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  1. • The mother says she, her husband, and two of her kids were corralled in the living room. • "They read us our rights and told us not to talk," she said. • "Our daughter, she was really traumatized, really bad — brought her to tears, the way they conducted this," said the father. • She says at one point there were 15 officers in the home. • "People were going into the kitchen, were going into the dining room, going upstairs. They went into the basement. They were [traipsing] through the house, everywhere," the mother said. • "They rifled through everything. They turned over mattresses, they took drawers and emptied out drawers, they went through personal papers, pictures," she said. "It was totally devastating and traumatic." • She says police seized her son's computers, plus her husband's cellphone and work computers, which has left him unable to do his job. • They also seized her younger son's desktop computer, after he was arrested on the street walking to high school. • Officers took her 13-year-old daughter to question her in a police car. • "My little ones are asking, 'Will I be able to get a job because we were arrested?'" she said • Supt. Jim Perrin said last week police rarely charge people with unauthorized use of a computer, but that it was the right offence in this case • On Friday, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil said the person who downloaded the documents 'stole' the information.
  2. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/freedom-of-information-request-privacy-breach-teen-speaks-out-1.4621970 https://archive.fo/si7b7 15 officers raided the family home last Wednesday morning The teen has been charged with "unauthorized use of a computer," which carries a possible 10-year prison sentence, for downloading approximately 7,000 freedom-of-information releases The provincial government says about 250 of those contain Nova Scotians' sensitive personal information. On Friday, the premier accused the teenager of "stealing" the information. But in an interview with CBC News, the 19-year-old says he thought he was downloading an archive of public information that was supposed to be freely available on the internet "The website had a number at the end, and I was able to change the last digit of the number to a different number and was able to see a certificate for someone else's animal that they adopted," he said "I decided these are all transparency documents that the government is displaying. I decided to download all of them just to save," it took a single line of code and a few hours of computer time to copy 7,000 freedom-of-information requests "I didn't do anything to try to hide myself. I didn't think any of this would be wrong if it's all public information. Since it was public, I thought it was free to just download, to save," It wasn't the first website the 19-year-old had saved for general interest he has around 30 terabytes of online data on hard drives in his home, the equivalent of "millions" of web pages. He usually copies online forums such as 4chan and Reddit, where posts are either quickly erased or can become difficult to locate. "I preserve things, I archive the internet. I have history on my computer, and all of that should be saved and preserved," The teenager says since he was downloading public records off a public website, it all feels unfair. "I just had no malicious intent and I shouldn't be charged for this," he said