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  1. Been a while since i have helped in the forum, i think im coming back! 

  2. Hi yes, GDDR6 is very oc'able. i think you were just unlucky.
  3. Was wondering if I placed the magnet into my phone to protect it from dirt and also just be able to charge it with the wire, will I still be able to use wireless charging or will it interfere, thank you!
  4. damyum verge doing some shaddy crap. i mean if they know this vid was shit why did they even post it?? bruh i have lost all my respect for them.
  5. maybe just dont update your bios as it can brick it, im pretty sure theres something like a external power supply or something which i think you should get if you want to update your bios.
  6. If thats the case get the 1050ti then hopefully save up quickly and get another 4gb of ram
  7. What cpu are you getting? is it possible to get used?
  8. haha your title made it sound like your computer is a potato and would have enough ram to run a few tasks at once, but anyways i do that most of the time on my ultrawide (34 inch) but i make my game abit longer (so its not half half)
  9. No i doubt that. everything on performance mode? gpu, windows settings etc?
  10. The rest of the parts seem fine but if you can fit in a 3200mhz kit ram would be even better, cheers!
  11. Dont change to the rx590, the rtx2060 is better but dont expect to run rtx on that card.
  12. Sure, but dont expect to use rtx on that thing
  13. Its better to rma it, replacing the fan yourself could void your warranty.
  14. No way samsung ssd break so fast, suspect its something with the drivers.
  15. hmmm maybe bios got flashed? not really sure with amd cards as I dont own one for myself but i am aware that you can flash the bios of the 480 to make it a "580".
  16. Sorry no begging on here, thread locked* if i only could ? anyways happy bday in advance
  17. Sometimes its cause you may have lost the silicon lottery too dear being able to change the clock speeds already means you are able to 'overclock' your cpu.
  18. the creators have to make money or some sort... anyways how can they even gift you a 250 million house lmao when they don't own it, its really sketchy.
  19. exactly lmao, op says he is poor and i expected like a 300-500 dollar build and still has the guts to ask for parts...
  20. honestly the only reason i have to stick with iphones is cause my watch :c but i have multiple phones so mehhh.
  21. Have a strix rtx2080, same as my friend, had artifacts (i heard many rtx's have this problem so maybe it's not asus's fault) and cant even oc it abit without restarting. heard someone on pcmr reddit that he got perm ban on rma'ing... can't find the link to it anymore but there are many other cases where msi will reject your rma case. (do note these are from other people, i have never got a msi card due to this so it might be better for you)
  22. Could you identify which program that is causing it in the task manager?