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    Software QA engineer


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    i5 8400
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    B360M PRO VDH
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    Crucial 2400mhz DDR4 16gb (2x8gb)
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    GIGABYTE RTX 2060 Super 8gb
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    NZXT H500i
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    1 TB HDD
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    Cooler Master 600 Watt
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    LG 22 inch, Full HD-IPS Display, 60Hz
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    Gigabyte GK-FORCE K83 Red
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    Logitech G102 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
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    Creative SBS A60
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    Windows 10

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  1. While i was gaming my computer all of a sudden froze and became non responsive, windows button didn't work and ctrl+alt+del didn't work. I pressed and held the power button to reset the computer. It turned off. After i pressed the power button to turn it on again- the gpu led, mobo led was pulsing and the case fans were pulsing. I decided to open the case and check if any wire was loose and then after i tried again the pc booted up normally. The image shows that there was a windows update on 9:30 and hardware crashed (as per below log) on 9:33 The below hardware failure log is from morning (Although nothing happened in morning). The computer crashed in the evening. Only 'windows wasn't properly shut down' log was present in the evening which was due to the hard reset i made. Is this a normal pc crash mostly caused by a windows update ? ==================== Source Windows Summary Hardware error Date ‎6/‎26/‎2020 9:33 AM Status Not reported Description A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly. Problem signature Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent Code: 17d Parameter 1: 41 Parameter 2: ffff810cf4cddb20 Parameter 3: ffff810cfa8d6c90 Parameter 4: ffffe40a2d427a70 OS version: 10_0_18363 Service Pack: 0_0 Product: 256_1 OS Version: 10.0.18363. Locale ID: 1033 ====================
  2. Thank you very much for the information, it will definitely help me taking a better decision. I will probably wait till 2021 to upgrade the cpu and ram. As far as performance with the current build, im not seeing any issues. Regarding the ray tracing i think my current gpu (rtx 2060 super) supports it, although im not interested in using it. I just need a consistent 60 fps performance with considerably good-high graphics.
  3. This is exactly what my friend recommended. I just felt that 2400mhz ram with i5 8400 was a bit outdated if i want to run games from 2020 or later. I dont do online competative gaming, i play rpgs mostly and i like good graphics. Example - i was just wondering if this build will support cyberpunk 2077, ac valhalla i prefer balanced gameplay between high graphics locked at 60fps. Just an off topic mentioning - i have ocd and i like to keep everything perfect. so i just felt that my pc wasn’t up to the mark and is outdated.
  4. My intention of cpu upgrade is to get a good Gaming performance. my current ram is - crucial 2400mhz ddr4 8gb (x2). Total 16 gb. My current mobo supports only 2666mhz. So even if i get an intel cpu i will have to upgrade the mobo to support a higher memory ram (without oc. I am new to oc and i dont want to do it).
  5. yes i can get ryzen and a mobo for less price that 8700 i checked with the seller. But ryzen 5 3600 needs a memory spec of 3200 mhz right to function optimally? so i am thinking of suspending my upgrade for 2020 and upgrade cpu, ram, mobo together in 2021. i will probably go with ryzen 5 3600, mobo and 3200mhz or i5 10600, mobo and 3200mhz (higher ram to help for the next upgrade in future)
  6. I built my pc in 2018 and since it was my first computer i had less knowledge on parts compatibility for future upgrades. My build was i5 8400, B360 pro vdh, gtx 1060ti with 400 watt psu and 2400mhz ddr4 memory. My case wasnt efficient in cooling. in 2019 i upgraded my gpu to rtx 2060 super and i had to upgrade my psu along with it. Later i upgraded my case due to heating problems. recently i discovered that if i had to upgrade my cpu and mobo. I need to upgrade my ram because currently im using ddr4 2400mhz. and the next gen intel cpus require atleast 2666mhz memory and ryzen will need upto 3200mhz. Are 2400mhz not good in 2020 ? How should i plan for my cpu upgrade ?
  7. I am not worried about the mobo and ram compatibility. I need to know if the ryzen 5 3600 is compatible with two crucial 2400mhz ram sticks
  8. I am looking for a cpu and mobo upgrade, I'm not sure about the compatibility of the new cpu, mobo with my existing ram. My current build- i5 8400, msi b360 pro vdh, crucial 8gb 2400mhz (x2), gigabyte rtx 2060 super Only cpu and mobo upgrade to- Ryzen 5 3600, msi b450 tomahawk, these parts remain same - crucial 8gb 2400mhz (x2), gigabyte rtx 2060 super As I don't want to change the existing ram, will this ram cause and incompatibility with the new cpu ? Ryzen 5 3600 specifications as mentioned in https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-5-3600 says System Memory Specification=3200MHz
  9. I use a cooler master 600 watt psu, the cable is rated at 10 Amp 250 Volts. Please help selecting one of the below options of surge protector. 1. Surge Protection 525 Joules/15,000 Amps [cheaper] https://honeywellconnection.com/product/4-socket-surge-protector/ 2. Surge Protection of 918 Joules/ 36000 Amps. Maximum spike voltage: 6KV. 10 Amp resettable circuit breaker. EMI/RFI noise filter. [slightly Expensive] https://honeywellconnection.com/product/platinum-series-6-socket-surge-protector/
  10. The cabinet, power strip, psu power chord are all placed on the stone floor (It was like this always). I will get a new power strip ASAP.
  11. Recently my power cord exploded as i was using a 600Watt psu that was drawing 10A from a 6A power strip. I have replaced the psu power cord with a new 10A rated one, but I'm still using the same 6A power strip (due to lockdown, i am not able to find one currently). I have noticed during gaming the power strip makes a buzzing noise after a few minutes of gaming - Is the power strip fuse damaged or the new psu power cord ? As of now i have stopped playing games, just using the pc to do some programming and watching youtube. There is no noise in this case. - Will this cause any problems to my PC components (like psu chord, psu)
  12. I need a good stereo speaker system for my gaming computer. Which one could be the best choice in terms of sound quality ?
  13. Yeah, i just checked the user guide of that product. I wasn't aware of this - the sub has a tethered cable which means its cable is hard mounted on the sub. I misunderstood that the sub has to be connected to soundbar via 3.5mm cable. Thank you for the replies and help.
  14. The 3.5mm cable is to connect the soundbar to the subwoofer right ? i will need one more cable to connect to my computer. This is the product im interested - https://en.creative.com/p/speakers/creative-stage
  15. I am interested in buying the 'Creative Stage soundbar' for my gaming pc. I need some information regarding the connectivity/compatibility of these speakers with a gaming motherboard. I'm using a msi b360 pro vdh mobo which delivers a very good quality HDMI audio (I'm using a wired speaker currently having a 3.5mm jack) I can see that the speaker package doesn't include an aux cable to connect the speakers to the motherboard/computer (my mobo doesn't support Bluetooth). If i purchase an aux cable separately and use it with the speakers will the sound quality be as expected ? Specifications of the aux cable that i'm planning to purchase for this device- 1. Stereo 3.5-millimeter audio auxiliary cable , male to male 2. Audio High transfer speeds up to 1000 Mbps 3. Made by Honeywell.