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  1. No idea why this is happening, but when I unplug, or plug in my headphones, I lose internet connection (using Ethernet) any fixes or anyway to pinpoint the problem
  2. I built my computer like 2 months ago. Is it bad if I forgot to peel it? Should I peel it? Would it cause anything bad if I didn't?
  3. NeonEagle80

    Files randomly being copied

    As title says, I'm only pressing Ctrl and my Mouse button to click multiple files, and they keep copying. It's driving me crazy!
  4. NeonEagle80

    HTC Phone Issue

    Sorry for late response, it's around a year old, no physical damage.
  5. NeonEagle80

    HTC Phone Issue

    Whenever I try to turn on the phone nothing happens, I charged it up a bit. Still won't turn on. Don't know what type of HTC phone or model number. Whenever I try to charge with my PC I get this error: USB Device Not Recognized | The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows can not recognize it. While charging my other phone, this error does not appear. Is this an issue with the Phone, and while charging I do not see any options to see storage or anything connected through Windows Explorer. Edit: When I unplug the phone, nothing works. No signal or anything, but when I put it back on it resumes charging, but does not turn on.
  6. NeonEagle80

    Cheapest PC to play GTA V??

    Is there a video on how to do the bios update with the raven ridge thingy?
  7. NeonEagle80

    Cheapest PC to play GTA V??

    I added a budget up there.
  8. Location: USA Is there a microcenter near you: No Budget: $500 USD or less. Requirements: Must play GTA V High or Medium settings at 60 fps.
  9. NeonEagle80

    [Help] Best case for under 60$

    Both are good cases, but they sadly don't meet my requirements...
  10. NeonEagle80

    [Help] Best case for under 60$

    Ah sorry.
  11. What must it have: Built in Fans Must not look horrible LED Fans/RGB Fans. Location: USA Budget: Under 60$ Type Of Case: ATX Mid Tower
  12. NeonEagle80

    Wtf is that??How????Just howwww???

    If you change your currency to USD it goes back to normal.
  13. NeonEagle80

    [Help] Best Peripherals for ~ 130$?

    Colour scheme: Doesn't matter Mechanical Palm There's sizes?? Switch Type: Any
  14. NeonEagle80

    [Help] How to save $ on this build??

    Gaming mostly.
  15. NeonEagle80

    Gtx 1070ti

    They perform about the same at first, but the gigabyte GTX 1070 TI will come with better TEMPS. So if you're looking at longer gaming session then you should pick that. The smaller variant is only for people making a smaller build and trying to save money, but will come with a bit higher temps.