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    Intel I7 3820
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  1. Ending up getting the LSI 9361-8i with CacheVault and battery for 250$ The seller told the card was "New", it was pulled out from a workstation and never used. It looked like to be a really great deal and a bit more future proof, then 9271 or 9260. So i hope i made a ok deal and the card will be ok. All the reviews i could fine looks really good
  2. I just think it will be better and more safe to have a real raid card then software. The 9260-8i is really cheap on ebay, but the 9271-8i, is also not that bad on ebay. So if the 9271 is much better, maybe i will go with that, What about cable, can i just buy any SAS to Sata cable? or is there some that are better then others?
  3. 90% af the time i use my raid, the cpu is around 100%. So right now my cpu is a bottleneck as i see it. But it's also to have better protection, so i can lose 2 drives and not just 1. I know that, i have a friend with where i can borrow a NAS, so i can move my data and then make the new raid, and then move it all back It's on Windows 10 and Intel RST
  4. Hey you all. I'm looking to buy a raid card that can do raid 6. But there are so many cards out there and i don't know what i should look for. Right now i use 4x3TB wd red in software raid 5. And the performance are ok, but not that good. I want to buy 2 more disk so i will get 6x3TB and then run them in raid 6. So i have better data protection. Should i just buy a cheap raid card on ebay or get a new on? and what brand should i look for? I have look at this https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/sas-6gb-raid-controller,3028-3.html but thats from 2011. But those card are really cheap on ebay right now. But don't know if i buy a new one, if it will that much better or not? I hope to buy one below 200$ if that possible. So is there anyone here that know a bit more about raid cards that will help me with this one
  5. I think i will save op a bit more and get the Scarlett Solo and try that one out with the at2020 Thanks alot for your input
  6. Thanks for that TheAgnda, that's alot of great info I know the most XLR mic's need 48 volt, but i don't see any power supply for the UM2 and the Scarlett Solo. Sure you can step up the USB 5 volt to 48 volt, but then you really don't have alot of current. And is this really enough to run the mic? And one more thing, i can see that both UM2 and Scarlett Solo have RCA out, and my sound card have RCA in. Will it be better to use RCA in to my sound card and use it's ADC or use the ADC in one of them and get the audio over USB?
  7. Scarlett looks to get really great reviews, so that could be a options Thanks for the input
  8. Hey you awesome guys I'm looking for a new mic. Right now i have a "sennheiser pc350se" and sound card "creative sound blaster zxr" This card only have 6.35 jack and RCA input. But everywhere i found a great review on mic's, it's always XLR mic's. I know you can buy a XLR to 6.35 jack cable, but don't get how this will work because the mic need power. So, what do i need to get so a XLR mic will work? Or do i just skip XLR and get a normal 6.35 jack mic? Do any of you have any recommendation on what to do? Or what mic to buy? I'm looking at a price point around 100-200$ I'm from time to time edit my gameplay and there i can hear my mic today is really not the best one, so there for i want a new mic
  9. Hey all So i got an NZXT Kraken X62 v2 and when it's working, it's really great. But i'm not sure if it's the AIO or the CAM software that is the problem but, I have never have the software or AIO work when i turn my pc on for the first time every day in 2-3 weeks now. The software wont start and the colour is the default blue and even sometimes the fans wont spin, only the pump is running. do i force shutdown CAM software and start it again, it will start but can't see the AIO. I then have to restart the pc, after that everything is working as it should. No problem at all. But i can't be right i have to start my pc, and then do an restart to get this running every single time? I have tried every USB2 header on the MB and tried to reinstall the CAM software. Now i running 3.5.30, release date 12 dec. 2017 So, do any of you have an idea on what i can try or anything?
  10. Not every window. but it's a good idea, i will try to set some solar cell in every window and log how much sun they get over 1 week and then see I had only tried 1 window to see if i will get any sun or not, and i get alot of hours of good sun. But i will try and see how big the difference is between every window.
  11. What dose it say in Device manager? can you see it in there when you have added it to your pc? Next thing, what do you try to connect to? do you have a DHCP on your router, so your pc is getting an ip?
  12. It will be on the inside so should not be any problem there Yes i know, i need a 12v system, so have to be parallel Well i thought a big panel will stop making power if there is shadow on it, because the voltage will drop. See the picture, If that's 1 big panel, if there is shadow on 1,A,B,C,D,E and 2,A,B,C,D,E that will be 40% of the panel and think the voltage will drop below 12v and stop making power. But if you had 5 panels like every number is a panel, you lose 1 and 2 because of shadow, but 3-4-5 will still make power because each is making 12v. Maybe i'm completely wrong and 1 big panel will still give power, just 40% less?
  13. I make the panels myself and i have bypass diodes i can add on them. i have around 4 small places where i can have solar panels. i in the morning 1 will be block by shadow and in the afternoon another will be block by shadows for some time before the rest will get in shadow. It's because i live in an apartment where i can use 4 windows that get alot of son.
  14. Well not that far, less then ½ meter i think. and to the charge controller a few meters i think. I have some big cables that should be ok for the task. I will make the panels myself from cells, so i think the price will be close to the same. it's just if a need a few big cells to make 12v and 1 big solar panel og many small cells to make more panels at 12v. Thats right, did not think of that. easy to replace 1 small panel and cheaper, then 1 big, if for some reason 1 will get damage