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  2. Yeah Guys So Today I watched A video from JayzTwoCents and I was very impresed with the Custom Loop I Will Buy a Custom Loop System With C700P So Guys Can You Find these parts for me but Ofc the CPU Monoblocks will be different . The Video Link And My System Specs are down below. ( Havent Builded the pc yet ) I would prefer PETG 12mm Tubing and probably red fittings. ( BTW I am cooling my GPU Too ) Video Link : System Specs : I7-8086K Z370 Maximus X Formula GTX 1080Ti Strix 16GB Vengeance Pro RGB 3600MHz Ram Samsung 250GB 970 EvO 2TB Harddisk Corsair 1200W Platinium PSU ( I ONLY NEED WATERCOOLING PARTS )
  3. Yea Then Ill do What You Say I am Not Going for the tt design anymore just send me the links If you can
  4. I have NO Idea with the fittings so If you ydo the fittings for me Ill be happy
  5. And When Its finish can you send me all the parts names and If It has a amazon link the link
  6. And I change the gold fittings with red fittings
  7. And BTW I will make it a ROG Themed Build Because I am the Biggest Fan Of ASUS ROG
  8. Hey Guys I am building a new pc with a Thermaltake Tower 900 I would Like to have your suggesttions. I have A Big Big Big $1500 budget. I want two 560mm Radiators And I want two Reservoirs If possible 820ml Or 440ml. I want Hardline PETG Tubing. I will deal with the fluid thats no problem. And I need Gold Fittings. Size of the tube needs to be 10mm 12mm. Idc About the block top color. And Since I need 2 reservoirs I will have the gpu and the cpu loops seperate. I need my Watercooling loop to like LIKE this. I would be very happy if you build on EKWB configurator and share the loop and send it as a reply. PC SPECS : X299 Strix E I9-7920x 16GB Vengeance RGB PRO Gtx 1080Ti Rog Strix 2TB Harddisk 250gb 970Evo SSD. PSU : 100W HX Platinium