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    Malaysia / Hong Kong
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    Sports, Esports, Future Tech and just being productive
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    SEA Esports or Rocket League and CSGO.
    Ridiculous interest in Computer Technology.
    Built over 1k desktops, troubleshooted 1.5k technology devices.
    A general knowledge quiz master.
    14.27s 110m Hurdler
    A freerunner and person who likes cold weather :)
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    Core 2 Duo Q6600 / Core I3 3217 U
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    MSI / Asus
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    GT 1030 / Intel 4000
  • Case
    Dell Inspiron / x202e
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    20TB / 120 GB
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    broken / 75 watts
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    1366x768 75hz / 60hz
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    Intel Stock
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    RGB mechanical blue
  • Mouse
    G502 switching to G703
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    UiiSii DT200 / Turtle Beach z11
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    Windows 10

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  1. fatalz

    I Need help with various errors on my PC

    A familiar friend of mine also experienced this and I had to wipe his drive on my personal computer. This is where Windows 10 gets completely corrupted due to incorrect file placements, search corruption and data processing going wrong too.
  2. fatalz

    I Need help with various errors on my PC

    Okay there isn't anything obvious I can spot out but if you have another PC, try remove the drive and wipe it on that pc. Then reinstall it on your laptop and reinstall windows 10.
  3. fatalz

    I Need help with various errors on my PC

    ah casual windows problem. alright press the windows + r button then type "cmd" then type "systeminfo" then show me that fam
  4. fatalz

    I Need help with various errors on my PC

    Ah back to the Acer Nitro 5 family. May I know what GPU you're running? and go to Device Manager and try update everything fam.
  5. fatalz

    Randomly dropping fps in games

    Check for any background applications and bring up GPUz to see any problems. There could be bottlenecking but I dont think so. Storage bottlenecking? Not sure but reinstall minecraft if you can.
  6. Try CPUz and Real Temp to check if its a software problem. If all the results are the same its a hardware problem.
  7. fatalz

    Best 1440p, 144hz 27" Monitor?

    Acer just seems to be dominating in South East Asia right now so that's that. Asus and Msi have the same quality but seems to be more expensive. i'll do more research and come back to you in 4 hours as I'm nearby the tech stores right now.
  8. $1100 dollars m8. You could get a better gaming experience but you mentioned AAA games so 60hz will do. For a budget gaming laptop, that's the best laptop I've seen so far. I'm not sure how the prices range in your region but the laptops here under $1100 are Lenovo Legion y530 Dell G3, Dell G5 Acer Predator Helios 300 Or wait for q2 of 2019 for the refresh of the series of mainstream laptops from all companies. You could get a new turing gpu, better cpu and so on. I'm waiting for the Lenovo Legion y540 which are the refreshes of the y530.
  9. fatalz

    Best 1440p, 144hz 27" Monitor?

    Ah it really depends on your use for creative work, gaming or just day to day use. The screen refresh rate does matter but the response rate matters more for gaming. Check for 1ms, 5ms or 25ms which is crazy, I know. Freesync should be your best bet as Nvidea is looking to support Freesync in the future for the better. Also look at the connectors and IPS is way better so choose IPS. Anything from acer is considered high quality and yea ill choose them. But it really depends on whats on sale since all are nearly equal. If you want a indepth review of any of the monitors or want more extensive research on your price budget im willing to do that
  10. Recheck the if the battery is compatible or if the internal circuits work or if everything is connected. This also could either be the screen connector or windows 10 being a problem. Connect to your external monitor to try this. If nothing else works just contact lenovo services. they have pretty good support.
  11. Let me know since I have 3 regions to choose from. UK, Hong Kong and Malaysia. If its bought it Hong Kong I get a subsidy of 17.5% minimal cuz of parents company.
  12. budget was to get the best bang for buck under 5k myr weight shouldnt be above 3kg and a battery life of over 5hours but i've decided to wait for the 9th gen cpus to come out and eventually wait for all the companies to refresh their series. I've also decided on the Lenovo Legion series for the looks, good price to performance and good battery life. But I also saw other alternatives which could I pick up. yeah my school's kolej tuanku jaafar and its kinda tough to get out of a boarding school to get stuff so this is a purchase that's tough to make.
  13. Anybody know any gaming laptops under 1000-1500 USD coming out this summer that are worth waiting for? I know that the i7-9750H and RTX mobile cards are out now. This could include customizable laptops and if it's from SEA it would help too.
  14. For a student who wants to game, do some light editing to maybe some streaming at home. I had to choose between options for a Ryzen 7 3750H 4c8t 2.3-4Ghz paired with a GTX 1660Ti Intel i5 8300H 4c8t 2.3Ghz-4Ghz paired with either a 1050ti,1650 or 1060 Intel i7 8750H 6c12t 2.2Ghz-4.1Ghz paired with either a 1050ti, 1650 or 1060 I'm trying to aim for the best value whilst having the best performance where possible.
  15. My budget is around 5k to 5.5k. Since ram prices are outrageous on level51 and illegear. (260 to 340rm) for an extra 8 GB, I'm buying an extra stick of ram myself off Lazada. The laptop should be under 3kg and I would want around 3-6 hours battery life. The laptop could also just be a desk laptop that doesnt have to be brought out to classes as I still have another laptop for that purpose.