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  1. No they said that Services, Mac, iPad, Wearables/Home/Accessories all combined growth, not individually. Lot of student for exemple switch from macbook air to ipad pro XPS are suited for professional environment, there even a 4K version. CPU and GPU performance are comparable. The difference is the keyboard (in favor of the Dell, expect for the touch bar witch is a cool feature), the OS (in favor of Apple in my opinion), the build quality (Apple) and the autonomy (Apple but not by a lot). Even if you make a living from your computer, 3k is still a tons of money. For an average dev, it's basically a full months income (once the income's taxes are paid), it's a lot. The difference with Dell is 1k euros, it's a big deal. Apple never marked a product as "low cost" but that's the way it is in the head of the consumers
  2. I'm not surprise at all In France first macbook pro 15" start at 2800 euros (3167 dollars !!!) and for this price you only got 256Go of SSD. A lot of Apple's fanboys go for Dell's XPS because they can't follow the price increase trend. The first "lowcost" iPhone start at 855 euros (967 dollars) that's insane for a lowcost version. Lot of people miss the days when iPhone were at 600 euros, which is a lot of money, but still reasonable. They do the best hardware in the world but man ... 3k for a computer it's way too much
  3. what if the problem was that there aren't any spy inside ? Especially any Five Eye's spy ?
  4. You don't want me to use it, don't sell it to me Wrong ! I call bullshit here, there a lot of game on steam with private server, no problem at all
  5. I fixed it for you : "In order to fully use my hardware i need to pay a lifetime rent to a company"
  6. 1/ So you think the major usage of online platform is to watch teaser ? Don't you think the first usage is multiplayer ? 2/ Why the cost of teaser which purpose is to sell a game isn't include in the game price ? 3/ If what cost a lot of money is teaser/download service and this price can't be include in the game price why the user need to pay for multiplayer and not just to have access to an online catalog ? Another point: AWS is cheap as hell especially for big corporation Files aren't compressed on the fly but are stored compressed Video streaming is easy to implement thank god we have free software like ffmpef which does the hardest part of the job
  7. Okay CDN cost a bit of money but not that much stop telling bullshit, it's not a video streaming service. And normaly this cost is include in the game price. It is because you're forced to pay to play online you have no alternative If i want to build my own online server for Switch i can't If it was just to pay the cost of server they would allow private server (like for a lot of computer games) but it's not, it's about profit.
  8. Hey but physic have limit If you want a slim computer with a big autonomy, you can't have a powerfull cooler system But i still don't understand why the CPU and the cooling system aren't melted together to improve heat transfer
  9. Intel has a problem: performance improvement are shit In the past every two year you double the power of your cpu Now even in 5 year it's not true at all We add core but not every applications are heavily parallelisable and clock speed don't increase due to thermal limitation You'ne not gonna buy a new laptop if he's almost as powerfull as your old one So they try to push the limit
  10. Because consumers are dumber than professionnal so you need a simple naming scheme and yes 9 > 7 in optimal thermal condition And i9 on simple daily task is more powerfull, on heavy load he's worst 'cause of thermal throlling but it's not Intel's fault but Apple's and consummer's fault
  11. The true problem here is why you need a i9 on a laptop ? Laptop can be powerfull but there's a limit A pro laptop should be able to do medium task (like photoshop, small video conversion, matrix calculation, ...) with ease but it can't handle what a desktop can do If you need to do heavy task you should buy a desktop (a workstation more precisely) or rent a server (more simply connect to your workstation by ssh) Laptop are not suitable for heavy task
  12. The proof is gonna be the little number of games port to Mac Os Apple doesn't care about developers complains and of course, it's there right to do so But at the end the user is impacted No one ask for Apple's API At the end of the day it doesn't matter, if you want to games you install Windows with Bootcamp and if you want to launch HPC programme you boot on a linux distro Mac OS is for day to day, working/chilling use and he's good there
  13. Not wanted to learn a different API for each OS is not being lazy. Apple needs to support Vulkan period.