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About Rhino2112000

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  • Birthday 1990-02-11

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    School and the forums and Xbox and Apple TV


  • CPU
    Intel i3-2xxx (no clue)
  • Motherboard
    Toshiba Laptop OEM
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Intel Integrated
  • Case
    Toshiba Laptop OEM
  • Storage
    500GB 5400RPM
  • PSU
    Toshiba Laptop OEM
  • Display(s)
    1366x766 Toshiba Laptop OEM
  • Cooling
    Toshiba Laptop OEM
  • Keyboard
    Toshiba Laptop OEM
  • Mouse
    Toshiba Laptop OEM
  • Sound
    Toshiba Dolby Laptop OEM
  • Operating System
    windows 7 home premium

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  1. Rhino2112000

    S4 wont turn on

    New battery?
  2. Rhino2112000

    New Droid Turbo makes me wish I had Verizon

  3. Rhino2112000

    IOS 8.1 jailbreak

    there is one. Its in chinese, and ive heard its buggy
  4. Rhino2112000

    IOS 8.1 jailbreak

    I am wondering, has anyone completed the ios 8.1 jailbreak successfully and it is working perfect on their phone with the cydia app? Attach photos and tell me how you did it.
  5. Rhino2112000

    Best phone for gaming?

    Depends what game you want to play but if it is just normal high intensity games, then I would suggest the Samsung Galaxy note 3/4 or the LG G3
  6. Rhino2112000

    iPod_ or_ Samsung Galaxy Player? $$$

    Android allows MP3 format so when you get free music, then it go straight to the device itself unlike iPods. You have to get a free music app, and when you download the music, it only stays on the app. You could probably find a computer program that will format MP3 to be compatible with the iPod music player. But android MP3 players are very out of date and they arent being made any more. Android 2.2 froyo
  7. Rhino2112000

    isn't the Moto G supposed to be scratch resistant?

    Yes it is SUPPOSED to be
  8. Rhino2112000

    Smartphone with a long Battery Life.

    get a note 3/4 with a battery pack, or an iPhone with a battery pack case
  9. Rhino2112000

    Block SMS texts

    Dig in your phones settings for a way or......
  10. Rhino2112000

    What smart phone do you use

    why unlocked galaxy note 3? its more expensive than the normal one on contract and it might not have LTE if you buy the international version?
  11. Rhino2112000

    What smart phone do you use

    I have had an iPhone 5 since Christmas of 2012 and I upgrade this Christmas and I cant wait. What should I get? I am terrible at making decisions based on electronics
  12. Rhino2112000

    Need a new phone

    I dont think there a phone that is that perfect
  13. Rhino2112000

    Any Radio app?

    Pandora, Spotify Tunedin, IheartRadio, or RadioDisney
  14. Rhino2112000

    Need a tablet for 150€ max

    Samsung Galaxy tab 3 lite