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  1. there may be an alternate port you can use on one of the machines to solve this issue. I had a similar problem in DayZ standalone.
  2. Arma 3 is really dependent on cpu per core performance. FX chips really struggle with it.
  3. As long as the game scales well it is. I've been able to play games like star wars battlefront at 5k with DSR and get over 60fps.
  4. your benchmarking a has really gotten lazy.... 3 games? really? how about other games that scale with sli like battlefield, battlefront, witcher 3? honestly... as someone who has been running an sli setup for the last 4 years you did a terrible job with this video. and your ending note was even more irritating. "the two games it works with" really? sli support in modern AAA titles has gotten a lot better over the years and even if it doesn't work right at launch usually big titles have multi GPU support fairly quickly. I agree multi GPU isn't for everyone, but there's no reason to eternalize stereotypes.
  5. Both are great games. Witcher 3 is better though IMO. It also has a lot more content and is better optimized. In the end though it's up to you, and what you want to play.
  6. True. Honestly these days I have more issues with Nvidia drivers than AMD drivers.
  7. I would use it to upgrade my htpc which currently is using intel graphics.
  8. I have 2 1080s on a 750W with zero issues while heavily overclocked with both my gpus and cpu. You will be fine.
  9. you will be totally fine even with a good overclock. A lot of people really overstate the amount of power you really need. A 550W psu will be enough for any single gpu.
  10. Not supporting them with new drivers so that they don't perform as well in new games as they otherwise could is a form of nerfing, even if it's isn't intentional.
  11. That's why my post said nerf them in driver support not nerf them with drivers.
  12. At least until Nvidia starts to nerf the 900 series in driver support sadly...
  13. It can't be the ultimate cell phone, it's a Windows phone.
  14. Probably should have been at launch.... Game is terrible.
  15. In the Seattle airport with a 3 hour layover.... Yay.....

  16. Doesn't trust online ordering? Is he 80?
  17. But I just bought my 1080s..... Why NVIDIA? Gimme at least a couple months before you release something newer and better... I mean come on, 1080s are still almost impossible to get still.
  18. Yeah, if it can't be fixed in drivers I'll be a bit irritated that my 1400$ gpu investment can't properly play vr....
  19. As a long time SLI user on my fourth sli setup in a row, I really hope this leads to better multi GPU support.