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  1. Well, if there is nothing wrong with my pc health i'll just leave them as they are. Thanx. If everything is fine for a year I guess that wont change
  2. no the fan is fine. but there are 4 leds in each corner if the front panel. they are single leds
  3. I have a gt pc case with 4 red front lights and a light on front fan for about a year and a half. Half a year of use they went dead, I didnt care that much cause they are just lights and i though they were burned or something beccause the one of 4 is still outputing some light (not full) and the fan is fine too. Today though they lit again for about a minute with some periodicly flickering and then went dead again. In that state I am concered about the health of the computer
  4. Manual is not an option on noname motherboards. Also i was planning to give it to my girlfriend so she can plug her ati hd 4870 to play league of legends cause her current cpu is a pentium thats why i want to be able to use other gpu than this. If i cant swap it i can use it for nothing else expect for a server. Also changing motherboard is not an option either cause i cant find any cheap 1155 motherboard that i can be sure that will be compatible with any gpu
  5. I got an old 3rd gen i5 pc from a friend with some stupid low quality motherboard and PSU and a terrible gpu. The motherboard is local rebrand of a wibtek h61-m hdmi. I tried to connect a gt705 in that but i get B2 error and some beeps, if i leave it some time it ends up booting after a 3rd beep. It works fine with its old gpu tho. I plan to use it as a server but i would prefere a better card than it got. Also a bit offtopic but i get A2 error and beep sound everytime i boot up even with the original gpu, boots fine immediately tho.
  6. If the problem persists i will take a look tomorrow. Maybe i will be able to remove it as well, thanx for your help. I will update with the results
  7. I doubt its the motor, else blowing air wouldnt stop the noise. The model is corsair vs650, also if i have to unplug everything its the last thing i wanna try cause its so much burden
  8. Well, its been some days that the PSU is making some noise, could be dust or a foreign object. I blew it with a hairdrier(cause i didnt had an air compreser at hand) and got fixed. The next day i started the computer the same noise started again blew it once more and stoped. Third day, again blew it, nothing happened, blew it again, still no thing vaccumed it(with the ground pluged in and the psu off for the static build), blew it and vaccumed it together, still nothing, I blew it again from the back and it stoped. There is a great change that the foreign object thats causing it is still there and will return when the psu settles down. I dont think that the air compreser will be able to force it out. What should i do?
  9. So, I friend of mine that have no idea about computers switched the voltage from 230v, where it was supposed to be in our country to 110v, turned it on and heard a loud noise and the PSU made a lot of smoke. I rushed to his house swaped the toggle on 230v and attempted to boot the pc to check for damage, the weird thing is that it booted normally and everything worked normally.But is the PSU dangerous now and does it have to be swapped or can he us it normally?
  10. will it make huge difference? I am concerned about losing waranty when opening the cover.. i did my research and this laptop model dont have seperate cover for hard drive so i will have to open it completely.
  11. I am about to buy a laptop for my college. I saw that it doesnt worth to buy the model with ssd but that i should buy the hdd model and with the money difference buy an ssd so i will have both hdd and ssd with same money. Now the question is: should i put the ssd on a caddy or swap the hdd with ssd i am planing to keep both hard drives but i dont feel like opening wide my brand new laptop if caddy does same job. Will it perform worse with the caddy than directly pluging it where the hdd is?
  12. wait why would microsoft give me a key in replacement on keys i bought on kinguin that are not retail? also why microsoft give me a new key for oem when thats manufacturer dudy (in that case i am the manufacturer)
  13. kinguin only sells OEM, i cant find a good place to buy retail cheapers. also how kinguin finds these keys cheaper? couldnt they be cracked that will deactivate after a bit?