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    High Scool


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    Asus P8H61
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    8GB DDR3 1333 mHz
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    MSI Armor RX 570 8GB(soon...)
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    MS Spectrum ATX
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    120GB V3ertex SSD | 1TB Seagate SSHD
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    Generic 600W(yes yes I'm working on it)
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    bira 1400x900p 75Hz
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    Intel stock
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    Yankee Ambush
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    Logitech G430
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    Windows 10
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  1. I just wanted to experiment with this. If I can't I'll just get an adapter for the monitor.
  2. So I have an old PC monitor that I don't have an adapter to and a TV with a broken panel. I was wondering if it was possible to use the board off of the TV and connect it to the monitor's panel.
  3. This just started happening randomly. Almost all of my apps are crashing for no aparent reason (exeptions being Reddit, Instagram and WhatsApp). I've searched online and found very little. A few people complaining about the same thing with no one answering. I open the app (eg. Twitter) and after a short time of maybe 15s the app closes down completely and if I re-launch it it starts like it isn't running in the background. No ANRs or anything either.
  4. This one doesn't have a bios switch but i figured it out. It was the bios and it's fine now Thanks!
  5. It was used by a miner and now gives a Code 43 in Device Manager. I think I've tried everything else and this is the only thing that makes sense now. I'd be willing to tey othwr ideas but if not the bios seems to be the only problem
  6. Can you lead me through it? I mean lead like a blind dog cuz I don't know anything about VBIOSes
  7. I did that...for the most part. What is the programing part Win10 btw
  8. Not that it matters but I7 3770 8gb ddr3 Asus p58m Msi armor rx 570 8gb I'm pretty certain that I need to flash the bios but I haven't found a singe tutorial on it that starts at the begining and finishes it. Tried atiflash but it's very complicated and I don't have instructions
  9. I just bought a used (I think for mining) RX 570 8GB and just like my last buy an RX 560 it's unable to run drivers. Device manager just gives a Code 43 error and after trying everything I am unable to get the drivers running. Since it was used for mining I thought I might need to flash the GPU's BIOS. Is this a good idea? How would I do it? Any other options?
  10. Than just go to eBay. I live in Bosnia so I know what it's like so I've just turned to eBay completely
  11. I'm currently making a 775 build but it doesn't really work with both ram slots filled. But after like an infinite amounts of reboots it just randomly works lol. Tech is weird
  12. The 1070 and 80 should be similar. Especially if they're both FE
  13. If the seller says it works and it ends up failing you can return it. Even if the seller says no you can make eBay make him lol. And how are eBay prices that high for you? The Radeon VII is $700 and for 800-900$ you can get whichever one. Aren't eBay prices globally equal?
  14. kontex

    Python Hotkeys

    Yeah ,see I sort of plugged my PC out after 2 days of tinkering with this...But it was showing an error in cmd where it stopped. C:/Python37/Scripts>pip install py2exe .That may not be exactly what I had typed but it was showing an error in the "Python37/Scripts" part as it couldn't find it
  15. So I'm fairly new to python and for boredom and practical purposes I want to make a programme that starts up on launch and opent a .exe file upon keypress. I have already looked at plenty of tutorials and I can't get pip to work to download py2exe to make the programme. At this point I don't know what I'm writing but I NEED HELP