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  1. So i have my ryzen 5 2600x running under a 240mm AiO. If i look at cpu-z it only clocks to 4.0 GHz on all cores under load. This results in a cinebench score of 1068 points. If i overclock my CPU and RAM (14-14-14-34 at 2800mhz and 4.1 on 3 and 4.2 GHz on 3 cores at 1.4125 Volts) i get around 1322 points in cinebench. What might be good to know: I have left the voltage on auto, even when overclocking I have/had D.O.C.P. set and i only have the "D.O.C.P. Standard" setting and not more levelson D.O.C.P. as seen on some youtube videos I have a x470i strix as a motherboard I have a 650watt PSU I used ryzen master to oc the single cores I never got at more than 65C when left stock So my question then: Why doesn't my CPY go higher when left at stock and are my OC results good ones and is my voltage still safe?
  2. So I got 76°C+ under Prime 95 with these setting and my ryzen 5 2600x is stock and under a 240mm AiO (Alphacool eisbaer LT). Are those temperatures normal or not?
  3. VinzHD

    Getting black/blue screen

    Guys i need your help with what the HELL is going on: So i got some bluescreens in the last few days since i installed my bluetooth drivers from the asus website. Yesterday i first got a black screen (my computer was still running but giving no display output signal) and neither unplugging the displayport cable didn't help nor restarting my monitor. I thought this had something to do with the ai suite 3 fan testing stuff i started at that time, But today i got another black screen with the same result. I only could restart my pc and nothing else. I also got the "renderdevice not found" alarm or something like that in overwatch on Saturday and if i have a bluescreen the error code is system_service_exception. When i had the blackscreen today my Bluetooth earphones would disconnect but my pc is still running. PC Info: Ryzen 5 2600x Asus strix x470i 16gb 2800mhz ddr4 ram Zotac amp! 1080ti on a riser cable because of my case (could that be the problem?) Enermax 650w revolution sfx psu (connected with seperate power cord from psu to out for wallplug) Samsung 960evo Seagate barracuda 2tb 2,5"
  4. I never got the fan speed below 25% in the ASUS BIOS.
  5. Hello, is a 650 watt PSU enough for running a Zotac gtx 1080ti, a ryzen 5 2600x, 16 GB of RAM (2833 MHz speed I think) and an AiO with 2 fans (Alphacool eisbaer LT 240)? I'm limited to 650 Watts because I'm gonna build my PC in the Louqe Ghost S1 which is an SFF Case and it only fits SFF PSU's. My PSU of choice would be the Enermax revolution SFF 650 Watt .
  6. Hello, I wondered if I can somehow let my fans run at 0% (my AiO is an Alphacool Eisbaer LT 240)? I like silent PC's and if I could run Fans at that speed it would be perfect. So has anyone some Ideas (except disconnecting the fan connector xD)?
  7. VinzHD

    Want to boot without CPU Fan

    i actually got the fan hub connected to that header but it only boots when i connect the be quiet fan to the hub
  8. VinzHD

    Want to boot without CPU Fan

    Sorry i mean CPU Fan error. I currently got a pwm connector from the fractal design define r6 connected to the cpu fan header. When i connect the be quiet fan my pc boots
  9. VinzHD

    Want to boot without CPU Fan

    Hello, I currently got a z97 pro gamer motherboard from asus and a dark rock 4 from be quiet! My case has got pretty decent airflow so i don't want to use the included cpu fan. But i can't boot without it because it shows "CPU Error". Any solutions?
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linus_Sebastian didn't know that. Pretty cool
  11. You're not hijacking my post in any way. Btw: I also want to build in a fractal design define r6 but with a dark rock 4 from be quiet
  12. Hello, I want to add some RGB strips or fans to my PC, but my PC doesn't have a dedicated RGB header. Is there any way I can add one to my motherboard (ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer) or control the RGB stuff without a header (except for a remote)?
  13. Hello, What i want to do with my system is gaming in 3440x1440p (21:9). My configuration would be: A ryzen 5 2600x, 16GB (2x8GB) RAM and a 1080ti. (I'd go with the 2600x because i do some rendering and editing) So is my ryzen bottlenecking the 1080ti? (I didn't know at wich topic i should put this post so i put it here)
  14. VinzHD

    Suggestions for our iMac Pro repair

    Hi, i'm from germany and i found some online stores with parts for imacs. You could look around there and see if you find something that fits. Here are a few links: http://www.macplus24.de/mac-ersatzteile/imac.html https://www.cdx.de/store/index.php?language=de&host=www.cdx.de&cPath=179&tpl=mobile (Here some translation: "Netzteil" means "PSU" and "Bildschirm" means "Screen")