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  1. OK, thanks. I will think about that
  2. For the start I thought about two one terabyte drives in Raid 1
  3. Hey guys, I want a Nas and thought about building one myself. A friend has a amd a10 9700 (don't ask why...) and I have 8gb of DDR4 laying around. So I thought of buying a cheap a320 board, throwing some hdds in loading FreeNAS on it. Is that a good idea? On the page of FreeNAS it says, that FreeNAS benefits from Intel processors. Is that just marketing, from a time of amd struggling with single-core-performance or still relevant? The Nas should only be for one person and mostly for pictures and office files. I hope, that this explains my situation Thomas
  4. I know that there would be not the same performance than in a full desktop, but maybe it would be a little bit more powerful than a single one.
  5. Is it possible to run Sli or Crossfire on a Laptop over Thunderbolt 3. Sure you would have to use two cables to not run out of bandwidth (so two thunderbolt 3 to pcie x16 enclosures), so you need a laptop with two those connectors. I think Crossfire would be easier, because you don't need the bridge. I am not planning to build this setup, but I am interested if this could work. Maby this would be the "cleanest setup 2.0" with two vega frontier editions as a workstation?
  6. Thanks, for the quick answers. ?
  7. I have a 16:9 Monitor and I am thinking about buying another 21:9 Monitor. Does anybody knows if Gaming on 37:9 sucks? And what ist about Gamecompatibility?
  8. Thanks for all your fast anderes. I will probably use the 60cm extension by Cablemod.
  9. Hi Community I want to build a really spezial setup and need to know, how long I can make power supply cables maximum. The longest ones I found are the cables from cablemod. Are there any longer ones? Thank you in advance Grüße aus Deutschland (=Greece from Germany) Thomas