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Everything posted by totjup5

  1. OK, well please verify next time before stating it as a fact.
  2. DayZ has consistently been updated in the years since it came out. Don't shitpost bad info please.
  3. Not sure how it could be done two years ago when it's been in early access for less than a year
  4. That thing is ugly as hell.... The old cooler was far better.
  5. For me Mount and Blade: Warband, and DayZ
  6. Watch this video, you're probably fine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2MEAnZ3swQ
  7. those temps are fine for a 4790k
  8. Noire is a furry and goes to furry events in a cow costume.

  9. Probably because the game sucked.
  10. exactly.... there's a reason why these days a 7950 keeps pace with a 680 whereas on launch it competed with the 660ti...
  11. That game honestly looks like shit even maxed out.
  12. The new Star Wars Battlefront game is probably the best looking game out there, but the gameplay is fairly mediocre.
  13. for 150$ dollars you won't be maxing out much, but a used 7950 or 7970 on ebay is probably your best bet in that price range.
  14. Got an Asus H81 board with an ac wireless card, and a windows 10 key for 24$ shipped, not bad.

  15. Yeah, the whole color spectrum is kind of gross too and the depth of field looks terrible and can't be turned off.
  16. Awesome! We really are due for a return to that era. I'm really tired of all the modern and future warfare shovelware.
  17. Tomb raider uses lots of vram. Try turning down your texture quality.
  18. totjup5

    G2A sucks

    The reason they have shield is because the products are sold by third parties and they can't verify every key before sale. It's not as if the company itself is seeing that you didn't use shield and is deliberately fucking you over.
  19. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/10970320? Got my score even higher. The overclocking madness never stops!

  20. I got a free 4670k today, that's going to be so great in my netflix machine :D