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    Scotland, UK
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    Retail Assistant + Korean Student


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    Intel Core i5-8600K @ 4.7GHz
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    Asus Prime Z370-P Mk.1
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3000MHz
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    Asus Dual GeForce GTX 1060 OC 3GB @ 2.1GHz
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    NZXT S340
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    500GB Crucial P1
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    Corsair CX450M
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    LG 29WK600 29" 2560x1080 75Hz
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    Deepcool Neptwin White
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    Geek GK61 + Lubed 62g Sakurios + Akko World Tour Tokyo
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    Logitech G305
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Smol update on the Sakurios situation, I think I've managed to get accustomed to the nature of it sticking somehow, although I still feel and hear the scratch and chafe of the Sakurios and it does still annoy me.

    I'm still giving these switches some time to grow on me and I will thoroughly get to know these guys, but as it stands, I'm heading back to Tealios land if these don't work out.


    Speaking of heading back to Tealios, I was thinking of finally starting that new keyboard project of mine when October comes with my Tealios since I have so much spare switches now. Tokyo Sakura can keep the Sakurios (very fitting) and then my new keyboard can have the Tealios and the Zeal stabs I bought along with the Zeal switches.

    While I do still have a special connection to my particular keyboard, I feel like it's time I expand my collection so I can more accurately contrast and compare switches when I have 2 full keyboards to work with.



    1. b emoji

      b emoji

      I would recommend you to get a board that is not tray mount (Other than maybe the Singa x TGR Unikorn), Try and get something that is top or gasket mounted those mounting methods are much more consistent compared to tray mount. The KBD67 mk2 is very nice and is top mounted but it already sold out. 

  2. Here are some steps for your friend to try if he is having issues installing Discord: 1) Temporarily disable your antivirus programs and firewalls 2) Terminate all Discord processes in Task Manager 3) Completely remove and clear Discord from your system by deleting the Discord folders from both %AppData% and %LocalAppData% 4) Restart your PC 5) Disable antivirus programs and firewalls one more time 6) Run the Discord installer (DiscordSetup.exe) as Admin
  3. Officially opened up an Instagram for archival purposes to store all the photography I've taken of all my keyswitches. :) As well as posting my keyswitch photography, I'll also partake in Instagram stories so you guys can keep up with my life outside of mech keyboards. :D Hope to see you there!




    Also, jesus I have a lot of switches. I'm gonna need more jars!

    From left to right:

    • Jar 1 - Jades, Clears, Violets, Pale Blues
    • Jar 2 - Creams, Zilents V2, 78g Zealios V2, 62g Zealios V2, Sakurios, Roselios, Zeal stabs for some reason
    • Jar 3 - Lubed Tealios, broken 62 Zealios V2
    • Jar 4 - Reds, Yellows, Blues, Browns (basically any Gateron/Cherry/Outemu mainstream switches)
    • Jar 5 - Any lubed switches



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    2. sowon


      Because I'm not made of money so I can only afford 10 at a time to try in my switch tester so far. I have enough Jades, Creams, Tealios, and Sakurios to make a 60% keyboard each. :P

    3. dizmo


      Haha, ahhh that makes sense 😂

      Do you have a fav?

    4. sowon


      Tealios, the light blue/turqoise switch in the middle jar. :) Ultra smooth when lubed. Best linear on the planet next to lubed Ink Blacks.

      The color of the Tealios is what inspired my blue aesthetic here on the forum. :D

  4. Zeal Zilents V2, basically the Zealios V2 but with a lighter stem and silencing rubbers. So far unlubed, these feel nice. I'm too lazy to lube them at the moment as I'm still getting to grips with my new Sakurios.


    Also, would anybody be interested in me opening an Instagram to save all these photography I keep showing off in my status updates? I feel like my photography gets lost in status updates and it needs a gallery.



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    2. Den-Fi



      @Cyberspirit They're mostly used in switch testers so you can see which switch is which.

    3. Den-Fi


      @sowon It's good that you kept and repurposed an older account. The newer the account, the more it's subjected to newer algorithms.

    4. Den-Fi



  5. So now, my hoarding of games that I bought on sale finally have a use!
  6. I was making some covers as per usual because my whole life is an aesthetic and I happened to notice that I have more English-languaged playlists than I do Korean or Chinese, and even then, my regular pop playlist has about 10 more songs than my regular K-pop playlist. To add to that, I've not even made an English ballads playlist either.


    TLDR: I like music and apparently I'm more diverse in English music genres than I am in Korean or Chinese ones




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    2. Jtalk4456


      have you listened to dimash yet?

    3. LukeSavenije


      so you switched covers?


      sorry, it was too tempting


    4. TVwazhere


      Wait, wtf, what happened to keyboard updates only?

  7. The Tealios V2 are a boutique linear switch offered by ZealPC which features a 67g spring, Gateron-made housing, and a smooth, linear stem in Tiffany & Co. blue, no I'm not joking, the pantone for the stem is inspired by Tiffany & Co, and it's adorable. It sets itself apart from color from Zeal's popular purple Zealios, Hermes orange Healios, and pink Sakurios and Rosélios switches. I bought a 68 pack of Tealios V2 from KBDfans, for $1 a switch, which is expensive especially when I have a 60% keyboard. I would definitely say it's well worth investing in the Teals if you are after the smoothest switches on the market, a close second in my eyes are the Gateron Ink Blacks. What gives the Tealios its extremely smooth actuation is its stem legs, the stem itself appears to be made out of an outstandingly smooth plastic mould, and it shows in its construction where nowhere on the stem is rough to the touch. The legs are also angled perfectly to give the linear actuation of the stem a good balance between weight on the downpress and upstroke. Even from factory unlubed, these stems and by extension the Tealios as a whole switch feel extremely smooth to use, it's one of the best linear switches to use stock in my opinion purely because of how smooth the stem has been made. Despite its stock smoothness, I lubed my Tealios switches with a mildly-thick coating of Tribosys 3204 on the housing sliders as well as the entire stem, and this ultimately made the switch all users of linear switches should try. Zeal cracked the code for how to make the smoothest linear possible, and it's thanks to the ever-smooth stem. Personally, after using these Tealios lubed with Tribosys 3204, I don't think I can settle for anything less anymore. I formerly used NovelKeys Creams and even those now feel scratchy thanks to my time with the Tealios. Same can be said for Gateron Reds where while they are smooth, they feel hollow and far too light. The Tealios are a well-weighted switch which when paired with lube make the best linear switch in the game. If there was one thing to keep me from rating it a 100% switch, it would be the spring weight. I find 67g a little too heavy personally, although the weight also does accentuate the smoothness a lot, so I feel 67g is just the right spot. A spring swap to 62g might eleviate the heft a bit but like mentioned before, may reduce the feel of the actuation force and leave me wanting more out of the switch.
  8. Do you have any side-printed legends on your keycaps? You could try a multitude of functions such as FN + Backspace, FN + F1/F2/F8/10 to see which brings up the BIOS.
  9. Yeah see this is my point, I make reviews here and so technically I can say I'm a 'content creator', but if I do, someone might think I'm a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, photographer, blogger, whatever, it's so broad.
  10. Source: The Verge (obviously) Huawei has announced that its latest Mate 30 Pro will not have access to the Google Mobile Services core, meaning the Google Play Store and the connecting Android apps, will not be available on the phone. Because of this, Huawei has opted to build their own mobile services ecosystem, with already 45,000 apps inside the system, and more to come as development, growth, and marketing all play a part in its usability. Huawei are definitely in an impossible situation right now, but I think they'll manage. They had no choice but to launch their own Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem due to this new ban, but realisitcally as a consumer, I would just see this as an Android skin UI, as long as the apps that I use in the Google Play Store were available in it, just without the Google apps, obviously. As a heavy user of the Google Suite, for apps such as Sheets, Docs, Slides, and in rare instances Movies and Music, this would be a huge turnoff for any future Huawei phone. This new ban also makes me wonder how this would affect the price of the future phones as well now that they are missing such a core part of Android, surely Huawei would need to reduce prices a bit to compensate for their lack of the heart of Android? Either way, I'm personally very intrigued to see how Huawei does now that daddy Google have grounded them from the Google apps.
  11. Does anyone else find the term 'Content Creator' a bit broad for what it is? I find the term encompasses too much occupations to the point where if someone says they're a 'content creator', I've entered the lottery. This term along with 'content creation' is so broad that I can't really work out what the person who describes themselves as one does, unless they do, and then so what's the point in saying 'content creator' in the first place. Occupations I've seen being substituted for 'content creator': Twitch Streamer YouTuber Photographer Videographer Blogger News Journalist Graphic Designer I just find the term to be an extremely wide umbrella term for anything that falls into an occupation involving the internet. Am I just out of the times with this term?
  12. Define extra long? My G305 uses a single AA battery and a single AA battery lasts me 6 months.
  13. What the-





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    2. Windows7ge


      That puking cat looks a tad familiar.


    3. Tech_Dreamer


      it is from that .

    4. Windows7ge


      Yeah but you found it in a higher ress so I'm a little jealous.

  14. An album for my sweetheart Tokyo Sakura custom-built keyboard. I built this keyboard by hand in July of 2019.
  15. I am really hoping that I've just applied too thin a coat of lube on my Sakurios because the Tealios are noticeably more smooth than my new Sakurios and it's annoying me so much.

    I might genuinely go ahead and add more lube to some switches to see if it might just be a bad lubing job, otherwise the Tealios really are just the smoother switch and I've essentially paid $70 for switches that are lighter, softer, and yet more scratchier than the Tealios...


    Do I prefer the Tealios, which are heavier, harsher on the bottom-out, but significantly smoother, or do I prefer the Sakurios, which are lighter, softer on the bottom out, but also a tad more scratchy even when lubed? We'll give new these switches some time.



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    2. Cyberspirit


      @sowon Do the sakurios that came from the keychain feel better when lubed than the new ones you got? If they do, then, you might actually have to break them in before you lube them like b emoji said.

    3. sowon


      Different switches altogether @Cyberspirit. Varmilo EC Sakura vs Zeal Sakurios. Even then, I've probably only pressed the Varmilo Sakura about 7 times.

    4. Cyberspirit


      Oh sorry, thought they were the same. Nvm then. 😛