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  1. You can get a current gen ipad on amazon for $259.
  2. Stay strong brother. And, fuck cancer.
  3. That's a nice hookup!
  4. Since there are zero studies on it, how about we wait until we have some conclusive evidence on the safety of these networks before rushing them out to the world? 99% of people claim to care about "environment" and "animals", but nobody is willing to slow down to see what the effect is from these networks. I think we should be going for less radio waves, not more.
  5. OP: Do you have any photos that you can post?
  6. Whoa. Slow down there. People here are going to think you're a gun owner. Or worse, a Trump supporter. Those are ban-able offenses on tech forums. In all seriousness though, yeah, an LTT lower receiver would be cool. Not sure if they have such things in Hockey land though.
  7. For posterity: The correct answer is "Nine - Email Calendar", which doesn't store or share your information. Blue Mail is actually one of the worst.
  8. So because I am on an android phone I should willingly give them confidential information from my employer and customers? I shouldn't even try to protect their information?
  9. I have several email accounts that I need to manage for personal and work. I need a robust app that is also somewhat secure - meaning that I don't want all my emails sent to a third party and I don't want the software developer having access to my stuff. What options do I have? I used Blue Mail and it was ok. I was going to try gmail but I don't trust Google enough to do that. I was going to try Spark but it seems like they are downloading my messages and then giving me access through them.
  10. One is at home and two were at my office. So, it's not the house but it might be Florida.
  11. They all have failed batteries. Thanks for the warranty info. I'm going to try that route. I thought it was one year for some reason.
  12. I bought three APC XS 1500 battery backup units two years ago from Staples. All three are dead now. $600 wasted. I was expecting more life out of them. I still would like protection from momentary outages buy I don't want to waste more money. Any suggestions for UPS products that don't suck?