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  1. The NovelKeys Creams are a linear switch made by Kailh in partnership with Kailh. This switch is the first of its for Kailh as it features a traditional MX stem and MX-style latching for the housing, and I'd say Kailh have done fairy well. These switches are made using an al-POM housing - that's DuPont POM Plastics - and also for the stem. POM has been used in this switch as it is often referred to as self-lubricating, which due to the nature of lubing, means that it will naturally be super smooth. I've used these switches for a month in my 60% keyboard and here's my experience of it. Believe it or not, this was my first linear switch I had ever used in my mechanical keyboard life, so I was on neutral ground for what to expect. For context, I was using the Kailh Box Jades, so transitioning from those heavy clicky switches to the NovelKeys Creams was quite the leap. I found the stock experience to be a nice one, being that it was my fitst linear switch. I found the POM material to be satisfyingly smooth to type on, and they sounded nice as well stock. They sound like pressing on soft, fine powder. The 'self-lubricating' deal appeared to be a true statement. The stem of the NovelKeys Cream is a standard linear stem, with the legs being fairly cut and dry in design, and the slider also sharing the same design as many other stems. The bottom of the slider was chamfered rather than right-angled, which interestingly made the bottom-out less harsh and more soft compared to most other linears such as Gateron Reds or Tealios. The POM material was an excellent choice by NovelKeys as it creates a nice stock experience. Unfortunately for the NovelKeys Cream, it is not kind to lube at all, no matter lubed with thick or thin lubes. I lubed the Cream with both Tribosys 3204 in a thin layer and then a noticeably thicker layer, but the Creams do not play well with thin lube at all, and the lube will often slip around rather than adhering to the POM material. The same story goes for Krytox 205g0, which is a thicker lube than Tribosys 3204. I also applied an appropriately-thin amount as well as a thick film of lube, still no avail. It it such a shame that the Creams don't do well with lube, as I'm a linear keyswitch enthusiast who lubes all her linears, and I mean all, so the Creams remaining unlubed puts them a peg down from my lubed linears. I prefer lubed Gateron Reds/Yellows to the NovelKeys Creams because of this lube issue. Overall, I'd say while the NovelKeys Creams aren't good with lube, I would say they are an excellent, if not the best stock linear stock for any mechanical keyboard enthusiast. The POM material is excellent and it makes for a nice stock switch experience. I would say NovelKeys Creams are like if you took a linear switch like a Gateron Yellow lubed, but the lube is substituted with a lot of powder. It is a very different kind of typing experience and feel. While the Creams are fairly expensive at $6.50 for a pack of 10 over at NovelKeys' website, they are a definite top 2 stock linear switch.
  2. Thought I'd end up with Jade,
    But it wasn't a click,
    Wrote some songs about Hako,
    Now I linear and lube,
    Even almost liked clickies,
    And for Red, I'm so thankful
    Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Zeals,
    'Cause it was a tactile


    One taught me clicks
    One taught me linears
    And one taught me lube,
    Now, I'm so amazing
    I've lubed and I've stocked,
    But that's not what I feel
    So, look what I got
    Look what lube taught me
    And for that, I say


    Thank you, next switch
    Thank you, next switch
    Thank you, next
    I'm so fuckin' grateful for my Creams



    1. b emoji

      b emoji



      This is what my lube collection looks now 😛 
      GHV4 Thin lube, 3203, 203, 3204, 205G0, 206G2
      Switches: Worn in vintage blacks & mx japan oranges 

    2. Den-Fi


      This... is weird.

  3. Reason I got an iPhone 8 over an iPhone X, I refused to live with a notch and preferred the beautiful front of the iPhone 8, despite how dated it now looks to some. Also just that I prefer TouchID over FaceID.
  4. I've gamed on Outemu Blues and from my experience, Blues will affect your gaming a bit due to the reset nature that click jackets/click bars have, versus something like a Red which is linear i.e straight down and straight up which makes for easy and quick strafing. While you can game on them, there are switches that will benefit you better in faster-paced gaming environments.
  5. I sit around 2-3 feet away from my 29" 2560x1080p ultrawide monitor, and I think I'd like to have a little bit of a sharper display, say 1440p. The PPI on this 1080p stretched across 29" is lacking. My laptop by comparison is 1080p but has a 14" screen and the PPI is so crisp. I am fine with 1080p though and it's fully usable and enjoyable nonetheless, since I've never used a monitor above 1080p resolution.
  6. Been a couple years since I've heard of beyblades. I myself have a Galaxy Pegasus model W105R2F, can't remember which generation of Pegasus it is. Beyblades are great collectors' items, although to play with them, you generally need 2-4 people to have a decent beyblade battle. I think it's best to ask what generation of beyblades he likes and buy a set accordingly.
  7. You might benefit from this earlier post which is almost a carbon copy of what you're wanting, a budget of 100 euros and looking for a 'gaming' chair: Not entirely sure where you are located though.
  8. I would rather take heavy bezels than a notch. I don't care that the notch there allows more screen real estate when there's a giant bump inside the screen itself.
  9. Awful lot of news recently regarding the security - or lack thereof - in SIM cards recently...
  10. If it works, no worries! I can't imagine sticking a wee tissue up there won't hurt anything.
  11. Something I've noticed about linear switches - and more specifically with the lighter-weighted ones like Reds and Yellows - is that when I lube them even with thin or thick lube, they tend to increase their travel time.

    I don't know if I'm applying a really thicc layer or lube or if this is a universal thing, but it certainly affects how the lighter switches are pressed in my experience.


    To put it into simple terms, here's how I feel on lubed and unlubed travel times:

    • Unlubed Reds: Take a fraction of a second, easy and fast actuation
    • Lubed Reds: Take about 1.2X the speed of an unlubed, as well as feel ever so slightly heavier to actuate

    This does not by any means change my view on lubed switches, because I don't think linear switches should be used unlubed regardless.



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    2. Energycore


      I love my reds. So easy to type quickly and never worry about wrist strain because they take so little force

    3. b emoji

      b emoji

      Use something thinner like 3203/203 and apply really thing coats, the lube should be clear not white. 

    4. sowon


      I like applying quite thicker-than-normal coats, about 1.5x the amount people should usually apply. I like feeling the wetness. I do have some spare unlubed Gaterons so I might try some 3204 and apply what I'm supposed to apply. :P

  12. Source: The Verge | Discord Blog Discord is going to be removing subscription-based games from its in-house Nitro premium subscription because rarely any Nitro subscribers were playing them. While the games library is leaving out the front door, Discord says they are working to develop the Nitro plans as much as they can through community feedback, and have noted in their blog post that they are working on giving the $9.99 subscribers more perks over the Classic $4.99 subscribers. Personally, as a Classic $4.99, I'm not even surprised. I personally don't see the use in paying double per monthly rate just for what is now the ability to boost servers and now a 100MB upload limit (who is going to upload that big a file on Discord anyway?) on top of what Discord already offers for us $4.99 subscribers, such as animated avatars, global & GIF emotes, and a custom tag number, amongst other perks. With the removal of the game library, I don't see how Discord are going to market up the $9.99 subscription anymore, it's just not worth it in my eyes.
  13. Happy birthday!



    1. Twilight
    2. VenomZ_


      Somebody enlighten me on this female kpop type of phenomenon 

    3. sowon


      It's my favorite type of music, to put it simple. :D The GIF above is of my favorite group, Apink.

  14. As a G305 owner of 6 months, I don't feel as if the buttons on mine are different in weights. My left and right buttons are perfectly balanced. It seems like your second-hand G305 owner was super aggressive on that right button.
  15. Okay slow down there, that's a bit far with too little information. I've never heard of emails getting sent to someone else but judging by that article you posted, it looks to be the way the email address is made with periods. Did you only recently start to receive other's emails or have you had this since you made your Gmail?
  16. Source: The Verge | CNET Spotify are allegedly going to start asking users who are part of a family plan for their locaiton to crack down on family plan sharing, stating that family plans are made for those who reside in the same residence. This apparently isn't the first time Spotify has attempted to voice their concerns over family plan sharing for people who don't live in the same house, but the change in terms and conditions means they have the ability to contact those on a family plan for their GPS coordinates, which as you can probably tell, sparked privacy concerns by customers. This new wave of checking conducted by Spotify will use Google Maps' location with Spotify saying that they will ask users for verfication of location 'from time to time', and if you're caught with your pants down, your plan is suspended. On a real note, I don't think this is going to work. Spotify tried it once and every customer who was part of the wave complained, so I see no reason to do it again, especially since customer privacy is an exponentially growing concern especially in subscription-based services like Spotify who rely on user data whilst not violating laws like GDPR. Spotify do still seem adamant to stop family plan sharing as a family plan is $15 per month for 6 concurrent users if I'm not mistaken, which I imagine costs Spotify a lot of money if people are leeching off someone else's primary account. Spotify is definitely losing a fight for profit, but I truly believe asking users literally where they live is not the right direction for family verification. Out of curiousity, is anyone part of a family plan that is shared? I'm using my own $10 solo plan, with my brother still on free. I believe in thin instance, it would be liable for me to pay $5 extra for my brother to experience Premium.
  17. I had the same issue when I temporarily used Cherry MX Reds in my keyboard, the Reds are just far too light that even just my finger falling asleep actuates them. You could look into heavier springs or even different switches altogether like Gateron Ink Blacks which in my opinion are heavier and smoother than Reds even at stock, but NovelKeys Creams are definitely my recommendation for a stock smooth switch.
  18. I got my Zealios V2 review out, my favorite tactile switch.


    Second ever personal review of a switch and I already look like a ZealPC shill, nice one me.



  19. The Zealios V2 are a well-regarded switch made by ZealPC in partnership with Gateron, which has come to rival the famous Holy Panda switches. This particular Zealio in my hands is a 62g weighted one, which is the lightest out of the four Zealios weights, those being 62g, 65g, 67g, and a hefty 78g version. These Zealio switches feature a purple stem which with each weight, has a darker colored stem with the heavier weights sporting the deeper purples. I bought my Zealios V2 from KDBfans at $1 per switch, which like its brothers, the Tealios, Healios, and the recolors Sakurios & Rosélios, are very expensive compared to other mainstream switches which retail at merely $0.30 per switch. Despite the price, I think the Zealios are what everything who enjoys tactile switches should look into, they have a satisfying tactile bump as well as smooth actuation. I would describe the Zealios V2 as Brown switches on steroids, with the tactile bump being extremely prominent while still maintaining the smoothness I expect out of a comparitive linear switch. The tactile bump also begins at the top of the switch which makes the tactile bump satisfying while not interupting the flow of general typing. Some may find this as a disadvantage to the Zealios because traditional tactile switches tend to have pre-travel, but the fact that the Zealios starts it bump at the top with no pre-travel is an excellent design, especially with the stem leg design and how it's weighted. The tactility comes from the way the legs of the stem are angled, ZealPC has crafted the stem leg's design of the Zealios V2 to be angled at such a a way that the contact leaf generates an amazingly assertive tactile bump. The meticulous convex curve in the stem is the reason the tactile bump is so satisfying, and is ultimately the reason I see the Zealios as the ultimate tactile switch. I lubed my Zealios with Tribosys 3204 on the housing sliders, center pole, as well as the top and bottom of the spring. As for the stem, I lubed every part of the stem, which means the sliders, front, back, bottom of the sliders, and even the legs. Even with the stem legs lubed, it is still one of the most tactile switches I have ever used, and it's a testament to the excellent design of the stem, and particularly the legs. As I mentioned before, the legs design is what gives the Zealios their amazing tactile bump, and it's what makes the switch great, even lubed. The switch is my absolute favorite tactile switch, despite the price, and everyone who prefers tactile switches should experience a Zealio switch for themselves.
  20. I tried taking some pictures for a potential 'How I Lube Switches' tutorial, but most of the photography I took ended up just looking like deleted scenes out of Fifty Shades of Grey.

    It doesn't help that I started shooting when the sun went away so there were shadows everywhere.


    I'll get to making a lubing switches tutorial sometime next week now.



    1. Den-Fi


      *unfollows so I don't fall down that rabbit hole*



    2. sowon


      It's too late. There will be a day where you buy lube and get to lubing those Zealios of yours. I will convert you.

    3. Den-Fi


      I know, I know. Just let me pretend to fight it for now.

  21. I use Chrome since I like my Google syncs and extensions to be all on one browser and I've been comfortable with Chrome. No other browser I've tried including Firefox, Edge, Chromium Edge, and Opera, have come close to the experience I'm accustomed to on Google Chrome.
  22. What do you prefer to lube Zealios with? I've only ever tried Tribosys 3204 on my 62g Zealios V2. Wondering if other lubes make a difference.
  23. Unanimously Jobs, he was the entrepreneur who strived to create perfection. Cook by comparison appears to bank on design and relying on Apple's current porfolio, very little innovation, and when there is, it's incremental at best.
  24. The concept behind trypophobia is irregular patterns, the new Cheesegrater Pro has enough patterns in how the holes are arranged that it's not as bad nor noticeable to those who suffer from trypophobia, it's like a cheese grater where all the holes are arranged in a pattern. I think the new iPhone 11 has too few holes to be looked at as a pattern - especially when the flash circle is in the array too - to be considered comfortable for those with trypophobia.
  25. Not gonna lie, I just watched for my daily dose of PC hardware porn, and I was not disappointed.