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    Gaming, Reading reviews of the latest PC hardware, consoles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, Surfing the internet, Watching Tech related videos and content, Music, Football(Soccer), many more...


  • CPU
    AMD FX-4300 4.0GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock 970 Pro2
  • RAM
    2x4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    Asus Strix GTX960 2GB
  • Case
    Cheapo one(ashamed of it, gonna get me a new one)
  • Storage
    500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM
  • PSU
    Corsair VP450P 450 Watt
  • Display(s)
    Viewsonic VA1912w 19-Inch
  • Cooling
    Stock Fan(for now)
  • Keyboard
    Cooler Master Octane Gaming combo
  • Mouse
    included in combo
  • Sound
    T-Series 5.1(using as a 2.1)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  1. TheXenonMyth

    ASUS or MSI GTX 960?

    I have got an Asus GTX960 Strix 2GB and take it from me, its a pretty good performer and it runs really cool. And yes, the backplate is a welcome addition. So, I would suggest the 960 Strix by ASUS.
  2. TheXenonMyth

    Computer not powering on!

    hehehe, glad it worked out for you buddy. Happy computing!
  3. TheXenonMyth

    Computer not powering on!

    And it is a little uncommon for a new board to have broken LEDs, although its not unheard of. So, I would just suggest some basic troubleshooting but you should definetely first connect to a monitor to be really able to figure out whats going on.
  4. TheXenonMyth

    Computer not powering on!

    Hello there. We're here to help. So, does the PC wont show any sign of running at all?? No fans spinning, or any LEDs light up at all?? If the fans are spinning but it wont BOOT then you should take a look at all the power connectors and make sure that they all are properly connected and none are loose or anything. (Though, I am sure you've already checked this, but just a side note)
  5. TheXenonMyth

    Is this a "good enough" 1080p build ?

    Hey man, nice rig you getting there. I myself own a gtx960 and am also an nvidia fanboy. As to gaming at 1080p60, you should be able to at most games and at the maximum settings for some time. However, there will always be one or two of them where you might have to lower a one(or two) settings here and there, for that solid 60 FPS. That said, I would still agree with Darth-Marius here, the r9 390 or even the 380 will be better. But yes, they do consume a lot more power than the 960 so you will be increasing your electricity bill as well. The rest of the rig, I think is pretty good except, swap that SSD for a 256 GB one as the windows partition can fill up easily. Cheers!
  6. I do feel I was kinda ripped off on this motherboard and yes, I would really like to upgrade to an i5 or something but i am cash strapped right now actually. It will be sometime before i can build a new rig as this one is only 1.5 years old at the most. Thanks for the insights guys. Really appreciated.
  7. TheXenonMyth

    embarrassing gaming confession.

    my embarrassing gaming confession would be that I've played Crysis(2007) more times than I can possibly count and atleast finished the storyline almost 5-7 times. There is just something about that island...
  8. TheXenonMyth

    AMD Effectiveness (Exam Help)

  9. Guys im in a bit of a dilemma. So, around Feb 2014 I built myself a new PC based around the AMD 760G chipset or so i thought. When the build was complete, I ran CPU-Z on it for the very first time. In the chipset section for my motherboard (ASrock 970 Pro2) it said 780G. I thought nothing of it and concluded it to be an error on the side of the application. Now, recently I bought myself a new graphics card, a GTX960 from ASUS (Strix version). The processor (FX4300) on my rig was bottlenecking it just a little bit so I proceeded to overclock it. But, the dang thing wont go above 4.0GHz at whatever voltage I tried. So, started researching a little bit regarding my MOBO and found that it has a 4+1 phase design which was bottlenecking the overclock and wont let it go past 4.0. I again fired up CPU-Z to "REALLY" check out the specs on my mobo and again noticed the 780G denomination on the chipset. This time I also had Speccy installed here and fired it up as well and found that it too says the same thing. But, ASrock site still deems my mobo to be a 760G based one. Im in a little bit of a dilemma here now. Can someone please explain what is going on here??
  10. TheXenonMyth

    HD 4600 + GT 820M at the same time!?

    nah buddy. i have this HP laptop with 830m graphics. And, the guys here are right. They do not work in tandem (as in SLI) if thats what u mean. When less intensive graphical tasks(web browsing, the desktop etc.) are being run, the intel HD graphics take over and when you run demanding tasks like 3D gaming, it passes on to nVidia GPU. In fact, if u right click on the desktop and go to nvidia graphics control panel, u can actually assign which programs us the nvidia GPU and which, the HD 4600. Hope i helped.
  11. TheXenonMyth

    Anyone up for a li'l racing??

    guys, bought NFS hot pursuit off of steam today. really like the game and want to play multi-player but need some friends to play with so anyone up for it. put in ur ids here and everyone can add everyone. Mine- TheXenonMyth. Happy racing
  12. TheXenonMyth

    Build - Looking for Tips Etc.

    the gtx 760 performs better than the 750ti, but yes as far as performance per watt goes, the 750ti wins hands down. however, the 760 is still an all around better performer and if one has the moneys for it, it will be recommended over the 750ti. maxwell is so much more efficient!!
  13. TheXenonMyth

    Aero driving me crazy!!!

    nah, for me start menu is not the problem there, i dnt really have any problem not having the start menu. bt still guys, atleast i would still like to know the cause. as a techie, its just burning my curiosity...