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    Unemployed, just work on and off with people's computers.


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    i5 6400
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    G.Skill RipJaws V 16GB DDR4 2400
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    Gigabyte 750Ti
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    FractalDesign Define Nano S
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    250GB Samsung 960 EVO NVME M.2
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    Thermaltake 750W
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    2x Dell U2414H
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    Corsair H75
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2
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    Logitech M317
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    JBL Flip 4
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    Linux Ubuntu MATE 17.10

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  1. Let me spit this out. I'm not a gamer outside a few games as Minecraft, LOL, or RocketLeague. I don't edit videos. If I decide to, it will be nothing huge. I don't do CAD stuff or any compiling. This is my current system: GIGABYTE X470 AORUS GAMING 5 WIFI AMD RYZEN 5 2600 G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 32GB Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 1200W XFX RX 580 Fractal Design Define S2 SAMSUNG 970 EVO M.2 500GB SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2 250GB Also: (isn't related to thread, just wanted to get it out) 2x27" Dells. HDMI/DP/USB-HUB (currently on DP, can't remember models, both are same) Razer Blackwidow V2 Chroma Logitech wireless M317c LG BIGBoom PK5 BT/3.5 wire speakers And it's all good and clicky, and bling bling. BUT, I feel like I'm wasting too much space, money, and electricity to run this monster. (I run this 24/7, so lowering electricity is a need) I have long been watching LTT's small case/build videos, but they are still bringing great power from the discreet video and desktop-sized CPUs. I have been looking high and low and came across the ASRock Desk MINI, AMD varient, but the thing with that, it uses a 120W external-PSU on it. And I feel it's not drawing enough power for what is included. Plus being it is a barebox, I will have to buy CPU and H/S, and RAM. I then looked at the ASRock 4X4 BOX-V1000M. The ONLY few problems with that Is it only has 1x M.2 slot. Also, it does not have any USB-Type C ports. But, now, I am looking at the Udoo Bolt 8. https://shop.udoo.org/udoo-bolt-v8.html Has same CPU as the ASRock 4x4, but with better bells 'n' whistles. Has USB-Tpe C, M.2 Key B, M, and E. I can buy all the acessories that I need with it, too. Wireless, M.2, RAM, Case, PowerrCord, etc. Am I just being paranoid, or am I thinking in the right direction? Is there anything great coming out later this year that I should look at? Any questions, ask. I have no budget, just putting 1 and 1 together. Any questions, ask. (I'm writing this at midnight, so escuse if I missed something)
  2. ? Now I see it... A friend of mine says there is no such thing as ECC so-dimm. I was looking in the wrong section of NewEgg... Was looking at laptop RAM, not the server RAM side... Off to tell my friend... LOL (Thanks...)
  3. I am looking at the UDOO Bolt V8. https://www.udoo.org/udoo-bolt/ And it states: Now, unless I am mistaken, there is no ECC So-DIMM. is there? Or does the board do an ECC type service? ?
  4. Well, I gave you my use cases....
  5. Performance ≠ Power draw And, I did not answer my own question, the 2400G/3400G comparison still remains.
  6. I'm using the term NUC as a discription. It only "looks" familiar. A lot of other sites are saying the same thing. It's what we relate to. https://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2019/11/hands-on-with-new-amd-nuc-platform-from-asrock.html They are not calling it a NUC, but a NUC-like system. No, really? /s Dude, I know this. Embedded is no doubt less powerful than the 3400G. 4v4 computer has a 96W power brick, while the Desk Mini has a 120W. No brainer there.
  7. I'm torn between 2 different set-ups... Most of you have heard about the new AMD NUC line. With their embedded CPU, or their SFF systems that use a full CPU. https://www.newegg.com/asrock-4x4-box-v1000m/p/N82E16856158065 OR https://www.newegg.com/asrock-deskmini-a300w/p/N82E16856158064 Both have Pros and Cons. But what do I REALLY need? Understand here: - I am no gamer, outside Minecraft, Rocket League, and ocassionally LOL, I don't game hard. So low graphics is not going to hurt me. (going to AMD Vega graphics) - I'm not a coder, developer, or video editor. So a lower CPU would not hurt me. (just playing with Linux, really) - I would however need the full RAM, as I do run different VM's to test or look at different Distros. Try stuff without fricking up my main OS. Now, down to the nuts and bolts: AsRock 4x4 v1000m Has a AMD Ryzen Embedded V-series V1605B, QC, 2Ghz, 12-25W Has 2x DP ports, which I like. Both my monitors are DP applicable. Has 3 x USB 3.1, 2 x USB 2.0 Has only 1 x M.2 Key M, 1 x M.2 Key E and 1x SATA 2.5" HDD/SSD connector Has 2x Realtek Nics AsRock DeskMini A300W (don't need wireless, but they don't sell the one without...) Takes 2400G and 3400G to run onboard graphics. So, little choice on CPU/APU. Some people say it won't work with 3400. But I think they are just idiots... Reason for the price difference. If you get both along with a CPU and heatsink, they'd even out. Has only 1x DP and 1x HDMI connectors. BUT I can use the dolly chain on my two monitors. So, in fact, I'm using 1 DP port on the motherboard. Has 1x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2x USB 3.1 Type-A, 1x USB 2 Header (USB 2 for hub expansion I'm guessing?) (I have 2 or 3 USB 3 hubs, so extra is no issue) Has 2x M.2 2280, and 2x SATA 6.0Gb/s (M.2 Type E for Wi-Fi) Has only 1x Realtek Nic (not a problem, just the difference between the two) So, now that we broke it down, which is better, given my scenario? I know both take So-dimm RAM. I'll add SSD/NVME/RAM, etc. myself. I just want to get down to the board/CPU bit. Which CPU is a better preformer than the other? Embedded? Or 2400G? Or 3400G? Price is not a concern here. I gave you 2 ideas, run with it. Unless you know of any other AMD NUCs coming out soon. I only just recently heard about the 4x4. Any help would be apreciated!
  8. I have seen ones like this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000000999195.html?spm Edit: Or like https://www.newegg.com/orico-ds500c3-us-bk/p/0VN-0003-00183
  9. Well, it's mounted the same way, even with USB. So I don't see an issue here. What I DO need is a HDD Enclosure. One that doesn't cost an arm and leg. And of course, new HDDs. I think 3-4TBs would be enough for this house. (I'm a Linux nerd. See my avatar?)
  10. I have a Pi4 laying around doing nothing, (4gb version) and I was thinking of putting it up as a NAS for our house. I know you can do it with Raspebian, OMV or others. That is not the issue. The problem I have is, All I have are OLD HDDS. (maybe dating back to 2005) 2x Green WD's are newer, but not really ever meant for a NAS. Should I get some SSD externals and hook it up via USB3, or should I be looking at 3-6TB HDDs? In anyone, I'd probably take 2 of each and software RAID 1 them. Is there a certain external HDD/SSD case, or perhaps an external drive that doesn't cost a heap? I want to keep this low as possible, but not that cheapo crap that we never heard the name of. Give me an eyeball.
  11. Ah, OK, that makes sense. I don't "need" high end, as I just explained, I'm not a heavy gamer.
  12. Thanks. I thought so, as it uses So-Dimm RAM. But does the Embedded CPU equal the higher end laptop CPUs?
  13. I have been looking at this since it's release in late 2019. https://www.newegg.com/asrock-4x4-box-v1000m/p/N82E16856158065 Now, in comparison, does the CPU/APU = Laptop with CPU/APU? (no discrete graphics) Because I do not game. (Other than Minecraft and Rocket League, and not heavy graphics at that) I'm not a developer or coder. I just look around different Forums, E-Mail, YouTube, Netflix (when I had it) Minus the Monitor, Keyboard/Mouse, and battery, is it typically a laptop? The reason I am looking at it, is because it has 2 DP ports. My two Dell monitors have HDMI and DP connections. Also has 2x M.2 slots, and has room for 2x SATA 2.5" SSD's. I REALLY do not need my ATX motherboard, Ryzen 5 2600, 32GB RAM, 1200W PSU, AMD Radeon 580. It's too much overkill, IMO. That I will never use the full potential.
  14. Closest Ikea near me is about 45 minute drive... I don't really want to go there... Shipping cost is like hell...
  15. That won't really help, as I have a weak right side. So pedaling isn't my thing.