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Everything posted by totjup5

  1. Unless you play a lot of Arma it's probably not worth it...
  2. It's possible but I really wouldn't recommend it. That cpu is going to have minimum frame rates that really kill the experience.
  3. From Haswell? definitely not. I'm still on Ivy (heavily overclocked) and I have no desire to upgrade yet.
  4. Probably not. that cpu is capable of more than 30-40 fps in bf4....
  5. sell one of the ps4s and buy a better hard drive
  6. do you have games installed across more than 2 drives? I suspect that may be the cause of it.
  7. +1 for middle earth. Rust hasn't been good for a long time now.
  8. Same here, every time I try to change it in global settings it just crashes...
  9. Just a warning too, certain huge open areas of the game will still have framerate drops due to horrible cpu optimization. Specifically the area that gave me issues is geothermal valley.
  10. As far as driver issues I have two gtx 1080s, and specifically in Rise of the tomb raider enabling VXAO causes the driver to crash. Fairly small issue since it's only in one game, but that's all i could think of.
  11. One of my 1080s is EVGA, and the other is ASUS. As long as it's the same gpu you'll be fine.
  12. I literally have the highest score in the world in firestrike for my CPU/GPU combination. Feels pretty good.

  13. Look at the graphics score, a 19000 is about right for a 1070. the overall score is brought down by your cpu.
  14. Sorry, but I'm calling bullshit on this. The 960 did the same thing at launch and no one went crazy about it. Also, any card will exceed 75w through the pcue slot if you overclocked it. Pure bullshit just stacking on top of the minor issue that people have blown out of proportion.
  15. At this point i'd go for the 1070. it won't perform quite as well when SLI scaling is perfect but it will be far more consistent, and it will likely get better driver support for longer. And that's coming from someone who ran 970s in SLI for the last year and a half.
  16. Say what you will, but I bought 2. they're on their way now.
  17. If i were you i'd wait for the rx 480 and get an i5 4460 with it. That should come out to around the same price.
  18. I'm now the proud owner of two GTX 1080s. Hopefully they ship soon!