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  1. Just don't get WMR or a vive cosmos and you'll be good
  2. The index is superior on a hardware level but it should be for 2 and a half times more expensive but the rift s still is really good a really like my rift s it's easy to setup the tracking is good it's a good headset don't let any one say otherwise If you have $1000 burning in your pocket and have a big play area and will put the time in to set it up get the index if not get a rift s it's still really good also one of the biggest things not many people talk about is that the rift s has exclusives which offer some of the best vr experiences and in the end the buying a br headset to game
  3. wondering because i don't want to buy a cable to use my oculus quest on my pc
  4. I'm having trouble finding 3600mhz cl16 ram which doesn't cost £200 for 16gb. Little help thanks
  5. i have an 8700k with a kraken x62 and on 1.25V temps go to 83 which is very hot but it's not the coolers fault i have a noctua nh d15 and with that i get worse temps. the problem is that intel uses the crappy tim which is way so many people delid
  6. your on a 7700k it's a hot chip because intel likes to cheap out on there thermal paste the 8700k is even worse your temps look fine for a 7700k intel even said not to overclock the 7700k because it ran so hot
  7. The higher resolution and it begin an ultrawide really make me want to buy it over the XB271HU but I'm a little worried about brightness is 300nits on the x34p good enough or should I get the XB271HU with 350nits
  8. Oh and piping don't know what to get haidline or the other one
  9. I want to make a custom loop with corsair hydro x but I'm a little overwhelmed I get what block and pump I need but when it comes to rad size and stuff like fittings that's where I struggle. Btw I'm only interested in cooling my cpu
  10. I don't know what is happening but my pc freezes for a split second and then just goes back to normal
  11. No I know some good deal on cex uk I have a friend who is a manager so I can get 15% off
  12. i already own a pc but my brother is lacking a one that can play games. i will also use that pc to run a minecraft server i was thinking of a core i5 6500 8gb ddr4 gtx 1050 ti would that be good or do you recommend any changes