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  1. Hello everybody, Today i switched on my computer and started working and then all of a sudden with a word document open the screen went black. I thought that it was probably a windows failure but then smelt that familiar electrical smoke and realized that it was a lot worse than i had initially hoped. I first thought of switching out my gpu (instead of a gt 610 i installed a hd 6450) ,and i saw the bios screen appear so thought yay it's just my gpu's time to go to the gpu afterlife, but then unfortunately at the sign- in screen, the screen went blank. I tried rebooting, and this time the bios screen did't even appear. Swapped the gpu for a gt 710 i had laying around, and i saw the bios ''watermark so i attempted to boot into the bios. '' I know it succeeded in booting into the bios as it beeps when it does this. However, again no screen. I cannot test whether it is in fact the pcie slot as it's a mitx board ( only a single pcie x 16 ) and so all this has lead me to believe that it is power delivery failure from the pcie slot ( these gpus get all their power from the slot, i have no decent gpus to test with ), as when something more intensive comes up on the screen like the bios menu or when i press the space bar wen it loaded into windows to sign in and it does the animation where the clock goes from the bottom to the top of the screen. Thoughts ?
  2. Thanks guys, I would reinstall everything but I don't have dvds for my games and I have very limited access to the internet
  3. Hello everybody, I currently have a 1tb HDD in my desktop, and would like to add an SSD to my system. What I would like to do is install a fresh copy of windows onto that ssd but keep my games library on the HDD without having to reinstall them. But I also want to remove the old system files that will no longer be needed on the HDD. This should be achievable, but I was wondering whether there was an easy way of doing this.
  4. Hello guys, i have 6 old 1908FPs sitting around and I was wondering whether i could use these in eyefinity in a 3x2 setup. I have a monoprice dp mst hub, and my card is the gaming gigabyte gaming oc vega 64, which says it supports six displays. Will this work ?
  5. Thanks guys, might test both in my rig, or just not bother and leave it alone
  6. Also i play at 4k ultra so considering the hbm2...
  7. Hey guys, about 8 months ago i picked up a gtx 1080 for the low price of 150 $. Building for a friend atm, and i managed to get a good deal on a vega 64. Should i pull out the 1080 and give that to him or keep it ? This comparison seems to show that amd's drivers are getting better for it ( 'fine wine ' business'). What do you guys think ?
  8. Hello guys, I am having a very strange issue with my front panel usb 3.0 port. When I plug in an external drive or a usb, it opens the drive, but the issues is that it comes up as an external drive. There is no option to eject it, ( not even from cmd ) and just unplugging causes it to be unreadable by any other device without having to format it, Does anyone have any ideas ? Plugging it into the rear i/o, it comes up just fine as an external drive and works in any other pc without losing the data. I guess it's not a major issue, it's just a pain to have to reach around to plug in an external drive. Thanks.
  9. Which would be best in your opinion ?
  10. @RobFRaschke I might get it, a vega 64 for 350 $ seems like a pretty good deal and it does have some undervolting potential. Installing the third fan and doing as you suggested now means that my CPU is fine ( bit hotter ) and my gpu takes a full hour to get to 93c ( a degree below throttling ) so no loss in performance at least. Would make a pretty great 700 $ pc.
  11. They have implement it into chroma connect supossedly, you can read about it online
  12. you should be able to run if you OC 1440p/ 144hz with a mixture of high and medium in most titles. maybe even high.
  13. https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti/amd-ryzen-5-1600/ This suggests even with a mid-end cpu from 2017 you will still be looking at quite a loss, but unless you are playing at 4k you should achieve at least 60 fps with your current system, plus you get to check out dat ray tracing !
  14. Expect just over double your framerates at 1080p with stock clocks, but keep in mind the 1% lows and 0.1 % lows could be real. If you can overclock and plan on upgrading your system in say the next 6 months, it will get you quite a bit more fps until then.