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    Malaysia / Hong Kong
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    Sports, Esports, Future Tech and just being productive
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    SEA Esports or Rocket League and CSGO.
    Ridiculous interest in Computer Technology.
    Built over 1k desktops, troubleshooted 1.5k technology devices.
    A general knowledge quiz master.
    14.27s 110m Hurdler
    A freerunner and person who likes cold weather :)
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    Core 2 Duo Q6600 / Core I3 3217 U
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    MSI / Asus
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    GT 1030 / Intel 4000
  • Case
    Dell Inspiron / x202e
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    20TB / 120 GB
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    broken / 75 watts
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    1366x768 75hz / 60hz
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    Intel Stock
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    RGB mechanical blue
  • Mouse
    G502 switching to G703
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    UiiSii DT200 / Turtle Beach z11
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ill look into this ill look into it ill borrow a raspberry pi from my school and try it but a more professional solution would do.
  2. Its one TV for display in the lobby of the boarding house. Unfortunately there's no way to use the built in web browser of the samsung tv even tho its a smart tv. its just unreliable. a lot of visits are made to the house so its looked at a lot
  3. Its one TV for display in the lobby of the boarding house. Unfortunately there's no way to use the built in web browser of the samsung tv even tho its a smart tv. its just unreliable. a lot of visits are made to the house so its looked at a lot
  4. Could you make sure the molex adapters are not running on the same line? There are seperate lines for 12V and other voltages which could be heavily affecting your GPU. The CPU (65W) + GPU (185W) + other components ( extreme RGB worst case sceneario ) [30W] means that your usage is usually under 250 W or so even under long periods of gaming. When it crashes can you check if there's a mother board light that's generally blue? This light usually means that the system doesnt have the required power and has entered power saving mode. Which also means that the PSU is .... fried. Come back to me when this doesnt help or it helps. If it doesn't help I could get you back on track as it helps narrow my understanding of whats going on in that poor rig.
  5. Okay first of all, this sounds like a bit of cortana's issue and bloatware and maybe you got random apps starting up when you launch your computer. here's your homework 1. Update Windows 2. Delete any apps you dont need 3. Go to task manager, go to startup, disable any you dont think you need
  6. lmfao, ryan_vickers is right. I've had 4 laptops and dont even think about getting a core i3. The thing throttles and is so bottle necked by the 4GB of ram. I used to have an ASUS x202e and it was terrible. Constant lag, couldn't even hold 6 chrome tabs and skyping was stuttering. If you want a guideline, then here it is At least a Core i5 At least a MX 250 ( i recommend GTX 1650 ) At least a hybrid drive (SHDD) At least 8GB of ram and in all honestly i would never get a laptop under $500. Paying around $1000 is the best option, trust me its worth it. I run on a Core i7-9750H + 1660Ti + 8GB of ram + 512gb PCIE NvME ssd and its so smooth.
  7. The situation here is that I live in a boarding school where I'm seen as a bit of a tech geek. My boarding house master requested me to find a way to display things such as everyday school notices, sports notices and just photos from events that have taken in the past. I'm a bit stumped as I only found way to do this and it's using google's chromecast to go to google photos and just do it from there. The requirements are that its reasonably priced, easy to do, has either online storage or large local storage. if you wanna know the reason for this post, its because we got tired of updating stuff on the usb thumbdrive as we have to take it out of the tv and on a laptop and then back on the tv. it really is a hassle when we have to do this daily.
  8. I would recommend the 580 for the extra vram but get the newer nvidea generation cards with the nvenc cores (1660Ti or 1660 or 2060) and you wouldnt even have to bother about used up vram as the nvenc cores take care of video editing, photo editing and casual gaming ( apex high 1080p -60fps)(csgo medium 200fps)(minecraft -high 1080p no mods, 100fps, survival with server running) (rainbow six +80fps 1080p high) I used adobe premier even on the maxq version and streamed on it and it was hella fine. helps if youre running on at least an hybrid drive for editing and ssd for gaming.
  9. fatalz

    Laptop Screen

    Also its the fact that I've never used a 144hz monitor but mainly use a 75hz monitor. At some esports games I have used 240 hz but havent really adjusted to it.
  10. fatalz

    Laptop Screen

    The laptop will be able to drive 240hz I presume. The specs are i7-9750H, RTX 2060 and 16gb (8x8) of 2666mhz ram. its going for a pretty low 1.3k usd.
  11. fatalz

    Laptop Screen

    As a base screen for my picked out gaming laptop, I get a 144hz IPS screen but for 73usd more I can get a 240hz TN panel. Should I get the 240hz panel or 144hz? Use is mainly balanced between everyday school use and gaming.
  12. A familiar friend of mine also experienced this and I had to wipe his drive on my personal computer. This is where Windows 10 gets completely corrupted due to incorrect file placements, search corruption and data processing going wrong too.
  13. Okay there isn't anything obvious I can spot out but if you have another PC, try remove the drive and wipe it on that pc. Then reinstall it on your laptop and reinstall windows 10.
  14. ah casual windows problem. alright press the windows + r button then type "cmd" then type "systeminfo" then show me that fam
  15. Ah back to the Acer Nitro 5 family. May I know what GPU you're running? and go to Device Manager and try update everything fam.