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  1. well i fixed it for now i think anyway went into task manager and into performance and open resource monitor and looked at the network usage and disabled a couple of things that were using alot of bandwith ( mostly useless windows stuff) and its seemed to fix it. not sure if it would work for you.
  2. Kokomo

    Are these numbers worth upgrading to?

    Hi I did check on bt through the upgrade page and the numbers i said is what they would think i would get the minimum was 20 i think.
  3. Kokomo

    Are these numbers worth upgrading to?

    I download alot of stuff and also we sometimes have buffering issues occasionally
  4. Hi On my current connection i have 12 up and 1 down i think and if i upgraded to fibre optic it would go upto around 26-36 and 5-7 i just wanted to know would i see a big difference? And if it would be worth the price think it would be an extra £10. Thanks
  5. Not really sure what we pay for but tried to play again today and still have the same problems going to buy a nic and see if it makes a difference if not then i dont know just si frustrating that u can't play online well when i spent so much on the pc edit: just asked my isp and they said they’ve refreshed the line so I’m hoping this is going to fix it but I have to wait 5 hours
  6. This is my speed test
  7. Hi I can’t test it on another pc maybe could try on a laptop? The connection is slightly better today as I disabled WiFi while using Ethernet but I still get latency symbols and also packet loss. But I haven’t had the 1000 ping yet. When I test it with WiFi it’s the same problem. How did you verify it was the isp? I think I’ve come to the same conclusion as well I’ve pretty much tried everything
  8. Kokomo

    PC smoked on first boot

    Which specific psu did you buy from Corsair 650w should of been be enough I would of thought
  9. Kokomo

    Best 4K tv for under £750

    Hi I currently have a 43” hd tv from Samsung which I’ve had for around 4 years or so and I think I would like to maybe get a 49” I’m not sure if it’s a big difference in size I think 55 would be too big.I’m not really sure which one to go for so any help is appreciated.
  10. Thanks well when most of us in the house use it and watch Netflix it does tend to slow down a fsir amount obviously and also downloads take a long time so was hoping it would improve that as well and i have tried everything with my pc and cant fix it so i dont know whay it would be. Thanks for the help will look into it further
  11. Hi i was just wondering how much better is fibre optic compared to normal broadband especially for gaming when using a wired connection? i have been having trouble with my PC with the connection and i think its the router so i was thinking about upgrading. I know it would be a better experience for general use but would it be worth it ? Thanks for the help
  12. still the same problem unfortunately no idea whats wrong.
  13. Just tried flushing it, how do I change it if that doesn’t work
  14. Hi i have recently had really bad network connections on my pc using Ethernet. When i try to play rocket league or other watch i keep getting the high latency variation symbols showing up. I tried to use a new cable but doesn't seem to fix the issue i have no problems with my ps4 when using Ethernet . I have tried using WiFi on my pc and it is a little better but still get it once or twice. And also the ping sometimes goes up to about 1000 or more then drops back down to around 32 which i usually have. I have the correct drivers installed as i downloaded them from the gigabyte website. It also happens on battlefield v and it went up to 2000 ping. It also says most my connections in cmd media state disconnected so i'm not sure if this has something to do with it. is there any options that i could try? i have run the test on cmd for packet loss and no signs as i used to get that too. this is a recent build so i would like to get this fixed. any help is appreciated.