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About YourNewPalAlex

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  • Birthday March 7

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    dont have one
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    dont have one
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    what the hell is that
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    hah funny
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    im a youtube keyboard warrior sorry
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    May the force be with you
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    yeah my steam is "piratebay.com"
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    Cars And Computers.
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    Big, fairly tall, has a face that closely resembles a fresh pineapple without its hairs.
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    Breathing at home


  • CPU
    Id love an r5 2600
  • Motherboard
    id love an b450 ds3h
  • RAM
    Hmmm 16Gb could be nice
  • GPU
    id love a vega 56
  • Case
    Anything thats made out of cardboard
  • Storage
    No ssds
  • PSU
    Sharkoon lol
  • Display(s)
    5.6 Inch IPS Display lol
  • Cooling
    2 Open windows and alot of wind
  • Keyboard
    Gigabyte K83
  • Mouse
    Razer Abynuss whatever its called
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    Windows Vista

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  1. YourNewPalAlex

    Cheaper, but good alternatives for dbrand skins?

    Heyyyyy one more question, that dbrand prism really impressed me, any alternative for that since i cant really buy that for the poco, it doesn't exist...
  2. YourNewPalAlex

    Cheaper, but good alternatives for dbrand skins?

    Going to be getting a poco f1, i wouuuld want the dbrand quality but not sure if its possible, again dont know about gadget shieldz since i kinda heard about them like 5min ago.
  3. YourNewPalAlex

    Cheaper, but good alternatives for dbrand skins?

    Nah man, i didnt mean THAT cheap, like there are good alternatives for dbrand, i found out about gadget shieldz, guess what they use "premium materials" in there words and they do use 3mm skins too, soo?? Thats what i meant by cheap but good.
  4. YourNewPalAlex

    Cheaper, but good alternatives for dbrand skins?

    Hey man, trust me there is cheaper stuff that has the same thiccc ness, like gadget shielz, also i have to point this out while searching
  5. YourNewPalAlex

    (un) Luckiest experiences of building PCs?

    Yup!!! Policies and warranties have been a friend of mine for a while now
  6. YourNewPalAlex

    (un) Luckiest experiences of building PCs?

    ive watched plenty man, so many builds, like i know how to build a pc, ive been building pc's in my school, and its been mostly ok, so i have good experience but the thing is thats not mine, and even if i fck anything up theres like endless of core 2 duos in there so im ok, but here, its so expensive and ive only got 1 of 1. lmao
  7. YourNewPalAlex

    (un) Luckiest experiences of building PCs?

    Ah boiii im about to build my first pc this summer, and im gonna put aloot of money on it so i fcking hope i dont get unluckiest lol
  8. Good, cheap alternatives for dbrand skins? 12$ for a skin is quite alot you know.
  9. YourNewPalAlex

    Best value phone right now

    he heeeyyy bud i know you lol
  10. YourNewPalAlex

    What should I review next?

    Review this sweet tablet with 8 cores, at 1.7GHZ 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for only 80$. Thats one hell of a heavy price per performance spec aint it? https://amzn.to/2S3CHZ8 (Theres loads of these kind of "Too good to be true" tablets as i like to call them, just search on amazon and within 2 minutes you will probably find at least 1)
  11. Wifi Adapters Compatible with net-hunter for Android? Using only OGT no additional power, has to be on ebay or ali express since not alot shipps from amazon here, ive found some stuff but its limited success, also please, make it small, dont want a wifi antenna, something like the panda, also the cheaper the better.
  12. YourNewPalAlex

    Best Custom Rom For Xiaomi Pocophone F1?

    Nah man both of them have a sh*t ton of bugs, just scroll down the comments on the rr mod and the lineage mod, ive seen quite alot of people recommend the stock MIUI but a bit modified to remove some bloatware, but im guessing that wont be the snappiest solution.
  13. YourNewPalAlex

    Best Custom Rom For Xiaomi Pocophone F1?

    Seen people on xda complain about stuff not working. Is there any official build for the poco f1? like maybe link it pls
  14. Best Custom Rom For The Poco F1? Has to have everything working without any weird issues, and if there are more roms like that, whats the closest to stock Android without bloatware (im guessing if its closest to stock its gonna be the snappiest too ) Also is it worth it? (Coming from an experienced custom rom'er XD, so dont worry i wont fck anything up)
  15. YourNewPalAlex

    How to fix my heatsink

    @TVwazhere oh holy case god, help this poor thing.