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  1. there is only a bar fridge and a lamp on that circuit
  2. Past two PSU's were replaced by local pc mob which were coolermaster, the one that just went was only 6 months old which was a Corsair CX450M.
  3. @Fasauceome So I should recommend getting an electrician in to do some testing?
  4. Has anyone heard of bad house wiring destroying psu's. My mate's dad's pc has had 3 dead psu in a couple years. Im insure of the specs of the machine currently.
  5. Be careful with compressed air (if you are using it), they can sometimes blow out oil or water this can be due to the age, the quality of the compressor or just the humidity in the air. Usually to mitigate this risk I have an inline filter that are pretty cheap.
  6. No output by gpu (card powers on and detected by device manager) just no output through gpu
  7. I have just receive my asus strix gtx 1070 oc back from asus rma in sydney and i was gobsmacked to see they SENT THE SAME CARD BACK with the same issues which leaves the gpu useless, it has been a 2-3 month process just to get it rma.
  8. I won it from Jaystwocents giveaway about a month ago. Which was from asus.
  9. Hi guys, My system is a Cpu; I5 5600 MOBO; GA-Z270-Wifi Video card: Msi GTx 1050 ti Ram: 8gb Corsair Vengeance ram 2400mhz (2x4gb) Psu: 450w fractal design Semi-modular Psu Storage: 500gb sandisk SSD, 1tb western digital hard drive Fans: Stock cpu cooler, one 140mm fan, one 120mm fan Case: Fractal design Nano s I recently won a asus GTX 1070 Strix OC 8gb, and installed it into my pc, I dont get any output. (lights turn on) Things i did Reseated GPU Check power connections Retried putting in gtx1050ti and i get an output Put 1070 in and no output Installed Drivers Flashed bios Disabled onboard graphics Reinstalled drivers Tried other monitors Tried other hdmi Retried everything again Any Help would be much appreciated
  10. what is the difference between Z370-a ad z370-f?
  11. thanks man, what other possible rgb motherboards would you reccomend cause i dont really like how its stuck on red
  12. Hi, could someone help me design a build. has to have i5 , asus 1070 strix, would love to have asus aura compatipal rgb parts in a NZXT S340 Elite Black. Possibly 1500USD budget Thanks
  13. will cooling be an issue as the card would be right up against the psu
  14. its an asus 1070 strix. the psu is a Fractal Design Edison M