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  1. I play Games like CSGO Overwatch GTA 5 ,Rainbow 6 Battlefield and Rocket League.I only have Discord open in the backround and a cpu parking tool which does not help
  2. It is not only like that in CSGO.In every single game i play like GTA V,Rainbow 6 ,Overwatch ,Battlefield 1 ,and many more the same thing happens.But for some reason it doesn´t happen when i play Rocket League
  3. I am not overclocking the cpu and I also never wanted to.The load is usually normal but then it sudennly goes up and my GPU load load decreases
  4. also what i forgot to mention sometimes my GPU doesnt even go above 20% even if it needs to.In the second picture you can see that i only have about 90 framees and my gpu wont go above 20%(also sorry for my english i am not a native speaker)
  5. I am constantly doing that and my GPU never goes above 45 degrees.My CPU is 69 degree on average and maximum about 80
  6. Hello there.This is my first post on this website and the formating will be pretty bad. Im here becaouse i have a big problem.I built my PC a few years ago and since the first day there was a big problem.While i was gaming i got pretty bad fps drops and i found out thet my graphics card was running at only 20% while these drops were happening.After about 10 seconds these drops are over and i can play normal for 3 minutes till it happens again.I already tried many thing to try preventing it from happening but nothing worked.Because of that im here and i hope that someone can help me.:) CPU: AMD Fx 8350 GPU: Msi GTX 1050ti Ram:16gb ddr3 Motherboard:Asus M5a78L usb3
  7. Hello.I recently build a new PC but since the first day there was a problem.First it all started fine.High FPS and no stutter.But then I saw that my GPU usage was dropping for like 15 seconds to 30% which led to stutter and fps drops.My system is a 1050ti and a AMD Fx-8350 CPU on a Asus M5A78L/USB3 motheboard.I have 16gb ddr3 RAM.The temperature on my gpu is in the 30-40 degree zone so I think there is a bottleneck but I dont know what is is.I hope that someone here can help me
  8. My motherboard is the asus M5A7L-Usb3.Ram (the 2 pictures) and the case ist the Sharkoon vg4-4.The powersupply a BeQuiet! 370w
  9. I have a big problem... My gpu usage drops down while I play games.It´s usually on 98% but sometimes it drops to 30% for a minute.System:Amd Fx-8350,Gtx 1050ti