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    Keyboards & K-Pop
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    Scotland, UK
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    Korean culture, mechanical keyboards, PC hardware, esports


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    Intel Core i5-8600K 4.9GHz
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    Asus Prime Z370-P Mk.1
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz
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    Asus Dual GeForce GTX 1060 OC 3GB 2.0GHz
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    NZXT S340
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    500GB Crucial P1 NVME M.2 SSD
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    Corsair CX450M 2015
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    LG 29WK600 2560x1080 85Hz
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    Deepcool Neptwin White
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    KBDfans Tofu + 67g Tealios V2
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    Logitech G305 Lightspeed 86g + CorePad Skatez
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    FiiO FH5 + Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Hi, so I'm about 90% of the way to buying a used laptop (reason it's used is because it's from 2016 era) and I just need a quick sanity check before making any hasty decisions. Some important things to note: I am no rush for a new laptop The laptop in question that I'm aftter is my dream laptop It is the only one in existence for sale with my specs It is an eBay listing, with half a dozen other watchers I recently tried to contact the seller through eBay messaging to ask about the condition, battery life etc. of the laptop, and they're still to get back to me. I thought it's common practise to at least get some basic background checks on used devices before committing, so I did. The thing is, the seller will not be able to respond until Monday at the earliest (they're a business operating Mon-Fri 9-5) and so I'm concerned about the laptop being sold over the weekend. I'd like some opinions on whether it's best to just jump the gun now and purchase it to secure the laptop, or it's it's best to wait it out, potentially letting something else buy the item. I'm very concerned about the laptop being sold before I'm able to get to it. I would be selling my old laptop so I have no concern in regards to money, only the condition of the laptop. The seller did provide pictures and the pictures show the laptop is in very good condition, but like I mentioned earlier, I thought it would be best to get some background information instead of directly leading to a sale. Many thanks in advance for advice!
  2. #SquadGoals


    My boy Outemu Blue up top,

    NovelKeys Creams in the middle,

    Cherry Blacks in the bottom board



    1. Den-Fi




      sowon's wallet be like

  3. An album for my sweetheart Tokyo Sakura custom-built keyboard. I built this keyboard by hand in July of 2019.
  4. My keyboard has gotten a nice little upgrade, now she's rocking a KBDfans Tofu.
  5. My new KBDfans Tofu case just arrived! Keyboard has gotten a nice facelift as a result, and she looks sexy. It's a lot classier than the authentic wooden aesthetic.



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Cyberspirit


      Been thinking about getting the Tofu case for a while now and replace my GK61 with it but never pulled the trigger because I also wanna get some Black inks for it but those are so hard to find.


      What PCB did you use for this one?

    3. sowon


      The PCB I'm using is the KBDfans DZ60-RGB-ANSI @Cyberspirit. Watch out though because the hot-swap GK61 PCB doesn't fit inside most standard cases, including this Tofu.

    4. Cyberspirit


      @sowon Thanks. :D Knew about the GK61's PCB not being compatible which is a shame but oh well.

      Might put something together once all this blows over.

  6. The inside of that PC has as much build quality as a local hooker.
  7. Now to get my hands on these at some point!
  8. Absolutely hate that idea. I don't like the idea of making Twitter a paid service all of a sudden. I mainly use Twitter nowadays to keep up with sports, tech companies, the occasional celebrity, YouTuber, a whole variety of people, and I'm not sure I'd mind leaving if I'd had to pay for certain features. I hate that this sound accurate to what a sub model would look like.
  9. I have literally bought the game thrice - once on PlayStation 4, once on Steam, and lastly on Nintendo Switch - and I think the total billing that I've given Psyonix (and sadly Epic Games in the last purchase) comes to around £40, if even that. I do enjoy the game though, I still play it from time to time on my Switch when I have time to kill and feel like playing car football. I've only ever touched competitive once, playing standard solos and gaining Bronze III rank, unfortunately my experience is people dropping out of games when they're 1-0 down. I don't play competitive anymore so I don't mind that, but I'd be concerned once the game turns free-to-play about what I experienced.
  10. If you like Browns, I'm almost certain you're going to like Zeal's Zealios V2 switches. They put the Browns' tactile bump to shame. It's like a road bump on steroids. Absolutely not. O-rings in my experience barely dampen any sound/bottom-out pressure, if anything, they make the bottom-out feel mushy and the sound really hollow. Would advise against O-rings unless you find you have hearing-sensitive roommates/parents. Not sure there's anything more to add as Kevin and Eschew have advised on pretty much all your queries for the most part.
  11. I'd be intrigued to find out the longevity of the Nord in terms of software updates. It seems on paper like a phone that would match OnePlus' flagships on software support due to most of the components being inherited from previous OnePlus models.
  12. The difference between polling rates are immeasurably small. There is little difference between 100-1000Hz poling rates. It's humanly-impossible. Logitech and Corsair's new stuff is marketing balogna. I would love to talk to a Logitech or Corsair rep and talk to whoever's eyes could see the difference, because those eyes are gifted by God.
  13. Hallo! 

    1. sowon