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  1. Wow, do I look dumb, thank you. I had my nearest store picked in the location drop down. That's why it didn't even show up. Thanks!
  2. Sooooooo anyone have any idea on when these CPUs will start flowing again? I finally decided to build a new one (my mainline is a 4770k/Nvidia GTX760) and moved around the budget to be able to swing one of these babies, and now I can't find one that isn't price gouged! I'd tag the man himself or Anthony, but I don't know their handles!
  3. My first sad mac with hex code back in the 80s cured me of ever wanting to deal with Apple EVER again. I see they have not given up on their blundering numbskullery. At least you could call the minutely 900 tech line and they'd st least help you ID a root cause. Now they just won't take your money. Sorry man, us make sure this info became as widely available as possible. Love your work, keep it up!