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  1. RileyN

    Is it a good idea to rent out my Wi-Fi ?

    You just need to make sure about a few things: - Security wise, I wouldn't connect your computer to the same LAN network, This can be easily fixed with connecting another router to your main router. Best way to configure them is having 1 signal for renting out wifi (probably main router) and the other router configured for LAN related stuff (this can be done in IP/DNS settings). - Set up a VPN on the main router for renting/yourself. This will hide it when people (or yourself) visit 'illigal' websites. If you use a VPN outside the US (e.g. located in switzerland, then you are safe.) Personally I'd recommend using DD-WRT (but only specific routers can run this firmware), That router software has endless options of configuring a wifi hotspot and you can even buy (or use free) software that runs on top of that. (example: http://www.hotspotsystem.com/) for using it as a wifi hotspot to rent out. In DD-WRT you can also use free software to display a landing page/agreement page: https://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Hotspot_Chillispot
  2. RileyN

    Random new drive after windows update

    Looks like those settings are correct though, I think its because your "Recovery" (Herstel) partition just haves 13% left, Mine has over 90% left and haves the same size. But that can also be computer brand related thing, so I don't know for real if that would be a problem for a Recovery partition. You shouldn't mess with those settings a lot though, But what do these unnamed partitions tell you? I have 2 OEM partitions (Recovery + No name/hidden) and a EFI System Partition, So if it is like that there shouldn't be a problem and then it probably is just a windows glitch, the only way to fix it then is rolling back your update or receiving a new update...
  3. Yeah, I understand they are making more money this way and that will be a good income for them for the game & other Activision Blizzard games, I think I mostly hated it because when they announced it I had a bad experience with their battle.net servers (basicly, the login servers crashed...) And I'm starting to like the idea of cross-game chat, That's just way better than using Steam chat that I never use anymore. (because of Discord being a better alternative.) But for text-chat it is good that it will be working inbetween games from Activision & Blizzard.
  4. What do you guys think about Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 being added to Blizzard Battle.net? And what is positive and negative about this? What I think is positive: - Pay using Blizzard Balance - No additional Activision launcher needed - Cross-Game Chat (You will be able to whisper friends from inside WoW/Heroes Of The Storm, Hearthstone, ... and talk to your Call Of Duty friends that way! That's actually very nice!) What I find negative about it: - When the announcement was made, WoW gold prices for a WoW token is higher (you can use these token(s) to convert ingame gold to €15 Blizzard Balance for each token) - When the game appeared in Blizzard Battle.net I personally found it a bit odd/weird, Since it is a game not being developed by Blizzard. - No option yet to filter publishers in Blizzard Battle.net, I'd like an option to hide activision games or just any game in general. (for example; hiding games I didn't buy yet or not play much.) - Instead of Steam, They'll publish it only on Blizzard Battle.net (I understand why, But I do not know if this is a good idea... A few days ago the login servers were already flooded/full, 1 hour wait time to log in...) I'd like some input from you guys, Is this a good idea or a bad idea from Activision-Blizzard? Btw, I don't hate Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, I just think it is a odd decision of them for releasing it on Blizzard Battle.net instead of Steam.
  5. Back in the day when I had Windows Vista (later upgraded to Windows 7) I used Avast! Antivirus, I have actually very good expierence with using that Anti Virus, It always found virusses. They offer a free version too (even I used the free version) and it is good enough, but you can always upgrade if you want that. (https://www.avast.com), And like others have said: BitDeffender is also a great option! I personally now just use Windows Deffender + Malwarebytes Scan every 3 weeks. Don't have any problems at all with virusses but I also disable scripts on websites I do not trust. Times have changed and Windows Deffender is actually very trustworthy now compared to when it was just introduced. If you decide to buy an antivirus, Just avoid Norton and mcafee... I don't say they are bad, But they come pre-loaded as bloatware on computers so for me personally that is a bad reputation. You may want to avoid Kaspersky too since the Dutch Government (in the Netherlands) decided to replace this antivirus software since their (internal) information wasn't so secure anymore. (Kaspersky is based in Russia and have had bad press lately...) Edit: Kaspersky recently moved their infrastructure to switzerland, so it may be a good option after all. Good luck with finding a solution that suits you the most!
  6. RileyN

    DSLR as a webcam for Skype

    Nikon and Canon have their own software, but that's mostly to take pictures and put them instantly in Photoshop or Lightroom. You could go the "capture card" route if you already have a capture card but I wouldn't recommend it since you will have latency / voice sync issues. My recommendation would be to buy (for example) a C922 PRO Webcam from Logitech since it has DSLR like quality and no latency issues. (or a cheaper/similar webcam with good enough quality.) Ofcourse you could also try the capture card route if you really want to use a DSLR as webcam but in the end it will cost you more money (I think) and frustration because latency issues.
  7. Windows Defender is good enough if you are a little careful downloading files. I don't use another antivirus program anymore. But if you still want a antivirus program then I'd recommend Avast or Kaspersky.