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    Alistairoh01 #1991
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    Texas, USA
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    Retro tech, older Macs, modding


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 2200g
  • Motherboard
    Asus ab350 pro 4
  • RAM
    G skill 1x8gb
  • GPU
    Rx 580 armor
  • Case
    Powermac G5
  • Storage
    240gb ssd, 2tb total hdd
  • PSU
    Smart 500 watt
  • Display(s)
    Dual monitors (Asus 24” and Dell 22”)
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 Evo
  • Keyboard
    Red Dragon Kumara
  • Mouse
    Logitech g602
  • Sound
    Logitech g430
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Alistairoh01

    Mac G5 case atx build

    Mini update 3: I won’t be able to work on the pc for the next week as I’m still dealing with finding some parts and my schedule is busy.
  2. I had the same case. While those temps are normal, if you want to, you can try a day without the front panel on. If you like the results, you can dremel out a hole for the fans and place some aluminum mesh over the hole. It works great and is exactly what I did.
  3. Alistairoh01

    Jankiest Thing You've Done?

    I’m in the middle of my jankiest build yet right now. I’m modding a Mac g5 case to fit an atx board. So far, I’ve had to rewire case io and fans and the motherboard is held on with standoffs on epoxy.
  4. Alistairoh01

    Mac G5 case atx build

    Update 2: I rewired the original blower and back case fans to molex 5v (at 12v they were leaf blowers.) I elevated the 2 front fans (white led) from the case because of turbulence which was making it very loud. I also wired in the power button and power led. I wired front audio which did not work for some reason despite me wiring it correctly. Oh well, not going to use front audio anyways. Tomorrow heavier duty duty rotary tool disks should arrive so I’ll get the shelf, rear io, and miscellaneous things cut. After that I’ll deal with attaching the hard drive cage to the shelf and then do cable management. I also wired in tbe original Mac psu power cable connector to make an extender. That way I don’t need to cut out any more holes for the psu. P.S. I haven’t saldered the fan wires yet but I just got them working. Edit: All fans and front io pin layout: https://m.mediafire.com/folder/08al926syn483/PowerMacG5-diagrams
  5. Alistairoh01

    Mac G5 case atx build

    Update 1: I got the power supply in, 2 of the fans mounted, tested rgb and if the pc still turns on, and prepped everything for the next steps. I also made a plan for the rest of the build. I’m going to keep the original top shelf that the Mac came with but dremel out a hole big enough for the motherboard to comfortably sit inside. Then I’m going to attach a 4 hard drive bay to the bottom the shelf that holds the Blu-ray drive. I also need to cut out the backside io and create a nook for the motherboard plate to sit in. Also, I’m going to wire in the front panel io to the motherboard cables. P.S. I’m going to have more rgb once I finish, preferably one on each side of the fans. I just tested it today. Please excuse my terrible cable management. Like I said earlier, I simply tested it today and didn’t really worry about good cable management. Edit: I forgot to talk about the power supply cable. I’m going to use the original power supply connector on the old Mac psu and make a mini extender into the case so it’ll look clean and original. I’m also eventually going to add a aluminum cover for excess cables and the right side of the psu.
  6. Alistairoh01

    Mac G5 case atx build

    Thanks, I forgot that section existed. My bad
  7. Alistairoh01

    Mac G5 case atx build

    Hey guys, Im moving my pc into an old Mac G5 case and want tips on the front panel IO. Is there an easy way to convert the front to modern connectors or do I have to buy a expensive cable? I found some people who spliced the cables but either didn’t show how they did it or did a poor job. So far, I’ve gutted the Mac, cleaned the case, and added stand-offs with epoxy. Edit: All fan and front io pin layouts: https://m.mediafire.com/folder/08al926syn483/PowerMacG5-diagrams
  8. Alistairoh01

    Old Cpu identification help

  9. Alistairoh01

    Old Cpu identification help

    Thanks! Very helpful!
  10. Alistairoh01

    Old Cpu identification help

    Thank you!
  11. Hi, I found an old Pentium but I can not find the specific cpu anywhere online. Similar cpus show up but none that are exactly the same. Sorry for the bad photo but the ihs says this: Intel (M) (C) '01 Pentium (R) 4 3 GHZ/512/800 SL6WK MALAY L317A762-0181 Help in identifying it would be great. I found similar ones with writing on the side of the barcode but mine doesn't have any writing.
  12. Alistairoh01

    Help with planning

    I’ll look into it. Thanks
  13. Alistairoh01

    Help with planning

    What’s the cheapest 140mm that you would recommend?
  14. Alistairoh01

    Help with planning

    I see
  15. Alistairoh01

    Help with planning

    I have a ryzen 3 so it won’t make a lot of heat. Building a custom loop sounds really fun so while I could get an aio, I want the experience. If I were to go for an aio, what’s the cheapest aio for the gpu that you can think of?