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  1. sorry, I've been certainly a bit busy these days but I'll look it up in a moment
  2. It's because I am searching for some FREE books (I am a student and I can't afford to buy books at the moment), including: 1.- transistor theory of operation, op amps, working of osciloscope and PSU loads, microcontrollers, etc 2.- physics (fluids, optics, thermal dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetic theory) 3.- calculus and differential equations preferably in english or german, thanks in advance
  3. this is not the alphabet though. Where do single-rail units fall? Can that be deemed as a missing protection?
  4. I've made high voltage projects before and yes I accept you always end up frying a lot of parts hence I've decided to recycle smps parts instead
  5. Yes I thought it would be a better idea to ask in electronics forum, the thing is I don't know which ones are good, can you recommend some? I only know badcaps.net
  6. I'll see if I can get a cheap smps book in here, thanks
  7. Budget? I don't have the money yet but preferably no more than 30,000 mxn (around 1600 usd I think) Display size? 11, 12 or 13 inch max Battery life? I don't care that much about that but the longest lasting possible within the budget Max weight? 1kg Online stores? I am on the phone so it's a bit difficult to send you links but here are the names: bestbuy mexico, home depot, cyberpuerta, pccel, lapson mexico, mercado libre but I don't think you'll find much there. Also the mayor brands like apple, dell, lenovo, hp, etc have an online store just type dell mx for example. TBH i'd just prefer you to tell me where I can find good deals on macbook 12s but if you can find a laptop that is just as compact, lightweight, well built and good looking as the MB12 (preferably dell XPS, razer, etc) I'd appreciate it, thanks. My only concern about the MB12 is not finding too much free software bc I am a student and I don't want to pay that much money for a laptop to end up dropping even more in programs and stuff. Aside from that, I'd rather you told me where to find good deals on the MB12, MBA13 or MBP13 () just because of the OS and how they look not bc I consider other options crappy
  8. Ok, a buck converter sounds ok, or just a simpler SMPS without input filtering, apfc, protection IC, etc
  9. THIS WON'T BE INSTALLED IN ANY PC it's just a proyect for semiconductors and I have to design a circuit that shows a usecase for transistors It's for a project but the point is to learn If you are not giving any useful advice on why the parts are bad just don't post I see, thanks for the info
  10. EDIT: THIS PSU WON'T BE INSTALLED IN ANY COMPUTER, IT'S JUST A DIY PROJECT THAT NEEDS TO SHOW ONE APPLICATION OF TRANSISTORS Ofc this ARE NOT all the parts, just the main components for an ATX SMPS I have no idea on what transformer, inductors, X, Y capacitors, resistors to choose. I just selected stuff with similar voltage/current/capacitance rating to what I read on PSU reviews This is the store I used: https://agelectronica.com/index.php Are this things OK? 1X 150V RMS / 395V CLAMPING VARISTOR https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/2/20XD241K.PDF 1X 1.3 OHM 12 AMP TERMISTOR https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/T/TEMIORES.PDF 4X 600V 10A RECTIFYING DIODES https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/1/10A6.PDF 2X 120UF 420V BULK CAPACITORS https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/S/SH.PDF 2X 500V 12A N-CHANNEL MOSFETS (for switching) https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/2/2SK3568.PDF 1X 55V 80A N-CHANNEL MOSFET (FOR 12V) https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/S/ST80N506.PDF 3X 60V 70A N-CHANNEL MOSFET (OTHER OUTPUTS) https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/F/FS70UM06.PDF 2X 2200UF 16V CAPACITORS (FOR 12V) https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/C/CE-XXYY-TEAPO.PDF 2X 2700UF 6.3V CAPACITORS (OTHER OUTPUTS) https://hardtofind.com.mx/pdfs/textos/C/CE-XXYY-TEAPO.PDF