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  1. I would like to nominate Janice to be a TQ host. I bet she can read a script like a pro, <content removed> How much in superchats do we need to send over to make this happen?
  2. TimsTips

    WAN show mic is fake?

    All I've ever complained about are the levels. Sometimes it's loud and sometimes I can't hear it. I'm not an engineer, or an audiophile, but I did work for a production company for several years. On the drum kit each piece would get it's own mic, more or less. Each performer would get their own mic for their instrument and one mic for their vocals. We had six monitor mixes and then sometimes they had in-ears, all so they could hear what was going on. Our board had dozens of inputs because you need a solid level from each one to mix them. A one mic setup doesn't work well for multiple performers, or even for one person if they can't hear what it's picking up. They need multiple mics and either an engineer or headphones, or both. I don't think it's a lack of knowledge though. They could fix the audio in a few minutes if they wanted to. I think it's more about WAN Show being something for fun that doesn't make any money, so they're only going to put so much effort into it. We're lucky they still do it at all. I think they would all rather actually go home on Friday nights.
  3. TimsTips

    WAN show mic is fake?

    I laughed when Linus pushed the mic over towards Janice yesterday so it would pick her up better.
  4. TimsTips

    Gender-Bias at CES 2019?

    This is everything you need to know: “We are all victims and we should be offended by everything. Only government can save us.”
  5. 3.5mm jack worked fine. The Apple Lightning jack is pure garbage - great idea, bad implementation. So, Apple removed what worked and doubled down on stupid. I thought Linus was pretty balanced on the video though.
  6. TimsTips

    WAN show mic is fake?

    When Luke laughs I have to turn the volume down, but when he talks about Floatplane I can never hear him. I think they need monitors: “in ears” or headphones, and separate mics. You’ll never see a radio guy or live performer without a monitor so they can hear themselves, and the mix.
  7. TimsTips

    Floatplane is Dissapointing...No?

    As a software dev, I can tell the OP that 99% of software is launched as an MVP: “A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development.” You don’t know what you don’t know until real paying customers are using the software. It’s said that: “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late.” FP gives me early access, which is why I pay for it. Anything else is just a bonus.
  8. TimsTips

    ltt's cameraman sucks

    The GN video is about the card. You don’t even see the presenter’s face. The LTT video is about Linus and the card.
  9. I used to watch every keynote and have owned dozens of their products: Everything from an Apple 2c, to a PowerBook 190cs, to my old PowerMac 7200, to a Power Computing clone, to newer towers, laptops, Newtons and every "i" device they make. I still use an iPhone, for now, but I will not buy their computer hardware anymore. They have pissed me off too many times over the years. I think celebrity CEO Tim Cook and the rest of the senior team needs to get canned. I will give them credit for one thing though, at least they are fighting for our privacy. No other company cares about that.
  10. TimsTips

    How did Nick Light get the COO Position?

    They are different jobs. I would bet that they are all happy with the arrangement.
  11. I am a dev, not for games, but it’s all the same stuff. Most developers suck and most managers suck. That’s your answer.
  12. TimsTips

    How do I install 64-Bit Java?

    If a memory limit is showing 100% then it's a problem. It's all about figuring out what is unhappy - the CPU, the GPU, the memory, the disk, etc.
  13. TimsTips

    How do I install 64-Bit Java?

    When you're in MC hit F3 and see if any of the memory settings are maxed out.
  14. TimsTips

    How do I install 64-Bit Java?

    The online one will choose the proper "bit" for you.