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Status Updates posted by sowon

  1. In this household, we love pink.



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    2. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Still building nice looking keyboards i see! 💖

    3. WikiForce


      wow, i forgot you existed on this forum. Where have you been for so long?

    4. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      @WikiForce Well you know, sometimes stuff happens, and then stuff happens on top of that and before you know it six months go by and stuff.

  2. Whilst I was gone for what was almost a month, I got some replacement mouse feet for my G305, they're CorePad Skatez and are made of pure PTFE, which in theory yields great gliding results.


    I'm at least 168 hours burnt into wearing these in, and they don't feel an awful lot different. Although, I am using quite a rough mouse mat to begin with with high friction, so I feel the feet might be suited to a weave that is more loose. At least these make my mouse essentially all-white though!



    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      Aren't they always PTFE? could be different grades/blends.

  3. I had managed to get my monitor up to 85Hz before it said 'Out of range' when trying 90Hz, this is coming from the 75Hz recommended factory refresh rate. I see virtually no differnece in 75Hz vs 85Hz but that's probably because I have granny reaction speed.


    The jump from 60Hz to 75Hz was more potent than 75Hz to 85Hz. The display doesn't seem to get damaged or have noticeable artifacting with 85Hz which is nice. Despite being a 5ms response rate monitor, there's very little blurring/ghosting, and my input still feel sharp, as it should since it should feel inperceivable.


    Here's some Counter-Strike gameplay in a 25FPS GIF slowed down to 0.5x to show how slow my reaction speed is, and how unnecessary high refresh rates would be for an absolute slowpoke like me. Crosshair placement on point though.



    1. TVwazhere



       how unnecessary high refresh rates would be for an absolute slowpoke like me

      It's funny, in LTT's video about high refresh rate monitors, Paul's Hardware actually did better with higher refresh rates than slower ones, including when the high refresh rate monitor was capped to 60fps via Vsync. 

  4. Hi, I like my monitor arm, a lot.


    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.



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    2. LukeSavenije


      I wanted to act surprised


      mission failed, do you want to restart this mission?

    3. orbitalbuzzsaw


      Ultrawide republic!

    4. sub68


      ted talk? link pls

  5. Got a new monitor arm for my setup! Took me a good few hours to set up, but I made sure to get the arm exactly right so I wouldn't have to move it in any way after I'm done setting it all up.


    I'm happy with how much height and cleanliness I've gained from going with a monitor arm, it's a lot cleaner to look at compared to the stock monitor stand that was becoming distracting to look at.



    1. TVwazhere




      For a second I seriously thought it was wall mounted. Makes me want to get a dual Monitor stand so bad. 



    2. VegetableStu


      man having the base of the monitor being "that off center" screws my head in, lol ,_,

    3. steelo



  6. Early days, but I dare say I prefer the NovelKeys Creams. They sound much deeper than my Tealios, and the extra bit of weight needed to actuate as well as bottom-out is just the right amount of added weight that I can appreciate how smooth the lube job is, and thus the smoothness.


    The Creams are also far more stable in terms of wobble than the Tealios, I get why switch film exists now, because the Tealios felt wobbly as hell compared to my now-lubed NovelKeys Creams.


    The Tealios still have that "I'm a rich bitch living in Los Angeles, CA, I make six-figures per year, I wear Versace, and I own three Chihuahuas" aesthetic to them though, they look mega rich compared to the Creams which look like vanilla ice cream.



  7. Officially lubed and installed NovelKeys Creams into my keyboard, I got a little bored of the Tealios and wanted something with a different sound signature and feel. I chose the Creams since I had them on hand and wanted to get some more used out of them, only this time lubed!



  8. I completed my 100th work unit for Folding@Home today! Here's to another 100 more. :)



    1. orbitalbuzzsaw


      Only 28 to a round-number milestone!

  9. I've been hooked to Animal Crossing: New Horizons lately. I had it on preorder for the longest time, and it was actually solely this game that was my original intention for buying a Nintendo Switch.

    I'll finally rack up heavy hours on my Nintendo Switch, I'm already around 15 hours down into Animal Crossing since the game came out on the 20th.



    1. VegetableStu
    2. ARikozuM


      [loads shotgun with mortgaged intent]

  10. I'm still quite eager to try out a full keyboard's worth of Zealios V2s, but I think I'm going to wait until the pandemic is over to get my order sent in. Tealios are great, but I'm curious to try other flings.



  11. These are beastly earbuds, they connect pretty effortlessly and sound pretty decent when compared to my FiiO FH5 or Tin T2s IEMs. These are definitely replacing my Jaybird X3s, I'm free from wires. Will give these around a week or two and then review my thoughts.



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    2. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      @Den-Fi It's probably better if i don't question why you're so obsessed with @TVwazhere.


      although you are neighbors.

    3. Den-Fi


      Idk about obsession, but he's alright 👌.

    4. TVwazhere
  12. I picked up these little guys for £29.99 from Amazon thanks to an Amazon & Anker promotion, originally £79.99, so can't complain.


    Anker Soundcore Liberty Air generation 1, I plopped these in my ears for a quick minute and I already love them. Initial impressions, lows are lacking, but mids and highs are nice, with the highs coming out the best, yet not sibilant or piercing.


    These are my first pair of truly-wireless earbuds so I'm excited to see how these do in scenarios where I'll find the most comfort out of these, such as out to town, or at work on lunch.



  13. I still haven't ordered smaller tips for my FiiO FH5 IEMs, memory foam tips are so nice and comfortable, and they lock in effortlessly. Just a shame FiiO decided to include three of the same size for these tips...



  14. I did some TLC on my PC today, specifically targeted PCBs such as my motherboard, GPU, and my Wi-Fi & sound cards. They were dusty but luckily a blast of air managed to get the best of dust off.


    Additional PCIE devices are one of my favorite things about desktop PCs becauase they're basically unlimited in their potential in terms of customisability and expansion. A small feature in the grand scheme of things, but these small details in desktop PCs is what I value over something like a gaming laptop.





  15. Recently been feeling a bit squeamish with the silicone ear tips so I'm going to try using the foam tips that came with my FiiO FH5. The foam tips that came with them only came in a medium so they're a bit large, so I might actually have to invest in some smaller-sized foam tips.


    So far have had quite minimal effect in perceived sound quality after a quick listen of Everglow's 'Dun Dun', apart from maybe a tiny bit more of a seal.



    1. NinJake


      I've noticed the bass response is a little less pronounced using foam tips over silicone.

  16. Setup update! Went back to the minimal, clean, all-white setup now that I have a white G305. It all looks so much nicer now. Small, subtle black accents like my monitor bezel, Native Union Drop charging pad, Creative Pebble rings, my Funkos, and the inside of my PC.



    1. TVwazhere


      Oh so you DO still have a PC ? 

    2. Den-Fi


      I thought her keyboard just started running at 5GHz and being a computer.

  17. The white Logitech G305 is so beautiful. No longer will I have to deal with a sore thumb in my setup that was the black G305.


    Interestingly though, according to my scale, the white version is 1g heavier in all scenarios, so Logitech clearly painted a black one to get the white.



    1. ARikozuM


      Sowon; putting mice in promiscuous positions since 2020. 


      Also, hopefully it doesn't dirty easily. 

    2. Den-Fi



    3. VegetableStu


      holy shit how old is after effects?!




  18. I bought a white version of the Logitech G305 and on top of that, got some AAA Lithium batteries along with AAA-to-AA converterers today. That 10g of weight delta makes a ton of difference and I can feel it so prominently, not sure what took me so long to get this simple mod done...


    Some weight comparisons of my current mice:

    Logitech G502 w/ 3x Weights (towards the back) = 139g

    Logitech G502 bare = 116g

    Logitech G305 w/ AA Alkaline = 97g

    Logitech G305 w/ AAA Lithium = 86g

    Logitech G305 w/ AAA Lithium + No back cover = 78g


    So I've essentially gone from a 139g to an 86g mouse, and that's awesome.



    1. Den-Fi



    2. sowon


      @Den-Fi It took me a solid half an hour to get that pun and I'm so ashamed.

  19. Despite having my favorite IEMs of all time, the FiiO FH5, I still have my ATH-M50x around. They're still great for moments when I my ear canals get a bit tired and I just need some form of close-ear audio. They also look the part and are super comfortable.


    Audio quality was never really the same after experiencing my IEMs though.



  20. I've recently felt like I want a change from my Tealios, and that change will likely be to the 62g Zealios. This is going to be expensive.


    I currently according to my inventory spreadsheet have 22 of ZealPC's 62g Zealios V2, which means I would need to buy 40-50 more Zealios, which is easily $40-$50, plus shipping.


    Might also need to buy some more Krytox 205g0 as I used a fair chunk of it for my Cherry Blacks, which ended up being disappointing.



  21. I've lately been finding the cable that came with my FiiO FH5 quite short and tugs at my chin, so I thought it might be cute to get the cable that came with my Tin HiFi T2 since those are a bit longer, allowing some more sag when I'm using my FH5 at my desk.


    It feels quite exotic using flagship in-ear monitors with a budget cable, but I'm not sure sound quality will be noticeably affected in any way.



  22. Who would win, $130 clearly basshead-targetted studio monitor headphones or $250 super-balanced in-ear monitors?


    Still need to get round to doing round 2 of my Audio-Technica ATH-M50x review so I can evaluate these headphones post getting my FiiO FH5 in-ears.



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    2. Den-Fi


      That goes for every hobby.


    3. dizmo


      It really doesn't.

    4. Den-Fi
  23. I had completely forgot I had Jaybird X3 earphones lying around, I used to run these as a daily since I was after a wireless solution. That clearly changed when I started to care about audio quality over convenience.


    These things aren't that bad to be honest, they're quite hissy at the highs but the mids and lows are decent. I'm running memory foam eartips that I got from the box of my FiiO FH5's included eartips and these are fitting in my ears nicely especially with the wingtips.



  24. Maybe I should just run 5.0GHz all the time... But the electricity usage would kill me inside.


    Yes, my wallpaper is sliced watermelons.



    1. Pascal...


      Mmmhhhh watermelons.... ??

    2. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      I had my wallpaper set to a watermelon for a long time.

  25. Gentle reminder that my guide on how I lube my MX-style switches is up!


    Please give a read and pass on to any mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who want to try lube their own switches.