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Everything posted by sowon

  1. The notification shade improvements are bomb, unfortunately it might take a good few months for my S20 to get close to Android 11.
  2. It's occurred to me that I've not given my Samsung Watch a lot of love due to my overwhelming attention directed towards the Buds.


    The Watch has been a great change way from the square design of the Apple Watch, although getting used to Samsung Tizen has been quite the experience. I do like the watch design though, it screams less "I'm a tech nerd" and more of "I wear the hottest clothes and hang out with the hottest chicks" and I love it.



    1. savagepain


      i have been looking into getting one would you recommend it and did you get the lte version?

    2. sowon


      @savagepain I would recommend it only if you happen to already own a Samsung phone, otherwise a lot of the on-board apps will be next to useless, especially since the Watch itself has its own app store that integrates with Samsung software.


      I didn't get the LTE version as in my past experience buying an LTE-enabled Apple Watch, it wasn't worth the extra money I'd have to fork out for my mobile plan to enable LTE on it to have it work independently. My phone is always within a few meters away from my watch at any given time so it's not worth the extra money for my use case.

    3. savagepain


      ahh ok yeah i do have a s9+ plus so i might look into find one that is cheap thanks ^-^

  3. Should've probably asked a refund then. I personally hate clickies but if you're up for sourcing other clickies, Kailh Box Jades and other box switches which use a clickbar have much more pronounced and sharper clicks than traditional Cherry click jackets. Box Whites are a fine choice.
  4. WeChat shut down but not WhatsApp seems like kind of a half-ass move to me. Both are just as bad as each other, especially with Facebook at the helm of WhatsApp.
  5. Really missed using my FH5s. I got so jaded by the HD 580s that I forgot how good the clarity and especially the mids are on my FH5s.



    1. TotallyNotGigabit


      One of them looks like Pingu doing the "NOOTNOOT"

  6. What's the purpose in using clicky switches if you don't want them to click?
  7. Holepunch who, I only know crisp 20:9 aspect ratio.



    1. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman

      Definitely prefer 19.5:9 aspect ratio without any weird holes or notches from my OnePlus 7 Pro ;) But this still looks quite nice!

    2. LukeSavenije


      silent notch 19.5:9 noises

    3. Den-Fi




      Obscenely loooooooooooooooong phone says what? 👀

  8. I still have my DS Lite from a decade ago, vivid memories of playing Mario Kart, Animal Crossing Wild World, and other smaller games on it, it was one of my favorite handheld consoles at the time. I do now own a Nintendo Switch so the death of the DS isn't hitting me as hard since I'm still on the Nintendo train though.
  9. What kind of musician? These would be suited to bass guiatarists the most, I feel. The M50x lack in every frequency range apart from low-end, and even the low-end is far from clear. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume your dad has used nothing else, because these sure do not make very good monitors.
  10. Yo listen up, here's the story, about a little bud that lives in a blue case



    1. Meganter


      And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like.

  11. Got my new 128GB Samsung microSD for expanded storage on my S20, so far I've transferred all my FLAC files onto it, not sure anything else will be needed to be on this apart from my music library.



    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      cries in 64gb iPhone

  12. The Samsung Buds+ are nasty good, they're a lot darker than what I'd prefer in terms of sound signature, even with an EQ applied, but they're still more than enjoyable thanks to their stellar clarity and sound isolation.


    Also they're really damn cute.



    1. lewdicrous


      Are those left and right buttons on the case, or are they just raised letters?

    2. sowon


      @lewdicrous Just cosmetic raised letters for some reason, not sure why they're even there

    3. lewdicrous


      Weird, the previous version only had silk screen-esk lettering. maybe it's a way to differentiate between the two.

  13. Samsung Buds+! The blue tech is so real.


    Already gave these a listen, they have a very dark sound signature even with the dynamic EQ, so metal and rock genres lend well to these guys. They're also super well-fitting, I have tiny ear canals so I need the smallest tips, and they fit so nicely.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TVwazhere


      God please dont make this the new "What color is the dress" post

    3. Den-Fi


      The pink is throwing the color balance off in the photo. That's all.

    4. soldier_ph


      @TVwazhere Looks more Pink to me.



  14. I am going to stay clear of any 'gaming' products that IKEA makes, frankly I don't think furniture is where gaming matters, even chairs for that matter with the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody.
  15. Exactly, wish I had heeded the warning about M40x being the better pick in my original purchase, but I was seduced by the foldable earcups. I've obviously moved onto better audio since then so I no longer have a use for my M50x, fortunately for my ears! Awesome stuff! I've never been one for wireless headphones, but I love wireless earphones, the convenience of having no wires feels airy and so nice.
  16. This is literally the first time I've bought and owned a latest release device, and I'm enjoying every second of it so far. The pinhole camera isn't even very noticable due to just how gargatuan the screen is to be begin with.



    1. Ashley xD

      Ashley xD

      the pinhole would bother me but that's just because i am used to the clock being in the top middle of the display so my reflex is to look there... 

    2. orbitalbuzzsaw


      I would never buy a pinhole camera. But you do you

  17. You beautiful little thing.



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. savagepain


      @Den-Fi yep just essential is a dead company now so no more updates

    3. Den-Fi


      Dang. It was such a good phone too.

      Went from Pixel level updates to dead.

      Really makes me sad.

    4. savagepain


      @Den-Fi yeah i loved the phone too its my first really good phone

  18. On Amazon, either by themselves or by third-party sellers.
  19. Amazon have reportedly sold items at absurdly high increased prices by up to 1,000% during the course of the global pandemic. A report from the Citizen - a report of which is so extensive with graphs, charts, and the works - has conducted and found key evidence that Amazon has raised the prices of essential products ala price gouging to raise an insane profit during the pandemic, and would actually be considered illegal in many states. In the report, it was found that mid-2020, prices on items had tripled-to-quadrupled in price in order to raise an insane amount of profit on Amazon's end, which is ironic as Amazon had claimed to stamp down on price gouging earlier into the pandemic. Citizen's report ironically enough uncovers Amazon's shady dealings with these particular products and puts a foot down on Amazon's deceit and deception towards its own policies. It is also noted in the same report that Amazon was alerted to price gouging on bottled water during Hurricane Irma, and took no actions to address the gouging problem. This 2020 edition of Amazon not following its own policies, or indeed lacking a policy to follow in the first place is likely not the last. Citizen has also detailed items that were sold on Amazon between the months of February and August 2020, with Amazon's price, the price they were expected to be sold for, and of course, a percentage to put these numbers into perspective. The disposable face masks are the most heinous crime of the bunch, with how obvious face masks are for the current economy, it's no secret Amazon with its shady dealings would go out of their way to make sure they maximise their profit off the politically-fueled piece of facewear. Hand sanitizer is just as criminal, with the price being ramped up particularly in August, as the graph below shows: Amazon were also reported that third-party sellers were price-gouging as well because of the financial relationship between Amazon and them. The reason for this is because 25% of Amazon's entire retail revenue comes from third-party sellers, once again, this explains why Amazon would want to take the route that maximises old Jeff's pockets. The article was very long and exhaustive, and I take no credit in any of the data collected, that is all from the Citizen, and I highly recommend that you give the whole report a read as it is insightful to the heinous business that is Amazon at this time. There are a lot more data regarding the price comparisons on their official source that I have linked below. It is insidious that Amazon, one of the world leaders in capitalism, backed by the richest man in the world, would fall as low as to price gouge on their own website, and allow third-party sellers to do the same. It is heinous and sickening as I have been a customer for ages and haven't really thought twice about it. The report is really eye-opening, especially when read in full, about the entire scheme of the whole operation and the price gouging that Amazon and their partners have done in the past year. Source: Citizen
  20. Ignorance is bliss, after exploring deeper into audio, the M50x just don't match up to anything else in its pricepoint. I'm certain if I had stayed away from the audio scene, I'd feel the same, but my pair no longer service me. You're lucky!
  21. Please stop tagging me. Why have you done every single thing I advised you not to do? You're far too impatient to solve your problems...
  22. sowon


    To be honest, when B.I left, I lost interest in Ikon...
  23. I own an OfflineTV two-tone hoodie that I bought since I loved the design and I thought why not show it off. It's the only piece of 'merch' that comes to mind that I've bought from something I saw off a social media channel. Stretching a bit, but I have bought dbrand skins before, I was influenced by MKBHD on that front. Bought skins for my Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Samsung S8, iPhone 6, iPhone 8 Plus, and M50x. While the skins are pretty high quality and last a long time, they're really expensive and their tyranny over sponsorships and advertisements made me sick of them, so I haven't bought skins from them for a good year or so, and likely never will again.
  24. It sounds like the type of laptop I would buy for web browsing and note-taking in college, except there's no way I'd voluntarily pay $500 for that machine with those specs.
  25. Not afraid to admit I am the same, influenced by MKBHD, found better audio, now I hate them.