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  1. Router to Poe Switch to access point

    Ah, the acess point im getting is the one without the injector, because I also want to have a pc or 2 back there as well, and the switch would be good for it.
  2. Router to Poe Switch to access point

    What I meant was the cable would go from the router to the underground my bad. Its also going to be in PVC piping not just straight up run a cable in the ground under me.
  3. I have a plan to route about ~330 feet of cat6 ethernet cable underground to my shop in the back of my home. I am thinking of router to cable to underground run to PoE Switch to ethernet cable to access point. Would this work?
  4. Steelseries vs Corsair

    I am going to get a new mouse soon and I have come to the conclusion that I will be choosing either the Steelseries rival 310 or the Corsair m65 pro rgb. Keep in mind that I am coming from a Razer deathadder chroma. Which mouse would be better in terms of fast paced games where aiming is key to winning?
  5. At2020 Xlr vs Blue Yeti USB

    Ok I will look into that sound mixer, thanks!
  6. At2020 Xlr vs Blue Yeti USB

    Alright, do you have any idea what audio interface would be good with the at2020? I was thinking getting a behringer um2 to save some money, but I think the extra money spent is worth a better interface.
  7. Focusrite Scarlett Solo or Multimixer

    I am thinking on getting dt990's or dt 770's
  8. At2020 Xlr vs Blue Yeti USB

    I am going to get a new microphone, but I cannot decide between the at2020 xlr mic or the blue yeticaster bundle. I like the yeticaster because it is just plug and play, but I have read some articles that I will not be able to do much with the mic sound, compared to the xlr mic. It would be more expensive with the at2020 xlr mic, but in the end I would have more control of my microphone sounds. What suggestions would you have? My budget is about ~$200
  9. Schiit Stack good for gaming with dt 990 250 ohm?

    Comments about the dac aside, they would be good for things such as those right?
  10. I've been asking too many questions regarding, so im just going to go with what I know will work. Will the Magni and modi 2 be a good amp/dac for the 250 ohm dt990? Would it be good for games where you need to listen to footsteps or reloading guns?
  11. Focusrite Scarlett Solo or Multimixer

    Would it be good to use the Scarlett as a amp/dac for the headphones or a separate amp such as the e10k?
  12. Focusrite Scarlett Solo or Multimixer

    Hi, I am going to be using a at2020 xlr microphone as well as either dt 990/dt880/ k7xx I am not exactly sure one which pair of headphones for gaming and music listening. I was thinking that which interface would be better to use with my audio equipment. An Alesis 4 channel mixer (MULTIMIX4USBFX) or the Focusrite Scarlett Solo for my mic and amp as well. Which one would be better, and would it be a good idea to go that route?
  13. Mic monitoring with dt 880 pro and Blue Yeti

    Would I be able to use a sound mixer with an xlr cable, plug the dt880 into it and mic monitor without an amp?
  14. I have dt 880 pro 250 ohm edition, and a blue yeti usb microphone. I was pondering how would I get mic monitoring if the dt 880 pro need an amp to function properly, and the blue yeti is usb. Would it be better to get a xlr blue yeti and use a mixer? or how should I do it?
  15. Microphone/Headphone Questions

    I am going to be purchasing some new headphones and microphone soon, and I was wondering if these would work together well.. A Audio-Technica AT2020 with a Alesis Multimix4usbfx. I Was also thinking of getting either dt880 pro 250 ohm version, dt 990 pro 250 ohm version, or massdrop x akg k7xx headphones. I am not sure which would be the best in terms of gaming as well as music listening and movie watching. Thanks!