 are about server stuff. Recently we've had 6 minutes of Luke asking us to join the VR Thread on the forum, Luke warming a god damn pizza up with a PC (like wft?), 7 minutes of Linus talking about review samples, Linus making a DIY painting booth, oven baking dead components and even a years old unboxing video which he admitted was made but never released.
    I'm loving Luke's workshop content and I'm even loving Holy SbeeeeepT too but were is the real PC stuff, where is the reviews for hardware, software, peripherals, chairs, headsets, tablets, phones, speakers and cases? Where are the build logs? Where are the gaming performance benchmarks? The bread and butter content which got you your 2 million subs in the first place.
    Honestly I have no qualms about the server stuff you've been doing, that's more interesting than the basic stuff but remember, when you have such a huge following on YouTube and people are looking for honest reviews (something which Linus is one of the best in the business at doing) and you guys don't have any videos uploaded people are going to ignore you.
    You can make the argument that you want to be different all you like (and I do get it to a certain extent) but honestly, if you don't do the basics, the stuff that every other reviewer is doing then the people who are not already part of your following are never going to invest time in your content.
    I get the impression that recently a few of the videos have just been filler content, either because you guys are out of ideas or because your too busy to dedicate the time required to make a video. I'm not sure which is the case?
    Please note this is all my opinion, if you disagree feel free to post but please, lets keep this to a civil discussion and not start flaming anybody who disagrees with you.
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    totjup5 reacted to GeekaWhat in Decline in Content Quality & Exclusivity of Content   
    Unlike others I am going to mention this in what I feel is a fair manor.
    Since the new office move I feel LMG content has declined in quality. I understand the lack of new product releases lately is ultimately gonna lead to a lack of GREAT videos, however yesterday I watched Linus put 8 GPUs into a 32 core beast server and today 'How to Install a GPU' like come on. I know this is a scrapyard wars week and this has led to videos that have to be faster to produce but I don't feel scrapyard wars, which will probably drag on too long at the end should lead to a week in which content is imo pretty sh*t. I feel aside from the xmas pc modding, fallout build guide, server videos, 7 gamers 1 CPU and the latest holy sh*t video it has all been quite disappointing. We haven't seen a build guide in the new office, like a full tutorial - I love those - especially the ULTIMATE ones!
    I would however like to say the quality of editing has drastically increased, as has filming - not to say some sexy graphics overlays from Edzel really gave LTT videos a quirky look before and I feel LTT needs more of this.
    To address the exclusive Nerd Sports, I'll be honest I was initially p*ssed. However seeing @LinusTech post on the forum about it I now fully understand why and have ti say I love the idea. Exclusivity and content behind a paywall is always gonna be controversial, but providing it doesn't take away from other content (for which it seems that way this week) I fully agree with the move, and whilst I am yet to make a decision may be the sole reason i renew vessel membership!
    Linus my personal viewpoint/advice on this would be not to take on too much  I love some of the latest LTT videos but others have been awful imo. I understand this time of year lacks for product releases but aside the 'show style format' more reviews would be great - because that's what you do best. From new employees that you have mentioned it seems you are facilitating for all this new content you plan to make. 
    Tech quickie has also been superb lately.
    Finally Brandon, Edzel, Taran and John are great on camera and seeing more of them would be great. 
    This is all subjective I know but these are my opinions and if you were to see this I hope I have put across an unbiased argument and would love to know what everyone on the forum thinks.
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    totjup5 reacted to Aytex in Best graphic in game   
    Far cry primal
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    totjup5 reacted to afyeung in Why is the GTX 960 a bad card?   
    The 960 is not a bad card. The Nvidia features actually might make it worth it for some people. The reason why I don't like the 960 or the 950 is because they're "underpowered", very low specs for the money you usually have to shell out Vs. a used card or 380(x). Trust me, once Maxwell isn't Nvidia's main focus, their performance will tank. 
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    totjup5 reacted to Stardar1 in fx 8350 now ore ZEN later   
    "ore" - referring to the mythical ore that AMD mines their processors out of
    "guy" - obviously Guy Fierri, the god of AMD
    "buys" - AMD's hopes and dreams
    "thank" - This is command form, thank, now!
    joking aside, there is no risk to waiting, and the 8350 is not an amazing processor. 
    I cannot recommend you intel, but I can discourage you from buying the 8350, at least wait and see what Zen has to offer, nothing to lose, right?