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  1. Can anyone help me setup nVidia moonlight locally? So i have my own gaming pc and i want to set it up so i can use it as like a gaming machine on my other laptop, but all locally. Kind of like renting out a cloud gaming pc but here im not renting any pc, just using mine, and its all over my local network so my internet speed cant mess up any latency issues. Yep. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey man the g903 is like 130$, almost double what my budget is. Might be a great mouse but too much for me
  3. What gaming mouse is ambidextrous and wireless, and somewhat affordable? Hand size: 20x10, Leftie ( buttons on the right side would be a bonus ) Style: I sometimes play palm, sometimes claw and sometimes fingertip. I play the most using the fingertip style. I would call something under 70$ affordable
  4. I flashed it again, and again and again. But it doesnt work. Flashed my Backup bios, i tried flashing a TUF 5700 bios but no luck.
  5. Got any idea why the GPU bios would be corrupted all of a sudden? After flashing it worked fine, but a day after and its corrupted? Do you think its just bad luck or is my bios backup bad?
  6. The pc works with another gpu and this one, its how i flashed it back.
  7. So i flashed my gpu ( 5700 ) 2 days ago, it got bricked, so i flashed it back and it worked perfectly. The day after i turned on the computer thinking it would work but it didnt, I tried re sloting it, i tried putting the psu cables back on to it, i tried a different slot on the mobo, i tried with 1 stick of ram and resloting the ram, clearing the cmos but nothing worked The gpu isnt even a week old and its dead, again it was flashed but than flashed back to its original BIOS. So it Should have its OG bios on it. Please help!
  8. Would you suggest something better in the price range or do i stick with the A55?
  9. Im just looking for the best SSD's in that range man, i couldnt care less if it had or didnt have dram, the only important thing is the snappy feeling between the drives, after all its for my mom shes just gonna use it for light office work and browsing. I only care about which drive is the snappiest feeling.
  10. Ive read a ton of stuff that suggests the A400 is not as good as it looks. Dont know if i should trust it
  11. Hi, im looking to buy an ssd for my moms laptop to speed it up a little, and after looking i found those 2 SSD's. If im not mistaken they should be the best in the price range. The others eithee werent with 3D NAND or were dramless. So between these two which is the better one? Or is there an even better one? Please mention it. Thank you for your time.
  12. Well my long life dream would be to make my parents happy and to fufil their dream for me. I would love to move out of where i live currently, since its not that great of a place. Every night when we are alone they tell me to get out of this place and move out, and to be honest i want to do the same. Thats why i am trying my best, trying out coding and trying to make it work, going to the best high school in the city and just in all trying my best. I really no longer can take the crappy place i live in. Aaaand another dream for me would be to buy my dad a cool car, since he loves cars but hasnt been able to buy what he loves because we lack the money.
  13. Ouch hahahahahha Buy 1 for the price of 3!! Great Deals just in time for summer!! BUY NOW The UK isnt closer to macedonia your right, but i think they meant closer to germany than the US.
  14. Man why is converting some currency on amazon so janky, like wut. Its kind of making me want to buy local lol
  15. Ah yeah i didnt think about the crappy guys throwing around my pc parts, i guess id just settle for amazon germany
  16. Do the german sites include VAT? Is that why it seems so much more expensive?
  17. Amazon germany has jacked up prices, just look at the 5700XT, its like 50 euros more, and when you convert that to dollars its 55$