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  1. Overbuilder

    Store MI or seperate hdd + ssd ?

    Which would be best in your opinion ?
  2. Overbuilder

    Will this overheat ?

    @RobFRaschke I might get it, a vega 64 for 350 $ seems like a pretty good deal and it does have some undervolting potential. Installing the third fan and doing as you suggested now means that my CPU is fine ( bit hotter ) and my gpu takes a full hour to get to 93c ( a degree below throttling ) so no loss in performance at least. Would make a pretty great 700 $ pc.
  3. They have implement it into chroma connect supossedly, you can read about it online
  4. you should be able to run if you OC 1440p/ 144hz with a mixture of high and medium in most titles. maybe even high.
  5. Then i guess the answer is, go for it !
  6. https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti/amd-ryzen-5-1600/ This suggests even with a mid-end cpu from 2017 you will still be looking at quite a loss, but unless you are playing at 4k you should achieve at least 60 fps with your current system, plus you get to check out dat ray tracing !
  7. Expect just over double your framerates at 1080p with stock clocks, but keep in mind the 1% lows and 0.1 % lows could be real. If you can overclock and plan on upgrading your system in say the next 6 months, it will get you quite a bit more fps until then.
  8. https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu/nvidia-geforce-gtx-780/intel-core-i5-750-2-67ghz/
  9. https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti/intel-core-i5-750-2-67ghz/ I find this site very useful, overlocking your cpu to 10 % faster will hopefully get you 10 fps more etc.
  10. can you overclock ?
  11. 300 pounds if you are willing to go used can get you a fair amount
  12. Overbuilder

    Will this overheat ?

    Hello everybody, i have recently out together a ryzen out of used parts : ryzen 7 1800x 16gb g.skill aegis 2400mhz aorus b450m Case : DIY-F2P 650w psu 1tb hdd prism led cooler all of that for just 350 canadian dollars ! Anyway, Obviously the only thing missing from this build is a GPU, and i came across a vega 64 for 350 canadian dollars, but it's an asus strix card, and i am worried that my tiny case will not be adequate to cool this. I currently have an xfx r9 290 in there, and that is hitting 93c and ONLY JUST avoiding thermal throttling, and the vega 64 has similar TDP and lower max temp so... Any thoughts ? PS: I installed an additional 120mm fan on the top of the case, so no more room for case fans.
  13. I have tried messing with all of the options in the razer sypnapse app with no sucess, even when i press the enable button in the CM software.
  14. Overbuilder

    Why is only half my RAM usable ?

    Why is only half of my RAM usable ??? I just finished building this pc, went into task manager and it shows me that a great deal of my RAM is commited, but to what ?
  15. Overbuilder

    Can 2 Zotac gtx 1080ti minis run in sli ?

    the cheapest gtx 1080ti in my areas Is a FE for 650 $