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  1. For real... What happened to the Der8auer Pumpless Cooler??
  2. I will build a PC for my dad for christmas to replace it's 15 years old laptop and I will probably build one for me aswell. His is likely to get an i3-10100 and mine a i7-9700k or the next gen equivalent. For the i3-10100, the maximum speed it officially supported is 2666Mhz.... So what will happen or what should I do if I intall a dual channel 3200Mhz kit with that CPU?
  3. Just saw an add for this thing on Fecebook: https://www.eagluxy.com/products/mini-laptop-core-i7-1tb-storage-16gb-ram-w10-pro Should try it.
  4. Could we all be more useful by creating a server instead?
  5. Well I understand, but I think I heard Linus talking about setting a F@H server to fix that issue. I hope it become a reality really soon. It will be profitable for everybody.
  6. I've discover F@H with the recent video about it. I've took my old laptop, wich now run on Linux Mint for the sake of it, out of my closet to contribute with his i5-7200u. I also use my present PC, just not 24/7. The problem is that it take absolutely forever to get expecially on my curent PC wich is a lot faster It's extreme, it take so long to get some folding to do, it's almost useless. I have to reboot the get a decent wait time again after the first folding is completed if i'm lucky enought to get one. When does LTT put their server on?
  7. After watching some of the Tech Hoarder video... I realize that you could make a video where you force them to make order in their stuff. This could also serve to promote the responsible recycling of old electronics in official drop off points.
  8. I disagree. 1- The point is to create a 16k resolution and recreate, in a better way, what was accomplished in the past. 2- They didn't care the bezles in the middle that were already a thing on the old version of their 16k setup. 3- It is impossible too accomplish without 6 GPU, so I doubt it's really possible at all. 4- If it is possible: It expensive, complicated and probably not efficient. While the hole point is too make that setup easier.
  9. Yes, it will soon become even more doable when the most recent version of HDMI and DisplayPort will be integrated on the next gen of GPU. But they could still use current one is they are happy with a limit of 30fps. They could do it just for the sake of it. But because I think they will not do that on a rush, it will probably happen on the next gen anyway.
  10. They should recreate the 16k gaming setup but now, instead of using 16 screens in 4k, they should try 4 screens in 8k since they have hie the market. The point of this is in theory: -Less screen Bezels -A lot less of a hassle to setup -Less compatibilities issues -Better performance Heck they could even use a 2180ti by the time they do this video... Hope the LTT Team read this